Costumes, seasonal jewelry should match the attention

July 31 [Wed], 2013, 8:56
Tiffany Outlet mix really is a lot of knowledge, consistent mix of jewelry not only attention to dress, note also that season. Many people know that different places have different styles of dress. Jewelry for different occasions and dress should go with different. On clothing and jewelry of the season go with knowledge is what? Elaborate jewelry matching knowledge for you below.

Jewelry of the mix has a lot of knowledge, not only pay attention to consistent with the costumes, note also that season.

Many people know that different places have different styles of dress. In fact, different occasions and different clothing should also go with a variety of jewelry. In some developed countries, people paid great attention to social etiquette in the jewelry to wear. If you chose not to and keeping jewelry, not only will keep the image of themselves is limited to persons not politeness feeling.

1, jewelry and clothing

A, dress: dress is to attend a grand occasion dress, such as receptions, weddings, parties, and so on. So a choice of luxury, fashion jewelry is lined with it. Galore can be wearing jeweler, such as brooches, diamond rings, diamond Ruby pendant, this would be displayed in Maria's refined, elegant gorgeous temperament. For dresses, bright and stylish diamond jeweler is the most suitable, is never an error to select.

B, a business suit: are women the dress code at work, dominated by suits and uniforms. Manifests is grave, the able temperament. Jeweler style not to be too voluminous, you should select size medium, shapes, clean lines of jeweler. Style is too complex or too expensive Tiffany Jewelry will give an aggressive feeling. Also cannot choose bright colors, style fancy jewelry, easily give people sense of levity.

C, fashion: fashion styles of the most diversified mix of jewelry and the most interesting. Must be buying for jewelry fashion style, with the purpose of coordination. For example, soft design feminine clothes should match the style, shape small chic jewelry; and Bohemian fashion style should be worn more exaggerated, more personalized jewelry styles in order to show its free and uninhibited style; Select traditional Chinese traditional cheongsam or Chinese-style garments can design the Emerald-encrusted series;

2, jewelry and seasonal

A, summer: is the right season for wearing jewelry, because the more exposed parts of the body, be it necklaces, arm rings or earrings you can have opportunities to show. Due to the summer clothes lining thin, concise style, jewelry choose slim, chic style, such as: Platinum jewelry, Crystal jewelry, elegant with tones, Crystal Flash, view is pleasant.

B, autumn and winter: as fabric is quite thick, should be equipped with a variety of texture and amount of jewelry, cool coat you can choose the color the more experienced necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches, pins, and so on.

Regardless of which season is, what kind of clothes, pay attention to the Tiffany and Co Outlet worn is not the more, the better, the more expensive the better. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches worn on the body, contend with each other, but there is no Visual focus, to feel cluttered. Generally only on very solemn occasions, it would only be appropriate to wear a set of ornaments, but also prioritized, gives the finishing touch.

Dress of the different seasons; don't forget to enjoy the best jewelry.