kind of easy to magic run amok

May 23 [Thu], 2013, 14:56
The identified skills
* fireball: grenade attack range of skills
* fear: fear, can make a lot of monsters frightened and fled
* locusts storm: summons a heap of grasshoppers devouring the enemy, and the damage will be attached in the disease damage
Confused: * group can temporarily confuse the enemy, let large Numbers of enemy faction
* spiritual harvest: area damage spell, killing an enemy and go into magic
* wall of zombies that like D2 firewall skills, call a line of zombies, hit the enemy stood waving her arms
The mage
The mage
Because I can't tolerate this kind of easy to magic run amok, a lot of people think that I at the philosophical level to practice magic. The truth always only one. The wizard and I had a quarrel. They abandoned the old traditions and lessons - for thousands of years told the lesson. Caldeum young people worship was such an unruly witch's story. Yes, I used the wizard this somewhat derogatory word, rather than a mage. Looks "caster of civilization" this call for these young people like a limit. These people have come to be known as irresponsible to play with magic Johnson ACTS, but with my wizard ethnic Yshari Santcum communication, I learned the truth behind the gossip.
This wizard since sent to here to live a regular life, is always the best in the world of the mage's guardianship. Well, looks like they forgot to teach the wizards a bit polite, her hometown is Xiansai, which made her start as a rude and not very cooperate with students.
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