Leiyunshang day face slightly some twitch

December 05 [Wed], 2012, 16:02
 he did agree, Lei Yu Is it really what means did not make it out?     Time in the previous dialogue, Lei Yu quickly restore the bodys infuriating, although only a little bit, but also be able to support his boots at the foot of the Ares run distance meters away, but only so sufficient ! Lei Yu decided to use the last of a life-saving character, the third generation of the sovereign Lei Rongkun Kaminarimon left their treasures, tenrai beads!


     Do you think he still has the hope to live it? Ridiculous! Du Zhanghai voice faded, has suddenly sprint forward, he did not want to Lei Yu really something terrible.   Instant, Lei Yu mustering all infuriating the hands of macrophages Sword instantly disappeared, and he himself has disappeared, too fast is too fast, Lei Yu again appear meters away.  The good habits Lei Yu this infuriating the body drained customary, and even has been adsorbed on the meridians of the last vestiges of infuriating also completely extracted and injected in the hands of the sudden appearance of a transparent,
     Yes, Lei Yuli use has been unable to fight another day, and this is his last chance, struggling the tenrai bead throwing out the injection process in which the last vestiges of infuriating almost Lei Yu fracture when he detonated    Overwhelming, dense lightning as a flood in the stadium kept the central collision bombardment!  Even around the stands of all, all the hair erected into the sky.   Fury and terror forces so that they feel suffocated day more bright dazzling light than inflammation in the sky, do not open your eyes, even if the presence of several sixth-order strong can not open your eyes, because
 The Lei Yu comcern did not happen, the Fengyun tenrai beads contains incredibly powerful force, but the attack does not extend to other places, otherwise all here today there can be no  Fringes in this lightning bombardment, Lei Yu Zuodao to want to try to absorb this release powerful forces, can own body is nothing impossible to convert these forces themselves, no
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