Assembly child she climbed up

October 12 [Fri], 2012, 17:21

> 'The man is a look of hatred, frowning, said: the States Do With fist hard enough it? Zhuge Liang is it a knife stabbing the Wanglang? Chu the Overlord touches Hentian no ruthless acyclic ten thousand lost to the courage not lost more than taking kung fu fist kung fu agile the Han Xin? like so much fighting, I called someone to accompany you to play! brawn the only 逞匹夫之勇 Mangfu! the man wwW! qUANbeN! coM obviously did not give Benji called the opportunity a stride step onto came torn Benji hands the phone company to take again. Shi Lei, this could not escape to, Although it is hard to want to escape, but the man caught the wrist. The Benji's temper up, suddenly, the air force of the body transported to the arm, jerked back a closing to a fist, elbow on Ben's shot from the side toward the man in the past. The men do not seem to think Benji really is two down to, Benji the elbow, quite embarrassed. Although barely dodged, but it still did not completely seize the Benji wrist. Break free after Benji left hand guarding behind Su Peas, go back two steps, turned to the Soviet Union Peas shouted: a lot, but it does not have too much time to think about the relationship between this man and the Soviet Union Peas. Thrust the phone into the hands of the Soviet Union Peas, Benji hands care in the chest: how to give you such a guy sent to Miss East coming? in case you really tell he has become, it is also not everyday family violence? on just those moves, has attracted a lot of students to the eyebrows the sea. Estimated to be hands-on and then,Northface Women's Boots Sale, soon someone onlookers estimated hurrying over, and school security. Car! Another place,Timberland Earthkeepers Cupsole Chukka Boots! Su Peas just self-serving with a smile, slightly sober little Benji finally felt completely wrong. Heart is glowing muttering, I heard a familiar voice in the distance shouting: the Niulian a look called Su Brother son. poor Benji, he could not remember, Su Peas reason why understanding with Zhang Yisong, entirely because with training and Su words sake of comrades, the two age this is almost the same, Zhang Yisong course should pipe Su The words called Uncle mouth and just met before Su Peas Zhangyi Song also said, the Su the Peas iǎ when always bullied Zhang Yisong, bī his pipe he called iǎ aunt. Zhang Yisong understanding, Benji also do not have to worry about the mouth asked: Benji said: Big Brother Su Peas, this is not pointing to the monk scolded Baldy it? No wonder his face to the gas to è livid. See Benji expression Playing iǎ so called, ah, he and my dad is a comrade-in-arms. I told you not 1iǎ when the girl has sister old bī with me shouting at her iǎ aunt what? The how is crazy? know Su Peas who to more suspicion Hsin Tao did not Xiaohua Su Peas? Will not be her boyfriend broke up with her, too big blow, let her insane? Uh, Su Brother ... Sue words Lengheng loudly: do not deserve it, I then do not fly, I utilize Peas JiaGuanJinJue day thinking I was a the limbs developed only 逞匹夫之勇 Mangfu! was agile them. Benji know yourself Comin be completely placed a large Oolong, step by step onto the go, regardless of Su words happy not happy, suddenly grabbed his hand, was very serious, said: a mistake! still smiling the whole body shivering, it seems to be guilty of epileptic patients like laughing, as she tugged Benji to Hummer on the drill. envy. ha ha ha ha ... Comin real joy of killing me. and nothing to say. the step step onto the car, and drove away Wu, the school mouth in the car, Zhang Yisong finally a large irrigation understanding of the whole story, there could not help but smile in the car with epileptic attack generally, So words actually very could we resist, despite Su Peas and Zhang Yisong laugh Hill turned the sea covered but just keep silent, just the oil under their feet seems more step on the deeper, faster and faster speed. I do not blame him Peas opening to say one thing: So words did not answer, Zhang Yisong sitting in the front passenger Niulian looked Su words, cool, very cool, particularly cool little expression, like a particularly high degree of a bionic robot. ! Are you in the end we intend to bring it where? short, merely grunted. see Su Peas would also like to ask, Benji rushed stopped her iǎ sound a bit timid said: is. then carrying two six Diddy to when the witness, and then we two in front of your parents' engagement you believe it? He unexamined, but confused Benji scared not light Peas finish the sentence, So words are not actually little reaction, which let Benji have to believe Su words, this may really be plans. Look out the window, they are indeed already WU Run Expressway near the front on the toll station. has rarely seen the state of the Soviet Union the Doudou this claws. But Su words just do not hear generally drove a thought. , mouth tone suddenly a Hi C, Pavarotti before the Su Peas ! ! He had to kick trampled to death by the brake, the car slowly stopped at the roadside isolation belt. Using only one-third of the air force, the words Su Su Peas hands break apart, sullen said: iǎ nose raised completely before a heroic martyrdom of Liu Hulan, and sent these words into a phrase famous words: I love the LAF, LAF love me. Su words get off before the car stereo turned on, the volume is maximized, Niulian glared at the Benji a mean obviously not allowed to decrease the volume of the car before you can see through the window, turn off the car, So words obvious quarrel with the Soviet Union Peas something, but apparently quarreled this regard, he was not the Soviet Union Peas opponent. After Shi Lei Su Peas combat, plus nv child privilege, can rear its ugly head, often with Benji are just the outcome of a toss-up than on less than Benji tenth of the Soviet Union the words, of course, is categorically not fall defeat of management. Merely Su words apparently identity pressure Su Peas a based on the So Beanie claws, waited a long time, often give refute the Su-yin, one of the two sentences deflated children, only to start all over again. Benji said, pointing out the window Zhangyi Song: also particularly weak at the knees, right? one country, but a publicity outside a subtle inner Bale, in fact, is no different. you look Peas, she looked like originally lay in the talk,air max shoes, and then sit and talk, and then again stood to speak. Assembly child she climbed up on a stool and climb up the table up, this moment has been on top of a large wardrobe, a few moment reckon she can give the ceiling bursting climbed upstairs Zhang Yisong beginning did Ming Bai Shilei meaning, but soon learned it, laugh with: nodded: over, apparently ran this Hummer. Benji quickly roll down the window, and said: ! brother-in-law, the police car had indeed directed at Hummer to,North Face Backpacks Sale, but after opening nearly from the Hummer drove slowly along next, speed decreased significantly speed up again but soon pulled away. Benji puzzled, but quickly realized the car police probably see this Hummer license plate hanging Beijing ah, the General Staff Headquarters of the car, not to mention the people at the moment to stop the isolation belt even parked in the high-speed lane, this police car was estimated at only quickly to help maintain order in envy of other vehicle deceleration bypass. Continued, as yù know how funeral, please visit the starting point for more chapters, support of positive support! ),! ~! . . <

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