2006年01月23日(月) 18時46分
I finished one report quickly in the morning. So far, so good.


In the afternoon, I was lazy....unfortunately. Well, OK! I will do my best in the evening!!!!

party with Wadacchi 

2006年01月22日(日) 21時51分
Today, I drunk with Wadacchi at Domadoma.
That was really great.
The day after tomorrow, my examination will start, but it does not matter because I will go back to Tochigi next saturday and We won't be able to meet easily each other. It can be the last time we meet, actually I really hope it won't.

We had really good time, and say good bye.
However, we made a promise to meet on Feburary 12 or so.
I hope I can keep the promise.
,,,though I am afraid of the fact taiwanese in ALC1 will go back to Taiwan on that day, so probably I need to go to Narita air port in order to see them off. Both of them are really importanto to me. mmmmmm........
Well, OK!!! I can do them, BOTH!!!!

See you, good night.

see you again, professor Lee 

2006年01月21日(土) 22時43分
Today. we said good bye to professor Lee.
Actually, I cannot believe the fact that he leave Japan and we cannot meet him on Friday. Maybe, if I can believe, I will be killed by sadness.

He gave me really good time, he gave me courage, he gave me high motivatioin, he gave me smile, he gave me.....

I cannot really tell how important to me he is, he was, he will be.

See you again, professor Lee!!!

Fairwell? party 

2006年01月20日(金) 21時56分
Today, we've finished our classes, one of them is Professor Lee Hyun-Hoon's class, and the other one was Professoe Mtsuoka class.
Both of them are good and we gave a big hand to her.

We will do surprising fiarwell party tomorrow for Professor Lee Hyun-Hoon, and i could noy pretend to be sad, it was fale... I am really looking forward to seeing him tomorrow again. Would it be possible to give him flowers? or, how about some nice card with pictures? I cannot do it by myself, I think. So,,,I would not be able to do what I really want to do, unfortunatelly.

See you, Professor Lee Hyun-Hoon, tomorrow again!!!

Got it!! 

2006年01月19日(木) 18時46分
Ive finished all this years jobs.
Today, I made a presentation whose topic was "hate crim".
That was,,, a little bit difficult to expand in discussion because they do not really know hate crime and it seems that they need more information in order to discuss.
Unfortunatelly, we could not discuss,, however, professor Matsuoka said that all of us seem to be confused but it tells us that this topic was good one. I was glad.
I think that this presentation was totally good except my terrible speaking skills. Good, good, good,,,

At lunch time, we have lunch with professor Matsuoka.
Thats was really nice lunch and we really enjoy that.
She is really anxious about our, PCP's future especially about the next years' field work. We are really exited about our future instead of anxiety. We are wondering the way how to make our future better. And I think it is ME that was most excited about it.
I know all of them must be busy in spring vacation, but I ll try that!!!!!!!!!

I made my hair cut.
I do not really like that....unfortunatelly.

I thought 

2006年01月18日(水) 18時35分
I remember that tomorrow is the final day for class!!!
I will make my presentation tomorrow so I need to start to remember all of the sentences in the presentation and discussion. It would be,,,possible.

By the way, I returned to Yotsuya Tokyo today.
This, empty and cold house.
I really liked this room, however, I really hate this house, this atmosphere. Why does she stay at 1st stair??? Thats our living room, right? Why do you think you can stay there for so long time? I mean, you, go back to your room....I cannot live comfortably in this house until you leave the room.

My cousin, Lisa might be gonna marry!!, we guess.
She is almost such kind of age, and she likes her present boyfriend so? much. Im really looking forward to going to participate in her wedding ceremony. Well,, I need to practice speaking English more.

kind of cooooooooool!!! 

2006年01月17日(火) 15時18分
These days, I had nooooooo luck at all, unfortunately.
But, not today! Today,, I heard that I can possibly participate in economic experiment Kind of cool, right?

I hope they still need examinee and allow me to join them.


2006年01月16日(月) 12時23分
I do not know why I am soooooo sleeeeeepyy.

I have so many things to do, I know that, however,,,,

Well, i ll try that after I have some rests! See ya.


2006年01月15日(日) 22時22分

I spend all day long for finding controversial issue for the presentation and the final term paper,,,though, I could not get any good one. Since I realize that the chocing good topic is kind of important at the previous presentation, I wanna try to find the nicest topic out!

First choice is; HATE CRIME
This is my interesting topic, however, it would not mean that it is a good topic, unfortunately. There is an argument among the hate crime laws, and it is the controversial point. However, it means that the conflict is between liberty of speech and regulation, and hate crime is a surface matter of this big issue, I think.

Second choice is; world language
First of all, I HATE english. I hate also some english speaking people who do not like non-english speaking people. They do not understand how tough requiring foreign language skills is, and who makes efforts for THEM! I hate,,,,it. The big wonderful news to me is the new language which is made for world language. Some people must have some criticism toward it, but... how about it? How do you think?

Third choice is: Ice skating.
The way of scoring of ice skating is changed. Beauty, or technic?? Art, or sport? which should we take?

How about BIRTH CONTROL?, or America a lawsuit society?

Hmm,, I am not sure! I wanna sleeeeeep!!!


2006年01月14日(土) 18時09分


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