Lei Yu attack speed is extremely fast

December 05 [Wed], 2012, 10:10
 and did not give him any opportunity to shout chest there have been a terrible black hole, and has a burnt taste.   Beru card, you actually lied to me, it seems that our friendship on this end! Lei Yu said coldly heard, go looking for the next set of goals.     A total of twelve teams, Lei Yu with a time of two hours, all the destruction. Slightly adjusted, Lei Yu latent body in the basin above carefully observe the following situation, waiting for an opportunity.


     About the evening, the ground in front of a small bag of soil vary slightly, Lei Yu immediately to focus, at the foot of the golden Ares boots shining bright light, in front of the channel is open to a certain extent, Lei Yu speed of lightning fast red up with our own speed downhill sake, not weak, there are the auxiliary Ares boots, Lei Yu with less than a five-second sprint over a full kilometer distance.   A black Mercedes-Benz car from the ground to open up, Lei Yu made a quick judgment, the person inside the car is a five mutants, in the case have not the slightest perceived Lei Yu quickly usefulness OOBE stage before the ability to grasp the power of lightning is released from the fingers of the right hand out, one hit kill, a hole in the head, but he did not understand why he had to die.
     This move naturally soon learned that the underground people inconspicuous places around the basin installed surveillance cameras everywhere, Lei Yu even speed even faster also found, could not prevent, because the whole thing down, Lei Yu even ten seconds of time are not used, so rapidly even want to close the channel is also impossible again.   Master to immediately notify the Tony Dr. prepare the monitoring room, two people panic variation companion in front of the door shouting.
     The very formation channel leading to the ground, but also light illumination, Lei Yu vigilance to the twelfth, walked gingerly down.   Learned of Separation, Purification of Water - soluble Green Tony Dr. captured, Lei Yu has been thoroughly angry, he considered not they will not be dangerous, but worried that the longer time Cui Yingyings life will be more not guaranteed, their help and friends, Lei Yu never mean to their feelings, family and friends is undoubtedly the most important!
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