the fact that injuries defeat not Yao

March 11 [Mon], 2013, 12:07
Luck again favored the Chinese men's basketball, four years ago in Japan rely on Wang Shipeng lore Chinese Basketball lucky rounded out 16, while Wang Shipeng the lore also become the classic; four years later, the Chinese men in Turkey basket rely on the help of others, back to life, into the last 16. The same result, different process four years ago, let's can be rely on lore outlet called a miracle, no fast break after four years, will not break the tight men's basketball, although not without merit, but four years ago, and no substantial improvement, but there are signs of degradation.

There is no denying that the remarkable Yi Jianlian's performance in the world championships, four group matches down, averaging 22.5 points, 9.8 rebounds, which match with Greece, and Côte d'Ivoire, he twice scored 26 points , setting a new high individual score in the national team. However, if only the data on the upgrade, said after Yao Ming era "men's basketball team has a new leader, clearly too early, Yi Jianlian's progress for all to see, but to become a real core and leader of the national team, but also the need more tempered.

Look at the performance of the so-called new DengHua election came in the bar, Jin Lipi played three north face jacket sale uk scoreless high hopes Guo Allan played in four games with only 2 points the rest of the soy sauce like Su Wei, Zhang Zhaoxu, Peng Zhou are 's. Claim to want to train a new generation, but in the end we found that Wang Zhizhi, Liu Wei, the Chinese men's basketball team is still supporting the veteran, but Yao has not played, so-called core replaced Yi Jianlian only. And most people can not understand, the Chinese men's basketball team defeat to Turkey 47 points, only 40 points the audience is the audience score or lose points difference, once again own nail in the history of shame, while This not only does not play any recent messages Yao public workout at the Toyota Center, so fans are really excited about the a large number of rockets. The news coming from the Rockets team doctor, Yao's f north face mens jackets sale oot injury has healed, people could not help the Rockets new season full of expectation again. However, who ever thought about how Yao recent pressure on. Since last season because of injury season, Yao Ming of the year off is not easy, and this time around his negative press is endless, returning from last month, said the retired, endorsement now, nearly thirties, the giant of the East, suffered injuries including numerous tests.

However, the fact that injuries defeat not Yao, these so-called negative news is nonsense, which can stop the success of Yao Ming. Some people with ulterior motives through his own words to discredit the image of Yao Ming, Yao Ming as China's most successful professional athletes have been through their own efforts to establish the health quality image of the sun. Recently, he was invited to participate in the national spokesman for the image feature film shooting, as well a north face womens coats on sale s returning to a charity run around while more enterprises recognized, has fully proved that endorsement constantly people jealous of the success of Yao Ming, so also appear questionable for Yao Ming is not surprising.

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