and now in this neighborhood mixed

October 13 [Sat], 2012, 12:08

> This not Naiyouxiaosheng. wwW. qUanbEN. cOm is cream Laosheng. Futian Hao remember very clearly, the man's clothing, wearing rings, categorically what photo! Have to admit, the good taste of the man's clothing, almost caught up with himself. His age is definitely has more than himself. At least three or four years old ..! Original, or old men are more popular ah .. Futian Hao decided the decision to deny the existance decided to pretend inexplicable encounter, smoking a cigarette, and eyes look at the sky, humming 18 favorite hum Diushou Juan slowly from Xijuan and the old man was close by. What! ? Futian Hao at once shuddered! Father,Nike LeBron 8! Father! ! Me .. middle-aged man smiled, revealing white teeth, holding out a hand to him: between is full of flying! Jing-Jing Liu .. damn son of a bitch! ! Actually steal * photo shoot Xijuan and her father together, and then the faded looks of her father! The purpose of the original is to to nausea own! Your mother! Gall really believe it! Say, her own father so intimate action, not his mother's only right and proper, Mountain and Flowing Water! Father gave his daughter sent a diamond card issuers, that simply .. Xijuan to every day wearing that simply .. then that would have nothing to say! Futian Hao hand, and Xijuan father shook hands, really, her father looks really young, uninformed, really easy to misunderstand. ah well! Futian Hao mad pinch the nose, which can be considered a bus, or a personal friend ,North Face Bionic Jackets Sale.. a sense, this is his wife's father .. one .. how can the first meeting, so that the wife's father money to buy meals truth .. Fu total, really polite we were young, do not have so much courtesy, that I would polite,North Face Gloves. Just do not tell you I pulled a generational enough .. Liu five really on in Sedum University, in the Department of Art, not much to noon arrived to know the identity of Mr. President, very well-behaved and what did not say anything. Location or pick Xijuan Fortunately, not that one .. This is my card. Excelle computer company, Chairman of money, position: general manager. laugh: , own brand, most provinces in the country has branches, mainly for the private owner to open Internet cafes Distribution. Sedum, also have their own brand showrooms, and the cafes template shop. Internet cafes model shop! Futian Hao else did not noticed it! arm: Dad's desk .. No wonder they will be met in snakeskin shop Xijuan, she is actually go there to inquire into the intelligence to work .. had thought her family was poor .. , or eaten, go to Internet cafes to visit to visit. people sent to the seat the gold rights cafes location, here also belongs to the the Sedum City downtown area, signs great name domineering, luxurious, a door, actually or skirt Luyao beauty waiter! The the Yi Diesheng honorific, straightway, the backs of the seats of money stays up: However, this attendance .. wide hall, luxurious equipment, actually attendance less than 50%, and Futian Hao see Sedum eastern outskirts and Sedum University overcrowded scene is completely different. The waiter brought a few bottles of drinks, and backed out. Fu is also a businessman here right next door to the European-style bar street, not a lack of popularity; cafes that some hardware facilities, I have here a little shortage; soft services, I do not lack! But this attendance. you look at what I did not notice it? Futian Hao looked Liu fifty-one Yoo nodded. Halo! Own is blind all the way, just totally did not pay attention to .. ! ? The pillars earlier his stay in snakeskin cafes, and now in this neighborhood mixed, to ask him to, and will certainly be able to find the point of know-how. Yoo did not hesitate, and direct dial telephone. Also three minutes. Pillars wearing sunglasses, knock on the door: pillars brother! Internet cafe's boss. Sit down to a few simple greeting into the topic. Listening to the anguish of the seats of money, pillars laughed: simple? The pillars said nothing, took out his phone: cafes go mad war club, what? being fun? less with my nonsense, within ten minutes, all past the red card red card, and the future will only be allowed to play in this house! Well, you say, I come back with you to explain. XI of money quickly handed a cigarette: You shout pillars brothers! Futian Hao mad pinch the nose: gangs, light Diwa age, the usual Internet cafes Entertainment is the most, regardless of Which are playing, and are usually at a fixed point, those owners of Internet cafes and we privately have agreements, such as the end of the rebate or on our the Brother Green Gang price discount. What greater than the cohesion of the gang, the gang leader's words, you can determine a group of consumer goals! This means, in fact, has nothing to do with gangs, is to buy discount! laughed: ~! ,North Face Men's Down Sale. . <

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