jumped into the river and Yang

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 18:38
Ye Shaofeng drove from the bridge back, walked, his whole body shaking (side just happened that scene, is simply too shocked him for ten minutes before Wang Wanjin grabbed summer gentle mother's hair, Yang Jingkun anger towards bitter said: "what I want you to know when it, I want you Yang Jingkun's life." "" ha ha, life?My life, not you say you want to be able to "Yang Jingkun said" yes, of course you can choose not to give me life, however, this summer gentle mother, will die ", Wang Wanjin pulled out a knife, in the summer and soft mother's neck side sliding, if slightly to him in the face of prick, this old lady is really die." don't hurt my mother, don't do this. "" "white summer soft thriller, how, how to cry?Don't cry, you cry, I can feel soft, not want your mother to death, I do not want to let your mother die, but if not, your mother, let your boyfriend Yang Jingkun. Tell us your opinion, is to let Yang Jingkun die, or let your mother die?"Face Wang Wanjin Yin Xiao said "don't don't do this don't do this" summer soft cried out, suddenly kneeling on the ground, this kind of thing, she is a woman, it is difficult to choose one's own mother, one is his own man, regardless of who dies, for her, will be a great psychological shadow but, at the moment, she is the choice of time but, ranging from summer flexible choice, Yang Jingkun suddenly pulled out a knife, looking at Wang Wanjin, then have a look Men's Canada Goose Calgary, and said: "summer summer soft, flexible, you is my woman I don't want to embarrass you I die I told you, for you, I would do anything, I am dead, I hope you can live happily ever after", Yang Jingkun drew his knife to slit his throat, at this time, just listen to the old lady a hoarse scream, when all the people saw it, the old lady his head in the king's gold blade, blade poked in the neck, the old lady died on the spot at the time Wang Wanjin was a fool, he want to get, the old lady was at such a critical time, in their own drama will reach moment, actually Dutch act "Mom" summer soft shouting, thenFaints in the place of Yang Jingkun in the will help, completely broke, holding a machete crazy rushed up, behind you boys followed down Wang Wanjin's insight, turned and ran, his this help a younger brother, also followed him to turn and run actually, since Wang Wanjin was out to help Yang Jingkun Citroen beside, no brother, today it has to help a younger brother Canada Goose Whistler, he is hired laborer, this gang of migrant workers are paid, responsible only to make an empty show of strength, if fight, they ran faster than anyone but, at the moment Wang Wanjin, than these people work runs faster the boy run so fast, but, back or Yang Jingkun was solid at seven or eight knife, hurt Wang Wanjin cornered, can only jump, jumped into the river and Yang Jingkun lived two steps, looked back at the summer soft also fainted on the ground, will not have to continue to pursue, to turn over to the soft side and Ye Shaofeng returned to summer home, often Miaoke has been lying in bed, thinking she is asleep Men's Canada Goose Yorkville Bomber, leaf Shaofeng finished his bath, and gently lay in Miaoke side, eyes closed, also thought that evening, at the end of that scene let Ye Shaofeng shockRegret, not fighting scenes, but then an old lady would be to their daughter to natural selection, this scene, too shocked at this time, hear often Miaoke voice: "small maple, I just to chat and her sister"
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