It is indeed a silver blood gold

June 07 [Fri], 2013, 12:14
Four thousand chapters, written for a long time, also repeatedly modify, update late. The smart kids remember ultrafast hit update of today have the Spring Festival ah, miserable little mo still codeword, good cruel ah yes or no if before the people of silver blood Jin Yuying real x ì ng is still a little bit of doubt, so now when the two Yang blood, appear in the eyes of the time, all this has undoubtedly. It is indeed a silver blood gold m, Yang unique Yang, also is really a family of children. "Childe where?" The middle-aged man eagle eyes in the population transfer in a circle, and not because of the people in the south two what God s è change, just asked. He said, the woman is beautiful Mou Ying Ying four down, want to find his son from the crowd. Brush brush almost all eyes are fixed in the Yang Kaishen. The next moment, two blood, will look around, to see the Yang face, after the judgment of his age and his face, s è suddenly wonder, suspicious. As blood paternity, they are naturally a son who met Yang, even if there is no contact, how much is a face of the edge. Two people in the years before they have had a conjecture,oakley eyeglasses sale, using silver blood Jinyu eagle, can easily find oneself childe place, if familiar, it can determine the identity of the son. But after seeing the Yang, two people can not help but give birth to a strange feeling! Yang outside experience CHILDES, so young? And it looks. Seems to have never seen. No wonder they will be suspicious, when Yang open leave only twelve or thirteen years old, is a can not practice of ordinary people, and now more than five years, Yang has great changes. But the woman look delicate, long suddenly exclaimed loudly: "little Lord Fauntleroy?" The middle-aged man had narrowed eyes,Outlet Oakley Juliet, staring at yang. The heart can not help but raised a tempestuous waves. The little prince! That was the end when a son, age minimum, that a young his knees. But not to say a little prince be congenitally deficient, cannot practice? This time away from family time, blood, they are still conferring. If you saw the little prince, must strictly guard, because most likely small son is just a ordinary person. Yang enemies everywhere, maybe this time it took the opportunity to kill these scattered in the direct son. Now look at the past, at present this one where is what ordinary people? Clearly is a real element throughout the six layer of the warrior! This realm, although not many top,Nike Jordan 5 Sale, but rather weak. Middle-aged men and the woman to see one eye, body form in a flash, suddenly came to Yang Kai front yards, invisible thrust of four. All the people around Yang Kai has launched a dozen yards. Yang bossy overbearing, can peep some! Hu sister back again and again, can not help but anger pursed mouth pouted. "All my friends, start softly." Yang lightly looking at two humanitarian. Middle-aged men and the woman face s è insipid, didn't seem to put him in the heart. Before determining the true identity of Yang Kai. Blood, for anyone not in words s è. "You are a little prince?" The middle-aged man frowns at poplar >
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