when working, there's sand in your shoes,

February 20 [Thu], 2014, 11:58
Think, I really don't like people who buy shoes, open the Shoe cabinet, he found himself only several pairs of the shoes, colors are Brown and black, because I think the two colors wild, lest I want to worry about what to wear matching shoes.
Now shoes are bad to make up, dirty brush, but also to tie a shoelace, is a strain, but future shoes is not the case, do not believe you will hear the following story now!

Future of shoes is with a never damage of color plasticine cloth made of, above has four a button, a is rectangular of, a is square of, a is triangle of, to has summer worked, will put shoes Shang lane Shang mud, you without wash, because a wash on will makes plasticine cloth fade, you as long as by Xia rectangular button, inside of for cloth players on will began for cloth, it suddenly off has that a layer dirty cloth, for Shang new cloth.

In the summer, you'd think feet are hot, as long as you press the square button, blowing by you heat where you blow cold air, keep your feet cool.

At some point, your feet will feel awkward, uncomfortable, you just press the triangle button, inside the Massager will drive, rubbing and rubbing your feet, rubbing a rub, you wouldn't feel so uncomfortable and awkward.

There is a diamond-shaped buttons, when working, there's sand in your shoes, a piece of cake, you just click the Diamond button, which in addition to fast except Sha Sha Qi will also out so that you don't take off your shoes in the sand.

This is the future of shoes, how amazing! Shoe blue, red, green, yellow, grey, pink, black, white, eight style, thick, and is no different than other shoes, look at it carefully, each shoe has eight buttons on the neck.

The first button is white, its function is to release cold air, can enable students with hanjiao foot comfort. The second button and the first Apple, because it absorbs heat, feet won't be cold in the winter.

The third button is the ability to fly. To the 7:30 A.M., the crowd was a bit crowded, mostly children, won't have to worry about this, since shoes can fly even further away, or ten minutes to get to school.

Fourth button is the ability to jump, when you walk by the crowd, jumped to jump to a height of three meters, nine meters wide, so afraid of crowds.

Fifth button feature is bad when it comes to the bad guys, even if you have the guts smaller, shoes can make your feet fly kicks ass, bad guys wake up! What should we do? Flying hammer only, again and again! This time, the sixth button, he can make you invisible.

Seventh button allows you to change the color

Eighth button can change patterns.

How about you? Is not to perfect it? Eighth button will not only change the pattern, you can also change the new size and Oh! Is not to want it?
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