Computer Glossary 3 

2007年01月15日(月) 0時00分
clone: a copy of an original model

decimal system: a system of counting which uses ten digits;0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

GUI: a type of interface that uses graphical symbols and icons for making choices

interface: the hardware or software that connects different computer components or users and computers together

MHz(megahertz): million cycles per second; used to measure the speed of microprocessors

computer literate: able to use computers effectively

hardware: the physixcal part of a computer; it can be touched

decode: to change computer data into a form that people can read

encode: to change information into a form that a computer can understand

end user: a person who uses a computer but is not a computer engineer or programmer

input: information of data which has been put into a computer;also the act of putting data into a computer

debug: to correct a proglem in a proguram or in a computer's hardware

pixel: one of many small dots that form a picture on a monitor or printer

user-friendly: a term which means that a computer is easy for a user to operate

user interface: the way in which a user communicates wuth a computer

Computer Glossary 2 

2006年12月04日(月) 0時00分
・binary system
asystem of cunting which uses only the digits 0 and 1

either a programming mistake or aproblem in the computer's hardware

a unit of infomation which is composed of eight bits and represents one character

Computer Glossary 1 

2006年12月03日(日) 0時00分
・access speed
the rate at which data can be accessed

・ASCII (American Stadard Code for Information Interchange)
a code used torepresent English characters as unumbers

・BASIC (Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)
a programming language developed to make programming easy

10^n コンピュータ用語 

2006年12月02日(土) 0時00分
10     deca-
10^2   hecto-
10^3   kilo-
10^6   mega-
10^9   giga-
10^12  tera-

10^-1   deci-
10^-2   centi-
10^-3   milli-
10^-6   micro-
10^-9   nano-
10^-12  pico-

・boot   起動させる
・reboot  再起動
・computer illiteracy  コンピュータ音痴
・computer proficiency  高度のコンピュータ・スキル
・intranet  企業内インターネット化
・peripheral equipment  周辺装置


2006年12月01日(金) 0時00分
・正方形    square
・三角形    triangle
・その円の直径は10センチだ。    The circle has a diameter of 70 cm.
・平方センチ   square centimeter (cm^2)
・立法メートル  cudic meter (m^3)
・30度の角度    an angle of 30°[thirty degrees]
・時速60キロ   60km/h[sixty kilometers per hour]
・時速50マイル 50mph[fifty miles per hour]


2006年11月27日(月) 0時00分
割り算   division
商      quotient
余り remainder
÷      divided by / into

・10÷2=5   Ten divided by two equales five.
・3/4÷1/2=1 1/2   Three fourths divided by one half equales one and a half
・22÷7=3余り1      Twenty-two divided by seven equales three with a remainder of one

切り上げる   round up
切り捨てる  round down
四捨五入する  round off

・概数で4,000   4,000 in round numbers  


2006年11月26日(日) 0時00分
5/2=2.5     / : スラッシュ
5*2=10     * : アスタリスク
5^2=25     ^ : キャレット


2006年11月14日(火) 0時00分
代数: algebra
未知数: unknowns
変数: variables
定数: constant
方程式: equations
公式: formula
1桁の: single-digit
2桁の: doubole-digit
3桁の: three-digit

2対1の比率で: at a ratio of 2:1
1:2:3の比率: a ratio of 1:2:3

インチ: inch
フィート: foot, feet
ヤード: yard
マイル: mile

少数 decimals 

2006年11月13日(月) 12時04分
・少数 decimals

7.28 billion
seven point two eight billion

・√3: the square root of three
・3√8: the cube root of eight is two

分数 fractions 

2006年11月12日(日) 0時00分
・分数 fractions
1/2 a [one] half
1/3 a [one] third
2/3 tow thirds
1/4 a [one] quarter / a [one] fouth
3/4 three quarters / three fourths

1/100 a [one] hundredth / a [one] one-hundredth
321/654 three hundred twenty-one over six hundred fifty-four

1 3/4 one and three quarters
7 5/8 seven and five eighths
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