Young obviously did not think his brothers

December 06 [Thu], 2012, 15:05
 would say so, although his brothers a little fun, but also did not like today unknown affair ah. Master account down, Hu to do it? Although his mouth did not say, but I have begun to suspect that this Master how to punish two.    Tang wind a few people to see the time to get up to check out, ready to go out to eat dinner and then come back to continue the fight, told Today is Saturday it. Went to the bar, the Siberian tiger, with eyes to the checkout Tang wind take advantage of this time, and quickly slipped into the toilet, Damn, just play, they literally took their own are not allowed to pee, almost suffocated.

     Tang Fenggang into the toilet behind two follow-up. Tang wind slightly looked back one, is preparing to pull Kulian, who knows black eyes suddenly, the body is suddenly a lot lighter. Tang style hearts pop out a word buddy children today encounter a thief, but also their cattle fork thief in the toilet robbery!
     Noon that time, Internet cafes are busy shift, the entire Internet cafes turbulent flow, because this is a morning person and prepare the afternoon people switch from noon start fighting play really shift means that no one has noticed who entered the toilet and did not come out.   Tang wind again opened his eyes to the side of the eye is blue sky, white clouds, just around the wind a little. Feel totter was, he turned and looked around at this time two more. Foot of how there is no feeling of calm, just a bow, Tang and yells out I rely on, how can I fly? Could I become immortal?
     Breeze moon two would also have the task and worry about the results you hear the the Tang style phrase Imitation of Nature, by doing nothing to words, but said Master thousand years ago, the Millennium anyone put it out. so savvy people are few and far between, so put the target on the body of the Tang style. Tang wind away in the toilet scene, letting both feel doubt, so savvy so careless? Wariness, do wrong choice?
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