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October 11 [Thu], 2012, 10:52

> The Cho Yong Meng one-pull Zhang Siyu, she dragged behind, within such a small room, there is no way to completely dodge. Footsteps, waist losing force, instantly Long waist force launched direct full punch bombardment left arm out. Zhao Long left arm now has gone beyond the power of the general's top martial artist, close to the pinnacle of martial force. Like a football field, will kick the football, kicking back, like, just go back to the momentum is more violent, not the catties forces did not reach the pinnacle of martial people do not dare Yingjie. dehiscence. Like ordinary people torn piece of paper in general, readily thrown to the ground. , Mai Buxiang inside and went full extremely confident and overbearing momentum, circling the dragon on the bald look so hideous in the light. The locator. Zhang Siyu reaction quickly view themselves immediately, was found to be safe in their own clothes cuffs the size of a fingernail locator. This things safe in the body, and the other side where the alarm device immediately start once the other moving over a certain range, no wonder he will know. Hand just burrowed Long Lu has been quite a shock, his hands than any weapon to be aggressive, and that is his practice to the martial arts master flag. The Cho Yong Direct heels, and kicked the side of a chair directly to the drill ground dragon. The burrow dragon within gas operation slightly, the surface immediately there was a Qijin flow, he beat up directly photographed. That violent red chair suddenly fall apart, the fragmentation of the ground directly. Also reveal a trace of surprise burrowed longan, reluctantly guy near the top martial, the moment the outbreak could be so aggressive force, in the face of even dare so arrogant, and totally not afraid. Burrowed dragon reaction speed completely over Zhao Long a chip. Although not guns boxing, but also directly with fists front to block the attack of Cho Yong to directly ZHAO attack Zhensan. Bang ...... Zhang Siyu hit fly out, then hit the back wall, and direct a blood spit, look also become extremely emaciated. Drilling Dragon of the proud, yea forward, his arms on top of a layer of interior strength flow, but the average person does not contact can not see. He was just an ordinary Budo master, If you can reach the pinnacle of martial arts masters, Neijin there is a condensate such as real sense. At that time, as to the body to put on a layer of armor, to increase the attack power of speed, the threat of force, but also can increase the effect of the defense is very tough. While burrowed dragon general Budo Masters, but with a gap between Cho Yong is too great. Since Cher after Cho Yong on deliberately not in contact with the other girls, but watched the other girls for himself so is he can not be allowed. There are those ruby, instant crush those boxes, completely desperate crazy absorb one of the wood of the gas with the gas fire. The crazy wood gas Chung human body, just bodily blow immediately be relieved, and the fire of the gas at the same time follow enters the body, wood fire, Wang wood fire, instant two five elements of gas skyrocketing. No wonder the old loss had not let the own two five elements of force initiates the original went so far as to cause such a reaction, equivalent to the normal ten times the power of two forces detonated each other out. Zhao Long under the stimulus of the wood of the gas at the moment, the body does not have any pain, the fire of the gas as a volcano, so he really need to say. Zhao Long first artillery fist hit anger, like that with fire shells. And which contains things make him feel terror, hot Qijin, how will this. Outside the body is able to force explicit, that is the only martial arts masters to do. To force extroverted, is the only guru to do things,Mens Timberland Boots Sale, he is just a martial ... attack bombers flying out. Powerful force, he crashed through the iron gate opposite direct, crashed into the inside. Burrowed dragon feel his arms fiery, seems to be burning, thanks to this arm is protected by the interior strength. If you do not reach Budo master, I am afraid that kind of special burning Qi Jin into the body meridians with the arm are destroyed. Horrible, this kid how this power. Frenzied attack, but can not completely solve the two Five Elements in vivo force changes, and Cho Yong feel their own bodies and some can not afford. What they could in the body eventually to withstand before to exterminate the drill ground dragon? This problem is unlikely, after all, the gap is too big, so in the drill ground dragon bombers flying out of the moment, Cho Yong Meng, a dragon turned, picked up Zhang Siyu rushed out. Kill him ...... bang ...... Which shot almost hit ZHAO, but ZHAO too fast, and the next moment has rushed near. Body leaps, knees directly impact on one guy Intermediate martial. Under the collision directly Zhuangfei out, arms crushed sunken chest, directly hang. Red, to go out and think of a way to find boats, it is not to jump to have a chance of survival in the sea of ​​humanity. Zhao Long holding Zhang Siyu, crazy washed out. Since the the left arm rebirth, old lost to teach the the nine turn five elements refining body surgery, ZHAO also never once so embarrassed. Now he felt, if not burrowed dragon kill, their body's strength will destroy yourself. Own forces, there is no way to digest such a powerful force. Old lost, there is no way ... now know the importance of strength now, you like me, never Ministry is great, Niubi since spoon I kill someone. really bad but your body now, it is not my only shot try ... old lost a headache now, now getting worse. Force on the gap is too big, and he knows the tricks alone has been useless, he was not any way to directly help. Zhao Long now fully run Fortunately, this ship is relatively large, very around. Zhao Long with the average martial. The general martial fully outbreak reaches a certain attack force, but not necessarily equally powerful leg strength, even if it is a martial arts master is also true, and Cho Yong seize the initiative, so the moment only followed behind burrowed Long chase. That the crew before chasing Zhao Long, has burrowed behind Dragon directly down to the ground. After all, the ocean-going freighters, has often been robbery, there is some direct sailing under the protection of warships,Air Max Trainer 1. Gunfire sounded, the threat on the drill ground dragon, but sometimes have to dodge. Two of his men were soon rushed out firefight with the people on board, mingle. Them on board, only the captain with a handful of people know, captain they fainted, others thought they were sneaking a touch up pirates to hijack vessels. Restore what to think of ways to leave, do not give me as cumbersome. flashed. Zhao Long and ran out of a period, especially exhausted cited burrowed dragon they chase sound. Soon he has up on deck at this time, ZHAO suddenly feeling left arm strength skyrocketing in the five elements of wood, fire two kinds of gas skyrocketing, he absorbed the forces turned fast break. Into a new state, you can feel the forces of heaven and earth, if the operation force, and even have the strength, arm muscles to promote strength turned out to also be able to stay on top of the arm. I rely on the left arm even alone reach the realm of martial arts master,UGGs Lo Pro Button Sale, If only this to say out Budokan human I am afraid that wants to save his split open a research. Behind the drill ground dragon chase, his left arm at the moment turned back to bite them,Timberland 2 Eye Shoes Sale. Danger come, I do not completely control your body, unless you are the five elements have been completed in the first turn, I have a little control for a few seconds, otherwise your body will crash, but I will help you raise your left arm temporarily addition to physical strength, to absorb some of the water of the gas directly, thanks to the sea, convenient, and to help you temporarily restrained body skyrocketing wood, fire, gas, and also to avoid the left arm Fan bite your body. Cho Yong mind sounded old lost the sound. (The late finish to be continued) <

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