speedometer pointer on the rapidly rising

October 11 [Thu], 2012, 13:57
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Well ,now I command you immediately organized rescue personnel ,make sure everyone give me up ,live to see ,to see the corpse death .
I immediately . Li Zhihao said calmly .Often heard Li Zhihao words, immediately hit the steering ,moved to outside ,right gradually increased strength ,speedometer pointer on the rapidly rising, big Buick like an arrow shot out .
Li Zhihao immediately dials several telephone calls out ,are called Su Yunjie ,Pan Yadong ,Li Liang and Xiao Yunfei .Su Yunjie and Ouyang Hua have to dream in the beam path, Pan Yadong didn know how to say ,Li Zhihao ,also said immediately past ,Li Liang is already on the road .
Li Zhihao phone call to Xiao Yunfei, let him and the armed police of people try to coordinate ,ask them to send someone over to help rescue .When Li Zhihao played Pan Yadong phone, Xiao Yunfei has come back ,said police had set out ,he also has to dream beam path .
Often ,speed faster ! Li Zhihao urged .Zhu Yiming Li Zhihao was anxious to see color, although just on the phone is cool ,but at the moment of tension and fear ,with his face .Forty minutes later ,when Li Zhihao arrived at the dream beam ,to Yan hang the Grande Canale Bank of the river, the shore had been stained with people .
And Pei Ji is calmly directing rescue, rescue the police station policeman ,cadre about young people ,more it is the civilian population, we are busy people carried objects .The ship old ferry at this time as a monster lying in the river, with only about 1/4 of the hull on the right ,as if trying to turn around .
Often up to nob, Zhu Ming up ,three people together through the crowd ,came to the beach .Often up to the police on duty illustrates Li Zhihao identity ,small police a salute, and then the three people inside .
Pei Jijian Li Zhihao came ,he greeted, Secretary Li, Hello ,dream town mayor Pei Ji reporting to you ! Good . Li Zhihao was held up ,asked , what is the situation ?Also many people? Human life, this is Li Zhihao the most immediate concern North Face Men's Bionic Jackets.
The ship a total of thirty-nine people ,now has thirty-six well ashore ,are still four men . Pei Ji quickly responded .Hearing this Li Zhihao frowned ,then ask: is not clear ,the four men what is the situation? Two is the captain and his son ,another two is a truck owners .
Now the distance wreck about how long ?You estimate that they survived the possibility? Li Zhihao, a barrage of questions . and his son said that water is good ,should be not a big problem, the two .
.. ... Pei Ji about to speak, but saying nothing . Well, continue to salvage ,or the sentence to see live ,die to see . Li Zhihao sank like water , yes, Li Hetian ? Pei Ji quietly replied :t know ,call him always shutdown .
TMD rats ,this critical moment should not see him ! Li Zhihao angrily scolded , hang on ,we save him first ,walk ! Zhu Yiming was the first to see the ornamental and the combined plain properties Li Zhihao said a bad word, no wonder he is anxious, has such a big thing ,can a shadow ,if the war ,I enough to pull out shot .
As Li Zhihao took the Pei Ji hand microphone command time, Su yun-jieguo ,Ouyang Hua and the armed police to the scene .Armed police force by a platoon leader ,Li Zhihao briefly explain to him about the current situation ,the platoon leader course ,immediate command armed police are a group of three people down river .
This time you can see the people is really great ,where they appear where ,it is really the seas are in turmoil. ,was the true colour of a hero .Along with Li Lianglai for two ,thirty police ,arrived on the scene immediately after ,busy to maintain order .
Li Zhihao called Li Liang to the side, and some instructions, Li Liang immediately put the criminal in people drawn to both sides along the banks of the river ,let them search .The original Li Zhihao is listening to just Pei Ji after the introduction of the owner and his son ,he recalled the water well ,but up to now there is no appear ,suspiciously ,let Li Liang get several people along the river to find Northface Women's 3 In 1 Sale.
Zhu Yiming at Li Zhihao ,has been in contact with Li Hetian ,but the other side of mobile phone has always been in a shutdown state .Here Li Hetian Heng Yang city is a small hotel room, waiting anxiously for news .
When he heard the accident ,dumbfounded, immediately make the confidant Yuan Changtai called over ,so care a lot, sent him to the scene ,and told him that for and Huang Chuntao contact mobile phone number .
He drove hid this small hotel Air Max Trainer 1,watching developments .The ferry actually is not the father of contract, and they only work for Li Hetian .This is a considerable income ,Li Hetian how to easily let go ,but now things go wrong, it will become the hot potato .
Li Hetian is still waiting ,not directly to escape ,because he was holding a heart ,if the master die ,he is safe .In the past ,most is Li Zhihao criticized the meal, but Su Yunjie from the deal, expected that won problem .
His reckon without one can achieve ,depending on the owner life and death ,which is the current Li Zhihao most concerned problems .Li Zhihao before the dream beam flower one hundred and fifty thousand buy ship breaking ferry thing to be heard, but was already in Su Yunjie and table over state ,that he does not intervene, if now to make gestures ,afraid of what Su Yunjie thought .
Can differ now, has such a big thing ,want to cover must be totally unable ,only thoroughly investigate clearly ,in order to give leaders a satisfactory answer .Li Zhihao looked anxiously swept away by police ,expecting them to find anything ,there the rescue work he had to Su Yunjie in charge, he was vaguely conscious ,this event never looks so simple .
What man? Police chief Hu Biao cried .In his eyes a few reed depths ,two figures in the rock . Come on ,don come out shooting ! Hu Biao bluff road . Don ,don ,we up . Older man said loudly .
In no time, two people climb up on shore, supported each other on one side ,the grey and blue pants ,trousers water from continuous drip down ,in a moment, they stand on the ground is wet .
Two a fifty, a twenty head ,should look is near the village .Others see the captain this situation ,all came around .Hu Biaochong stood in front of the young police a wink ,the other side immediately appreciate sb.
,loudly asked: who are you? Tell me ! We are ,we are the passengers ,the ship capsized North Face Women's Windstopper Sale,desperately swim over, just going ashore ,were you found . Just open the man said . Series ,and then made .
Hu Biao shouted , you need water ,swim to the shore ? At that time, we fainted ,straight know go swimming .My son is young ,strength enough ,he told me to come . The fifty up and down the old man says .
Zhao ! Hu Biao snapped . Well ... ... The old man offhand should be .When aware of Hu Biao in him when ,late ,he drew a deep sigh sit around ,mouth quietly said : ,it ! Take away North Face Men's Down Jackets Sale! Hu Biao said .
The police team of people with people is not immediately be used to one ,two people who set up turn Chao and back .When Li Zhihao saw the police team back, was still holding two people ,immediately waved back on Li Liang ,so that he can bring people back to the station, to interrogate .
In a mess on the beach ,this action is very subtle ,and was not able to escape a watchful eye .Yuan Changtai has always been a concern of the Li Zhihao act, when he found out that the big man who escorted the penalty time, what was going on ,so he stepped aside ,appropriated Li Hetiangang tells his number .
Ten minutes later ,a black mulberry flat then stopped in the applause again little in front of the hotel ,Li Hetian hurried to clamp a package ,plunged into the car .Li Hefu lashed a mushroom head ,make such a fuss about to grip the steering wheel, car fly off .
Such as disowned dogs dog Li Hetian chose not to obliterate state by train ,but let Li Hefu put the car more than 50 kilometers away from Heng Yang often Jersey City ,on a train to the north .
No farewell ,without flowers and applause ,but Li Hefu :still say I do not grow ,you have less than me ,what money to fish, so I traveled so far ,simply looking for a place to relax ,go back tomorrow .
Li Hetian hurried to the often Zezhi ,dream beam canal in rescue work has finally come to an end .The van two owners finally spared ,armed police picks them up ,two people have died for a long time .
Combined with the owner account and the other passengers on the reaction ,the boat is mainly because of the van overload ,five tons of truck mounted more than eight tons of cargo .On the ferry when, the driver does not pay any attention to the car to bias the front left ,then people and cars were welling up ,also cannot move .
The ferry left the pier more than 10 meters ,happened to rollover ,two driver in the cab truck did not come down ,so did not .Li Zhihao have a look things here basically almost ,called the Su Yunjie go back to the county ,this work to Ouyang Hua hand ,Pei Ji assist ,and family members of the deceased representations of things ,by Wang Xiansheng and Wu Yuanqin in charge of .
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