Pennefather H8030 wireless microphone headset listed

August 25 [Sat], 2012, 4:45

The wireless headset is almost essential tool of the white-collar business daily office,lady gaga Beats but how to do wireless signal encounters interference? beats by dr dreIn order to bring the pure sound quality experience to users, the Pennefather H8030 launched this high-quality wireless microphone headset.

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Office complex environments, wireless headphones easily disturbed, thus affecting the use. Pennefather H8030 This wireless microphone headset, both people in the office or at home, with 2.4G wireless transmission technology can achieve super anti-jamming capability, even wearing headphones went to the office next door, and also does not affect you appreciate listening song and voice chat.

Original sound reproduction, entertainment best partner

At home, do not want to disturb others, to wear wired headset only to find that the line is not long enough, Pennefather H8030 From here you can get rid of the cable shackles, freedom to listen to music, voice chat, no longer affects others. As for the sound quality of the headset Pennefather H8030 absolutely no disappointment.

Apple was the MacBook Pro keyboard key patent

Apple obtained a patent on the MacBook Pro keyboard. Apple MacBook Pro keyboard unique is that it uses a double spring structure, built at the bottom of each keycap. Below in each one spring, there are a cylindrical switch. When the user presses a keyboard key, under the pressure of the spring will cylindrical switch.

Apple such spring structure is divided into two parts, the upper portion is used to prevent the keyboard cap and spring under the pressure of the cylindrical switch occurs when tilted. Patent from Apple figure we can visually see the structure of the entire keyboard. Patent FIG FIG.3 show a variety of structures is a key, from the patent FIG FIG.6 we can clearly see the location of the cylindrical switch.

Last year, Apple applied for this patent, until recently officially patented ownership. Spend mind Apple keyboard design, the beginning of the year, they applied for a patent on the single support bar keyboard institutions, this design can reduce the keyboard size at the same time, feel more comfortable key experience.

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