In order to improve the infantry

October 12 [Fri], 2012, 11:21
Traincollector HTML simple template model Northface Women's Boots Sale, relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultSEG anti-tank missile was the first Soviet generation light anti-tank missiles ,using visual sighting ,manual control ,command guidance .
The anti-tank missile in the fourth Middle East War was first used, against Israeli armored forces caused a serious threat ,and therefore spring into fame .In order to improve the infantry anti-tank capability ,the Soviet military experts ,the missile into the infantry chariot .
And only equipped with light machine guns compared to the M113 ,equipped with a 73 mm smoothbore gun enough metamorphosis are strong ,however Air Max 91 Mens,plus an anti-tank missile, it suffices absolutely insane ,the infantry ,not only can afford to transport infantry role ,but also in some time ,with the other side of the Panzer group engagement .
The anti-tank missile extreme range for five kilometers ,far more than the chief of a rifled gun range, they can be on the other side of the range ,easy to launch ,attack ,and then ,escape !M113 armored car Iran soldiers ,apparently found no great danger is coming ,the driver was still calculating, his another half a minute, can let armored car track from him over ,the pilot ,but that God ,now ,was his crotch dead soul .
Hamad heard behind getting closer to rumble, could run no longer ,feel his legs like lead ,however, a strong belief ,that he did not want to fold one .Suddenly ,he saw a flying missile ,looked again, the distance is one of their own infantry chariot ,Soviet infantry chariot is ,then ,the most powerful Ali head of the Panzer group ,in front of .
Then ,the missile flew into the car in front of his armored car ,suddenly ,the fly ,the armored vehicles ,are lifted ,the flames, burning .An armored car ,found out ,ready to run .Have no chance ,another rocket missiles ,accurately hit the armored truck .
Although it is controlled manually ,although in bumpy infantry fighting vehicles ,a skilled soldier ,or accurately hit the target .Hamad feels incapable ,sat on the floor .Infantry fighting vehicles parked in the near area ,open the door ,two soldiers from the above ran out, dragging Hamad of the two arm ,ran back to the .
Hello ,brother ,thank you . Hamad said . You give us a Iran aircraft ,we should thank you . At this time, they had arrived in armoured vehicle ,one soldier said .Hamad heart was touched, his brother in the heaven blood on the sky ,not just to protect the ground ?Who knows ,the next word, let him hematemesis .
Although your technology is not so great, don lose heart ,back more exercise ,can let the people of Iran . Technology of bad ?Plane gap you know ?All Iraqi fighter ,close combat is Tomcat .
What did you use for anti tank missile kill opponents ?This is the advantage of technology !Hamad also did not say ,hear heaven a high-pitched whistling sounds came .His face suddenly tense .
Who knows ,surrounded by several soldiers ,without any fear expressions North Face Women's 3 In 1 Sale,they sat in the bumps of the chariot ,humming a tune .Then ,he heard in the distance, continuing the huge explosion .
At this point, both the large force contact have ten kilometers distance ,what sound is it ? Just our troops fired artillery up ? Hamad asked . Yes ,in armored assault before Northface Women's Windstopper Jackets Sale, must first to give each other a little worse, clear clear .
One soldier said .Clear this room ?Feel shy to ask Hamad ,save yourself .Ali independent Armored Regiment ,various supporting arms are equipped with complete ,in addition to T 72 BMP 1 tanks ,infantry ,armored scrum and when required to provide supporting fire :Twelve Soviet-made 2S1 type 122 mm self-propelled gun .
2S1 type self-propelled artillery is D30 type 122 mm howitzer and MTLB tracked armored vehicle chassis combination type .MT LB tracked armored vehicle has 7 pairs of road wheels ,than the average of the chariot to long ,is composed of PT 76 water tank chassis system, bodywork is a ship-shaped steel plate welding full closed structure ,the airtight baffle body divided into two parts ,the front part is the engine room and the cab ,the rear is the battle room .
The fighting compartment upper is a flat turret ,turret front arc ,turret device a D type 30 122 mm howitzer ,body length of 32.7 times the diameter .Central chamber of muzzle brake ,the rear part of a gun bore evacuator ,equipped with a semi-automatic wedge breech mechanism and mechanical ramming machine .
This self-propelled gun battle total weight of 16 tons ,and has an amphibious capability, highway driving maximum speed of 60 km / h ,cross-country speed of 30 km / h ,maximum 500 kilometers trip .
Firepower is fierce ,standard equipment 40 shells ,there are 32 killer blasting grenades ,6 smoke bomb and 2 heat-fs Air Max 180 Mens.Grenade launching a maximum range of 15.4 kilometers ,21.9 kilometers of rocket extended range projectile .
Projectile muzzle velocity of 690 M / sec ,maximum rate of fire of 8 rounds per minute .Now ,in the last line ,in bunkers beneath the self-propelled gun, has been opened up, lined up, being lifted up the gun tube, crazy shooting .
Each fired a shell ,can be seen in the muzzle end formed a great yellow flame ,burning the half the sky ,the kind of spectacular ,allowing for the first time to see people unforgettable .
However ,now operating the gun ,had already got used to it ,they skillfully emission under fire .In the artillery support ,Ali armored forces ,finally began to start .First ,Ali is special weapons :T - 72 tank ,a 125 mm smoothbore gun of the Iraqi army in the most advanced tank ,a vehicle body front armor plate of V type breakwater board ,a pouring mouth ,first revealed its snarling face .
The use of APFSDS ,range for two thousand meters !Even taking into account the fire control system accuracy ,can be at a distance of 1500 meters to reach ideal hit rate ,and, using automatic reloading machine ,there can be more than 5 per minute rate of fire .
In the training ,he tank corps ,all of the use of the tank were familiar with ,by simulation of ballistic computer ,commander of circadian and aimed at a mirror, the active infrared sighting device ,bidirectional stable instrument composed of artillery fire control system ,let T 72 tank with a moving shooting ability, although as a result of fire control system ,cannot be set in advance, however ,tank corps were very confident can hit within one thousand five hundred meters of any moving object .
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