the maple leaf, which is what ah

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() Chapter 154 assassinations Chen Liang Huang Shan hear the maple leaf did not answer themselves, can not help but firmly push the maple leaf, along with the car around, Huang Shan delicate hand directly to the leaf maple body pushdown go, suddenly leaf maple help bared his teeth called cool , who had the smell of Huang Shan charming fragrance, has produced a response to Canada Goose Vest Women the maple leaf, and now suddenly suffered such attacks as responsive soldier, maple leaf how it would not respond. "Ah, the maple leaf, which is what ah, you take what good things do?" In fact, Huang Shan is not drunk, suddenly found themselves unstable body, but are not careful hand leaf maple body under direct hit to go inside the heart can not help but fawn intense beating, shame and anxious, and now had to pretend drunk. Huang Shan Canada Goose Constable Parka Women hear that sweet intoxicating voice asked, the maple leaf is a surge of interest ah, but now the car mountain, he is not better than the people killed there had to light, said: "This is, this is not what the sister Alexandra , you, you take a good location "maple leaf is very difficult to speak, you can imagine the difficulty of understanding the maple leaf ah. Huang Shan seemed to Kensington Parka Women UK awaken the general, then quickly pushed the maple leaf arm, anxious inquiry, said: "I am, this is how I am." Just do not think of themselves accidentally ran beneath the maple leaf bugaboo little face like Huang Shan Red Apple in general, people can not help want rosy bite. "No, no, yes, Shan sister, you and the emerging real estate contract, probably when it was signed ah?" Now sister Susan and their own plans without the maple leaf nature immediately find other topics and Alexandra sister talk, or else wait for the next Alexandra remembered his sister in his arms to the things that I'm afraid will happen to world war to a small car. "Well, not sure, anyway, in this few days, according to previous agreement, Chen needs a good look at the company, and then decide how much investment." Huang Shan said, laughing slightly, as long as the cooperation and emerging real estate successful, the provincial capital of the real estate will be the Wong Group of the world. "Ah, so this time, we will be in accordance with previously planned, Alexandra sister anything, I remember the first time to call me ah" maple leaf yín laughing, and if now Alexandra sister to aunt or something, must tell myself, ah, buy sanitary napkins for yourself is very experienced, will be able to Shan sister service, of course, if it needs its own sister Alexandra help take your pants off anything on the toilet, he is also very happy to help. "Well, this is no problem, the normal time, I will be inside the villa and offices, should not be a problem," Huang Shan smiled Road, thought of his daily commute can maple leaf, Huang Shan is an inexplicable heart excited. "Ah, usually it is to work some problems, other times the problem is not big, Shan sister, or I come now to send brothers to protect you." Think of the maple leaf said, after Huang Shan's safety is the most worried about their own , even let yourself be destroyed, nor does it have the slightest injury Huang Shan ah. Maple Leaf heard so concerned about them, Huang Shan waves sweet heart also can not help but smiled and said: "No, inside the home jǐng reporting system is good, as long as at home, I would not worry about it," Huang Shan said, laughing Huang family villa in the provincial capital which can be worthy of the perfect. -------------- Will send back to Huang Huang Shan House, Maple Leaf had intended to accompany Huang Shan go in together, take some tenderness in the left, but Huang Shan seems to see through the mind of maple leaves in general, directly rejected the maple leaf kindness, so that my back under the maple leaf Regency Hotel. Seeing a car away figure, Huang Shan could not help secretly shook his head, like a maple leaf sè for a man that he will not like how it just because they have their own problems, can not hurt the maple leaf ah: "Sorry, maple leaf, hope You understand the difficulties sister Alexandra "But all this maple leaf did not know, back to Dorsett Hotel, the maple leaf on the driver to send yourself a slight smile to say goodbye, and then directly onto the room where Chen Liang, Chen Liang saw the maple leaf back, but also began to ease up, but also, and discuss recent trip maple leaf issue. For now the questions raised by Chen Liang, leaf maple nature is not any comment, but now also with careful planning, we must take to protect Chen Liang, Chen Liang, after all, is the purpose of this trip and the Wong Group cooperation, largely due to the cooperation a thing, and who would dare Wong Group cooperation is not. "Ah, the next job is probably the case, please Chen assured that we Xing Feng Chen security companies must fight to the death to protect the safety." Maple leaf pride, he told Chen also praised nodded, thought he really did not see the wrong person. "Pound" At this time, a burst knock on the door, so that everyone can not help but commanded jǐng Ti-up, especially the five bodyguards before Chen Liang, and now it is ready, and if any problems occur, immediately CHEN good well protected. Chen Liang could not help a smile: "You Do not be nervous, which is dedicated outgoing call, when it is hours, ha ha," Chen Liang see everyone a carefully Mo Yang could not help laughing, and then personally went to open the door However, while the maple leaf quickly stopped and motioned his go, Chen Liang nodded. Through the cat's eye maple leaf looks simple to see the door a young man waiting anxiously, but also from time to time with the spin, while the maple leaf also looked around and found no problems, only slowly opened the door, it is in very young politely asked: "What is the outgoing President bought it?" "Yes, come in," said Ye Feng smiled, then quickly stood Chen Liang maple leaf beside, if come to a sudden attack, his direct Chen Hao Liang pushed to, then protected, while the maple leaf also signals to other persons careful. "Sir, this is what you need!" The young man said, laughing a little bow, while the hands to put things slowly Zhuoshang, Chen Liang is a slight smile: "Thank you, little brother, ah, you've worked hard," Chen Liang , laughing, leaf maple is to observe the bearer of the eyes, sudden leaf maple always feel a little something wrong. "Oh," cried the maple leaf bad, Chen Liang throwing himself around quickly to the ground, suddenly a gunshot sounded, Chu Yun, who is now also immediately threw himself to the ground, but now people holding hands inside guy ah, their can not rash, young man watching a strike is not in front of fallen maple leaves to go places, is a burst of pursuit. Gunfire rang in the young man, when the door came a burst of rapid footsteps, a dozen masked men rushed in, and shut the door fiercely, sofa corner to see this scene through the Chuyun other people can not help but surprised a moment, this is what ah. ps: morning exams, updated in advance
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