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August 14 [Sun], 2005, 14:59
Hi. I'm Noriko.
I'm Japanese from Aichi, and now in Toronto to learn English.
I'll be here until next May. It means I'm gonna stay for a year.

I'm gonna keep a diary in English to learn. Hopely everyday.
I have no confidence if i can keep it, altough I'll do my best.

I hope you know a little about me through this diary.

First of all, I'll introduce my place.
I'm renting for a privateroom from a Canadian landlady.
Her name is Janice. She is a professor of York Univ.

The room is quite small, even smaller than my room in Japan.
Despite of the size, I feel very comfortable 'cause it's really pretty&clean!
The furniture is all white or antique and there is everything I want.
Only thing if I complain is the size of the desk.
It's too small for studying and using PC at the same time.

I also can use the rest of the house. Kitchen, living, basement, and even
the beautiful garden!!
Gardening is one of her hobbies, so I'm done a favor by her.
Moreover, she is a great cook.
There are lots of seasonings at the big shelf, classified quite well.
Because I'm not good cook, I have no idea to use all of them, but
still easy to put them in order.
She is a very organized! I should follow the example of her.

One more thing I'd really love here, there is two doggies!!
One is Koko who is 12 yrs old. She has lived with Janice for a long time.
The other is Maggie who is an old lady. 14 yrs old!
She has just moved here recently. Janice is having her in place of
her parents.

I have a doggie and a cat at my house, so I used to live with pets.
Now, I won't miss my pets so much. (Of course I miss a lot!)

Anyway, that's my first place in Canada!
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