New quest ¡®One of a Kind¡¯ released

May 02 [Fri], 2014, 14:56
For those grandmasters in Runescape, here is one good news, the new quest ¡®One of a Kind¡¯ is ready for you to explore.

This exciting March begins with Cheap RS3 Gold ¡®One of a Kind¡¯: a Gielinor-based task that let the player find the most original fun in Runescape quests.

The main line is simple, to help Mr Mordaut find the last of the fabled Dragon Riders. Along the way, you¡¯ll use your wisdom and willpower to conquer difficulties, to discover the hidden history of RuneScape¡¯s most old and powerful races. It will be a unique experience for you to retrieve the buried library of Robert the Strong and to save an entire species that¡¯s about to extinct.

Though some requirements are high (see details below), Quest fans will find so much joy in this, as well as plenty of rewards, here is a list:

?Dungeoneering, Summoning and Magic gains XP. Addition to that if you have finished quest Ritual of the Mahjarrat, there will be alluring bonus XP.

?Plus 4% critical hit rate in every battle style with a Dragon Rider amulet on and an incredible 10 prayer bonus. Your Dragon Breath ability get reinforced too. Meanwhile burying dragon bones fasten your Prayer XP income.

? Farm new, high-level monsters (celestial dragons) which have been chosen by recent votes. There is chance you will get summoning stuff and cool new Dragon Rider armor too!

Requirements to enter One of a Kind:

?40 Divination

?67 Dungeoneering

?81 Magic

?74 Summoning

?King's Ransom

?Missing, Presumed Death

?A Tail of Two Cats

?The World Wakes

Completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat is highly recommended.

Together with the quest, there are some tweaks of balance too:

?The cool down on Devotion, 90s down to 60s

?The initial up time of Devotion up to 10s from 5s