he's up all night drinking

May 20 [Mon], 2013, 22:07
Using your child as a model, mark dots on each mask for eyes and mouth holes. Remove the mask, and cut out large eye holes at least twice the size of your child's eyes. Make evil upturned eyes, as well as wicked grins, crooked smiles, and gapinggasp mouths.

As for the colorful phalanx of possible Republican presidential contenders, each choice is fraught. Ewing suits or could go chapsandCarhartt, but it still needs one identifying gag, and the obvious reference to his hunting camp compounds the bigotry. A Chris Christie costume is that same tired fat joke.

The great thing about going with an animal theme for your Halloween costumes is that it allows everyone in the family to dress up. You can find animal costumes in all sizes ranging from infants to adults. Noah's Ark is a great theme for a group of couples that wants to dress alike.

Our first trip wasn't until ODD was 2.5 DD2 was 10 months. Since then, we've been back at least 12x a year. That being said, there is plenty a 1 yr old can go on. Ryan Hanrahan, Connecticut broad meteorologist: most likely scenario is a storm that no big deal here in Connecticut. To get a hurricanelike storm up the coast in October is very rare. To get a storm that interacts just perfectly with the jet stream to strengthen as it moves toward the northeast is very rare.

Traditionally, lederhosen were worn by Germanic men of the Alpine and surrounding regions, including Austria, the highlands and mountains of Southern Germany, the Germanspeaking part of Italy known as South Tyrol, which was formerly a part of Austria until after the Great War, and Switzerland. La Couturire Parisienne, however, claims that lederhosen were not originally only a Bavarian garment, but that they had been worn all over Europe, especially by riders, hunters and othersand not only by the peasant folk. Only people in the south of Bavaria (south of Munich) had "Lederhosen." The flap (drop front style) may actually be a unique Bavarian invention.