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September 18 [Wed], 2013, 11:47
How much is like more than sweets to the sweet, softer colors than the marshmallow? Perhaps it will not circulate for dessert it was so irresistibly sweet, but coming out the intersection of fantasy and romantic atmosphere, can't tell is true or imaginary. However absorbed most of girls unable to extricate themselves, then continued before continuing, sparking charm to benefit from the joy of spotlight. Blueberry milk diluted colors mellow with the scent of fruit and milk, with white nike air max wright uk on his shoulders and the front of the body area to be decorated, relaxed and take root in the heart of the spirits. Effect stack stacked to create a little flying sleeves with raglan sleeves, showing floating youth attitude. Shiny bead decorated heels LOGO printing, and with a solid sense of bouquet of flowers add to the gorgeous, t-shirts also came away with a simple side. Pants can block the calf the thickest part, exposing the legs the thin ankle position, weaknesses of wear on the smooth transfer of your legs slender enough embarrassment. Ma Kalong color package impact burst only cake dessert shop have delicious, clear touch of lips and drifting away, helicopters head.

Tea sales rise with the temperatures rise. Hot summer afternoon, a cup of green tea iced drinks, nature are meant to be elevated from the inside to the outside. It's refreshing taste, and probably related to its color. The vibrant colors of the shallow, will be the most refreshing summer impressions. Add a touch of light green are decorated with flowers, Breeze received swing. I liked nike air max trainer 1.3 uk this scene, reminiscent of Tai-and laid flowers on the pool water, floating on the surface of the petals stained with water, and Daiyu as PEAR blossom bathed in the rain--a weeping beauty face, cuddly. Light colors are always welcome in the summer, not to mention is so light and lovely pale green. It is a bright, simple, simple style of decorating to perfection, makes no sense to stress, can add friendly and has a noble and elegant temperament.

Haven't seen you write the words, email always the Quartet's fifth, four words, but that does not make me forget your beautiful print. Through those warm words, can see it in your life, as if we were still together, and whispered into the night. Remembered when I was a kid, we always stick together every day, to and from school play, little of us, can always make me feel better. You most like to lie on the grass and watch the sky and white clouds, you say blue is the best color, soft and clean, there is no impurities and dreams. Later remembered this remark, I also did not forget to tease you, time could be considered a tiny Lady, always thought growing up is the kind you put on white dress gentle fairy of beauty, just a pity that now always za za whirring, where there's a little lady-like temperament.

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