hastened to help Li Qian cup to pour the tea

October 11 [Thu], 2012, 10:44
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultAll are settled North Face Denali Hoodie Sale, Zhu Yiming eye, see on the table there is a teapot Northface Boots,hastened to help Li Qian cup to pour the tea ,then helped Hu Shuqiang ,Chen Xinmin ,single Meiqin one one pour .
Single Meiqin disappeared ,said happily : Zhu Ming ,you come after ,I can be relaxed ,ha ha ! It seems that kind of thing UGG Tassel Short Sale,there are single Meiqin do .After Li Qian listens ,gave a single Meiqin ,single Meiqin naughty to stretch out a little tongue ,but after Zhu Yiming made a face ,it is not really afraid of Li Qian .
Zhu Yiming watched the performance ,was quite happy, except for Hu Shuqiang ,the other is to be easy to get along with colleagues should . Lee Department ,you and the boss relationship well, sister ,sister ah ,so much more affectionate ! Single Meiqin age is not big ,but fully inherited the traditional Chinese women concerned about gossip .
Zhu Yiming pricked up his ears ,after all, curiosity ,the person all has .Lee Qianli the forehead hair ,said : her name is Han Dongmei ,a man charged with crime ,in .Previously in the willow Lane open casserole shop ,I and the Communist Youth League Secretary Ouyang often go there to eat ,in the course of contacts on the understanding ,still worship the stem sister .
The hotel opened ,or we gave her the idea ,has just opened in time ,we can not help her up, but now, the business is good . is the sister came to see you yesterday ?She is pretty ! Dan Meiqin away immediately .
Is .Her name is Ouyang Xiaolei ,is our constant CYL minister learn less ,when going to school ,but we Heng Yang in a campus belle . Li Qian said with a smile . Xiaozhu ,dishes ,wine .
Hu Shuqiang is more concerned with food and wine .Zhu Yiming quickly drove the five bottles of beer ,a man sent a bottle ,the respective fill ,Li Qian lifted the cup ,said : this cup of wine we do together ,welcome to join us secretary of Comrade Zhu Yiming .
With a clear glass collision sound, everybody back neck drain the cup of wine ,Zhu Yiming found that two of women would not allow a man, appears in official mixed are after alcohol test .
Because Zhu Yiming came ,naturally become the target of attack, in a moment, has three more downed .The beer for Zhu Yiming, has no power, how to drink too much ,belly up .And Chen Xinmin drink three cups of wine ,Zhu Ming bursting ,arose out of the room .
Zhu Yiming hurried forward, to find out the location of the restroom ,ran up ,rush to the restroom .At the door, suddenly heard a splash ,only to feel a tingling in his right shoulder ,before a thin figure straight back .
Damn it ,walk not eyes ! Humpty Dumpty stabilize swaying figure ,his mouth said savagely . You call it ! Zhu Yiming stared in front of obesity soil block, hands clenched into a fist, as if to attack .
You ,what do you want ? Barking dogs seldom bite block said soil .How? How. Then ,from the adjacent room out of four or five people .Soil block quickly over Zhu Ming ,to them, said : he hit me ,also want to beat people ,for me ,hard to repair it .
Zhu Yiming to see this posture is incorrect, quickly picked up around the mop ,ready to fight .To say the fight, Zhu Ming but expert ,in Week West middle school, champion ,learning ,fight with double champion ,philosopher said ,is the unity of contradiction .
These years although in Huai River university did not practice ,but the basic reaction or some .While flying when confront each other with daggers ,the group behind, a tall young man ,dressed in a white shirt ,black trousers ,wearing a pair of sunglasses ,accidentally said : how could it be you? ? At this time, Zhu Yiming has also been recognized before it was morning at his brother glasses ,one cans enemy .
Zhu Yiming could open ,glasses brother he shouted: you guys with great courage, you know what you were ready to beat is who ? See Zhu Yiming is not open ,and he himself said: the developers invited king boss ,what are you doing ? Then ,a handsome face filled with disdain .
Li Qian heard any noise outside ,they also had rooms ,saw Zhu Yiming being surrounded by a group of people ,hastily rushed .Chen Xinmin was ready to go theory ,see the glasses being reprimanded Zhu Yiming ,unexpectedly awesomely is vice secretary of county Party committee secretary Pan Yadong ,county Party Committee Office Deputy Director Lin Zhiquan ,hopes to recover .
At this time, Li Qian discovered the fountain of forest ,but because the springs and conflict is his subordinates ,want to hide is inevitable ,had to bite the bullet, stepped forward and said: director Lin ,hello .
This is our family came to new comrades, don what happened to him? Xiao Li . See Qianlai Li ,Lin fountain of slightly softened their mood ,but still said angrily ,s the matter ,you ask him ? Li Qian quickly looked at Zhu Yiming, and looks for him to bring down the mop .
When see the morning had once glasses brother appeared, Zhu Yiming knew that this fight is certainly not hit ,but he never thought this guy up indiscriminately UGG Ultimate Tall Braid Boots,he gave himself up ,also was not put down the mop .
This saw Li Qian eyes ,and that these glasses brother or his boss ,hastened to mop down, then the just happened to relate in detail to speak out .Listen to Zhu Yiming and Li Qian . Look ,praise of this forest ,and Zhu Yiming is no relation ,exactly what the king boss .
He ,he was clearly is going to beat me . Soil block appeared from nowhere . He hit you ? Li Qian asked with a smile . ,it did not . Soil block reluctantly said , but if they are late director Lin out for a while ,he may be .
.. ... Maybe ? Li Qian said angry , he will not beat you ,we don ,but you really gave him ,this should be true ? This ,this ... ... Soil block time . He just hit king boss ,had to apologize .
Lin Zhiquan pointed at Zhu Yiming said rudely .Zhu Yiming this time a face livid ,he is this kind of unreasonable to breath is bad ,will not know what Lin Zhiquan is director ,probably early two fist up, more do not talk about what was to apologize .
Director Lin ,you see, this Xiaozhu also not intentional ,everyone is their own people ,I don ? Li Qian said quietly . ,king boss but pan from obliterate state ,Secretary of the specialized investment ,must apologize .
Forest fountain of said in a loud voice .Soil block heard this word ,deliberately straightened chest ,but his heart is in praise of clear forests than those who pull tiger to do banner .
He is Pan Yadong invited investors ,but is can pig hair a little money ,today finally to forest the statue to praise of God ,later a Pan Yadong line paving paving .Get to meet Zhu Yiming almost beaten ,feel very embarrassed, saw Lin Zhiquan as their head ,heart proud .
Li Qian took the eyes at Zhu Ming ,to see Zhu Yiming in his face livid ,victim ,glowered at forest and the praise of King boss .Know to make this a green bow to admit their mistakes ,perhaps prohibitively difficult, there forest and praise of hard so ,even though Lin Zhiquan is just a Commission deputy director of the office ,is mainly devoted to serve Pan Yadong ,but after all, is the deputy director, officer of an avalanche .
While Li Qian did not know what to do when ,suddenly a exclaimed: Li Qian ,what are you doing here? So many people ,what to do ? Everyone turned to look, and saw a young woman wearing a white dress came ,head in a high chignon ,more appear tall symmetry .
Li Qian saw the young woman eyeball turns ,a stratagem comes to mind . Xiao Lei ,is that right? Li Qian had just happened to repeat again, said to each other to squeeze the eyes .At this time, Lin Zhiquan has also been recognized before the white dress woman ,it is the County Youth League Committee study little minister Ouyang Xiaolei ,she has another identity is deputy mayor Ouyang Hua ,while Ouyang Hua and his boss Pan Yadong came very close to .
Lin Quanxin read electric turn ,preemptive opening: ,you give comments ,the king boss is Pan Secretary invited investors ,now I just asked him to apologize ,he no longer held ugg boots clearance sale,he was not happy .
Said glaring ,pointing to Zhu Yiming . Oh ,when Wang Wanglong became the investment business, going to invest in a number? Ouyang Xiaolei ran a soil block said sniffily . ,I ,i .
.. ... Soil block loss ,his and Ouyang Xiaolei home is a village ,their number ,they are be crystal clear .Forest fountain of at this battle ,see Ouyang Xiaolei knows the soil block foundation, so embarrassed smile ,facing the Li Qian said: Li ah ,since Ouyang to intercede ,I see it so well .
Then ,after Ouyang Xiaolei smiled ,turned the lead into the rooms ,others are following .Soil block just to stare Zhu Ming ,two saw almost killing eyes forward shooting himself ,quickly ran into the room .
Li Qian as his colleagues and Ouyang Xiaolei introduced Zhu Yiming at each other ,only to see Ouyang Xiao Lei ,comely ,Zinfandel is light ,give a person a kind of elegant beauty .Zhu Yiming sincerely to Ouyang Xiao Lei thanked politely ,Ouyang Xiaolei also returned .
Zhu Yiming always felt ,opposite to the beautiful young woman seemed to have beam if without flame in the beating, the flame itself is not strange ,worked in the University in the eyes of many saw .
Through Li Qian and Ouyang Xiaolei conversation ,Zhu Ming know ,Ouyang Xiaolei today is youth and several colleagues to dinner ,Madame Han Dongmei see and Li Qian a man to suffer ,what other seems a director ,he suddenly have a brain wave ,the case told Ouyang Xiaolei from downstairs .
Off after Ouyang Xiaolei, we continue to back up rooms .But after this trouble later ,who did not continue to drink in five ,ate two meals ,returned to the county Party committee does get ready for work .
Before leaving, Zhu Yiming also special intention Hongmei restaurant owner Han Dongmei thanked .Afternoon ,Zhu Yiming did not go to work ,said Li Qian gave him a half-holiday ,let him have dormitories tidy ,the way again to buy some necessities of life .
About two thirty ,Zhu Yiming sounded the logistics section office door .Although Zhu Yiming was reported ,but the organs of these rules ,he still know, general two o after work ,everybody was ready ,a cup of tea or something, so to find people to do things ,would be best to wait until after two thirty go .
In the door later ,Zhu Ming quickly to logistics section chief Cao Mingjing a Chinese ,this is left, brother specially stuffed in his bag ,a total of two pack .Morning a tense, forgetting about cigarettes the stubble ,in Hongmei restaurant when, Zhu Yiming is thought of ,but he carefully observed a ,if Hu Shuqiang and Chen Xinmin do not smoke .
Cao Ming took the cigarette ,Zhu Ming he bent down ,put him on fire ,Cao Ming Zhu Yiming performance is very satisfactory .Logistics section chief in spite of oil-water many ,but in appoint do these chief component is not inside ,today in front of Zhu Yiming ,to find a sense of leadership ,really good .
Xiaozhu ah ,your dormitory is in the back of the dormitory building 201 ,which is the key . Then, from the drawer and took out a key ,to Zhu Yiming . Thank the Cao family . Zhu Yiming deliberately put behind the long words omited ,sounds more close .
From the logistics Cory ,Zhu Ming quickly go Lodge took their own packages, straight to the dormitory .This is a building built in the mid eighty four Xiaolou ,looks slightly worn, wall plastering cement many have mottled desquamation .
Here are the county Party committee ,county not married young ,also have married ,not divided into real young couple .Zhu Yiming opened the 201 door ,in the immediate present is one room one hall ,kitchen and toilet goods are available in all varieties.
,though, Zhu Yiming is already very satisfied .This is the future of their nest ,this is the first time to have their own independent space .Zhu Yiming looked at the whole house maintain one ,it is not long ago just pack up ,so from blue green bag out early to prepare mother sheets .
But also need not what summer bedding ,immediately went to the street to buy a bed mat can deal with .My mother even toiletries are ready, all stuffed in Zhu Yiming big bag, mother worry about son ,is a real right .
Get everything ready ,Zhu Yiming is ready to go to Shangjie ,add some daily necessities .Zhu Yiming noon ,Chen Xinmin had to find out that municipal Party committee ,city hall door ,along the street, then turn right ,there is a small commodity market ,where all kinds of goods goods are available in all varieties .
Small commodities market has two features many cheap, spent less than half an hour ,Zhu Yiming bought the mat ,washbasin and other necessities of life .Back to the dormitory ,it is frustrating, you don ,these things can not say the mouth, dry up ,really not easy .
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