You die before or she die first?

December 05 [Wed], 2012, 11:48
 Dr. Tonys strong has spread to the limit, the will being constantly Leiyu Jiang defended by Tony Dr. compromised.     Do not threaten me, my life the most threatened hatred of others to you will be paid with their blood! Lei Yu red eyes, ferocious said.   Id like to see how to you can! Dr. Tony facing the bear and rhinoceros Road, the two of you to kill him if he dared to have a little bit of resistance, Ill kill his lover!

     Yes! Two t Lei Yu can not resist, he had no doubt the words of Dr. Tony can even own resistance, it seems that it will not play a little effect, because the effort that she really did not resist.  Tyrannical bear attack, and the full force of the explosion, heavy blow hit in the stomach Lei Yu.    Ah! Lei Yu cry and a body inverted out and landed on the ground five meters away.
     Poof! Emitted from the mouth of a mouthful of blood, hard clutching his own pain in the abdomen, eyes filled with angry.  How? Refuses to accept? Next time we should kill you! Step-by-step bear near the rhino in sneer companions had died two and let them present on the angry mind, and now have the opportunity to retaliate, how can you not get excited?    Bear raised his huge paw, skull aligned Lei Yu, you want the kick forced to step down, At that moment, Lei Yu exhausted all effort, arms booms, the body bounced up, the speed of rapid fundamentally people Unable to react.
     Lei Yu of internal forces, while running, but his forces still exist, when once in the the dragon group received training in how many times the pressure to bear over, that does not rely on its own flesh and blood to bear it? Lei Yu now has to give up the use of internal force attack, choosing instead to strength, although the tyrannical the degree has been watered down, but the damage brought about by the Lei Yu reinforced steel frame is extremely horrible.
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