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June 19 [Thu], 2008, 3:07

Howard Scholtz, the CEO and the founder of StarBucks Coffee, stresses to its partner that they should ensure the quality of the beverages. StarBucks’ Mission defines SB provides the third place to its customer. When it is offering the third place environment, its beverage accomplishes the core role which differentiate the other circumstances like office, school and home through its quality of taste and experience offered by SB.

There are some criticisms that the quality of SB coffee is declining. Accepting those humors, SB as a coffee house is trying to establish high-qualified coffee and protect its brand image again.
Tightening the quality of standard is necessary such a huge worldwide company to keep advantage against its rivals. Because SB made its core brand image that its rivals can’t imitate, it provides SB success.

bucket list 

May 11 [Sun], 2008, 19:20

Ghandi said, ‘Live as if you are to die tomorrow’. Everyone knows that every human is to die. But, how many people remind themselves of that in their daily life and try to enrich their life consciously?

‘bucket list ’ is a movie starts staring form May 10 in Japan. Morgan Freeman and Jack Necholson stared star in this movie and they attractive performedthey do an attractive performance.

In the story, they declared that they have 6 months to live. After declaration, they listed what they want to grant before they die. To accomplish their wish, they went out for trip went on a trip and managed to do everything. Through this trip, they realized what is important for in their life.

As for me, I considered how I accept my death, how I spend my time with the people I love is at in their last moment and if I am going to die in 6 months, what I am going to do. ‘bucket list’ questioned us whether we have confidence to in our life in every second.
However, it is difficult to live and be conscious about the death every minutes in our lives. The people who can set the line not only death but also any kinds of dead line fulfill make their life fulfill. Having such mind set and execute what I want is preferred. The people who can achieve what they want, are the ones who may have an autonomous way of thinking. characteristic.

Uniqlo invites Alexander Wang for the designers invitation. 

April 20 [Sun], 2008, 23:41

Up to the present, Uniqlo’s image was cheap because of bad quality. But in those days, it tries to change that image. Actually, its cashmere is recognized high quality but cheap.

Moreover, its CEO has noticed importance of product design and has working with famous creators.
Designers Invitation is one of the projects which describe the CEO’s sense for product design. In this project, famous designers are invited and corroborate with Uniqlo.
Alex has joined this project recently. He is young designer but already held the fashion show in New York collection.

As for the consumer, it is good opportunity to get the collection brand in cheap price.
Recent activities work consumer change mind against Uniqlo. But there are still cheap and bad image. Uniqlo’s case tells it is difficult to get rid of first impression.

UNIQLO's new designer 

March 26 [Wed], 2008, 8:51

about a designers invitation
uniqlo has good sence for design
(NY store, UNICLOCK, designer's invitation
back ground people

GAP good sence

Japan, cheap brand
foreign branch offices are going to be important

Subordinates' incentive 

March 09 [Sun], 2008, 17:05

A real-estate comapany called Nihon sougou chisyo has decided to introduce new salary system.

Its purpose is that managers consume this bonus for subordinates' event such as wedding and drinking party to enhance communication with their subordinates.

Recently, Japanese companies face problems about the managers.
The workers tend to sidestep being manager.
Most of them don't want to take responsibilities of juniors' development and leading teams.

This kind of incentive-system helps not only communications but to become a manager.

Kiehl's is going to be launched in Japan 

March 01 [Sat], 2008, 23:18
Loreal is going to release new brands in Japan.
One is Kiehl's and the other is Pureology.

I personally think that in point of each brand, these brands are cannibalistic with towards other brands Loreal already has.

For example, Kiehl's is going to take a position in the 'Luxury Products' or the 'Active Coemetics', these categoly are refered by to Loreal's brand map.

Surprising though, Loreal acquisited some brands includes YSL coemetics from French company in January.

YSL cosmetics can be a competitor against direct competitor WITH Lancome or Herena.

On the contrary, seeing from Loreal its self, these acquisitions can be a clue to spred or acquire new customers and lead it to gain revenue.

In addition, it may reduce production cost costs because of purchacing raw materials together and controling production facilities and improve SCM.

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