Migrant workers@ 

July 12 [Tue], 2005, 18:46
Today, I want to talk about the present situation of illegal migrant workers in Japan.

Now, the Japanese immigration laws prohibit migrant workers to work in simple labor fields. This means unskilled migrant workers cannot come in Japan by legal way. However, a lot of foreigners who live in low developing countries, want to come to Japan, because if they work in Japan, they can earn 4 times or 5 times income. Therefore, such unskilled migrant workers come to Japan by illegal way, such as using broker or stowing away on a transport ship. And actually, two-hundred and twenty thousands of illegal migrant workers exist and work in Japan.

In Japan, how are they treated??

Even though they work in Japanese companies, almost all of them are abused by brokers and their employers. Illegal migrant workers have to pay the travel cost to brokers. And because of their illegality, they cannot accuse their employers and police or other public establishment doesn’t help them. So, their working condition is miserable and their income is exploited by brokers. As a result, they get disease and they have to die without going to hospitals.

This is the present situation of illegal migrant workers in Japan. In the next time, I will tell you about Japanese descents, because they are admitted to work in simple labor fields. And I will compare the differences between illegal migrant workers and legal migrant workers. Thank you for your reading.

Japanese Festival 

July 07 [Thu], 2005, 22:23
Today, I'd like to introduce a Japanese festival 'Tanabata' to you. This festival celebrates the meeting of a couple, who are separated by the Milky Way.

Every year, it‘s held on July 7th. On July 7th, the two stars Altair and Vega which are usually separated from each other by the Milky Way, can meet. Thus, this phenomenon is compared to the lovers’ meeting. In Tanabata, Vega is called as “Orihime”, and Altair is called as “Hikoboshi”.

One popular custom is to write one's wishes on a piece of paper, and hang the paper on a specially erected bamboo tree. And people hope that their wishes will be true, because it is said that the two stars would make their dreams come true. However, the bamboo tree is thrown into a river or burned around midnight or on the next day

The original Tanabata date was based on the lunar calendar which is about a month later from today’s calendar. So, some Tanabata festivals are held on July 7th, while the others are held in August. The biggest Tanabata festival is held in Hiratsuka for a few days around July 7th. During the festivals, events such as a parade and Miss Tanabata contest are held. And many Japanese enjoy this festival by wearing yukata.


Japanese culture 'Sushi' 

July 07 [Thu], 2005, 22:05
Today, I’d like to introduce a Japanese traditional food, ‘Japanese sushi’ to you, because I studied the history of ‘Japanese sushi’ yesterday.

First of all, do you know ‘Japanese sushi’?? ‘Japanese sushi’ is combinations of vinegar rice with other ingredient, such as tuna, cuttlefish and so on. Almost all Japanese people like ‘Japanese sushi’.

In Japan, there are two-kinds of sushi shop. The 1st one is revolving conveyor-belt sushi restaurant. The price of sushies is very cheap and we take sushies from revolving conveyor belt. Majority of Japanese people go to this kind of shop with families, because of its cheap price and good atmosphere.

The 2nd one is sushi bar. The price of sushies is more expensive than the 1st types, because the quality of ingredient is quite good. And we take sushies from sushi chef through the counter. This kind of shops is used by presidents or others who have a lot of money.

Now, 'Japanese sushi' is spreading all over the world. But, in Japan, competition between the 1st type and the 2nd type is being bigger.

I think the 1st type will spread instead of the 2nd one, because of its cheap price.


Our video program 

July 05 [Tue], 2005, 15:35
In Nakano Seminar, we must make a video program about Japanese culture.

Thus, we are making a video about Japanese cosplayers, who imitate the costume of TV characters.

Why are there many cosplayers in Japan??

That's because almost all of us watch TV everyday and are interested in TV programs. And some of us are greatly affected by TV programs and became cosplayers.

My fellows went to an event for cosplayers and succeeded in getting funny interviews from cosplayers. But, I couldn’t go to the event, because of my business. So, I’d like to apologize to my fellows.

Next week, we have to show our video program to my Seminar members. Thus, we have to finish making it in this week. Good-bye!!



June 30 [Thu], 2005, 16:02
Hello, I'm Mitsunori Nara.

I'm junior at Waseda University. And I'm majoring in English and English Literature.

In this blog, mainly, I'd like to talk about the present situation of migrant workers from overseas in Japanese workplaces.

That's because during February to June, I had studied this topic to participate in English academic Debate. And I got the 1st prize in All Japan Debate Tournament.

So, I'd like to show you my knowledge about this topic.

If you have interest, please continue to read this blog. Thank you!!

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