Ridiculous! Saver District of strength will be able

December 06 [Thu], 2012, 10:10
  to kill Yuan Ying of the comprehension? Really slippery world of protracted Tatsuhebi eyes stare, a solid white Lei Yu rapid rushing. Just a slight deviation from the foot of the bite Sword will easily hide the past, how? Are you not afraid of me pumping your Yi Gu took your gall bladder?You killed! This Tatsuhebi rage to rushing, Ray feather hurriedly to stop, he did not want to just enter this riot the Xinghai depths on any accident, escaped unharmed if it can be considered a blessing.


     Warcraft practitioners need to devour the others the saver or Lingzhu to improve, I know. Lei Yu faint, said, I ask you, if I presented you a saver, are you willing to put     What you say seriously? Tatsuhebi asked fact, it was not the end, who knows before people say is true or false, snakes and thought, their own entrenched here so long, encountered strong. they put their own The huge body be reduced to less than one inch length in order to avoid the danger of being discovered and encountered weak it back into shape to serve as a deterrent, if you really can effortlessly get a saver, but also enough
 Not less day of practice, and why in the effort to close fight it? Trouble is not good that the other really deadly magic weapon, then regret it too late.  To know the beasts able to practice to the point that it is not very easy, they are very concerned about their own lives, will never joke.  Of course! Lei Yus know beasts practice needs to devour the essence of others to improve their body ink beast that, otherwise it will not be with the Kirin Wars, its longevity Lingzhu swallow
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