RS Botters are losing with latest high tech anti botting farm

December 26 [Thu], 2013, 10:21
RuneScape robot population decline, which may be because of the recent game ban RS Gold farming accounts 20,000 in one night. As one of the latest anti-botting RuneScape Botwatch the technology, which for the third-party software and gold farming, botters being phased out, and even better than before.

But even if there is a battle won, the war is far from over for botting; RuneScape maintain its zero tolerance policy, and promised to eliminate the infestation continued progress. In fact, Jagex has technical anti-botting the next phase of work, and will turn out in the coming months.

RuneScape's most popular update in five years has been going back an older version of the game five years past. 440,000 unique paying members vote in two weeks. I doubt many people will vote for the current game. This is RuneScape is how to really get rid of zombies, by destroying the game and the player hated it, so as to achieve the purpose they stop play.

If you hate RuneScape, at least the thing it do will be done by more and more online games, puzzle and adventure game elements, dialogue options ... garbled rather than what we get nowadays lack any presentation and most of all. Conversation, in this case, programming a robot defense system. More games should concentrate on programming the robot defense system at this level, especially larger ones.