consecutive weeks of shooting the actors

July 06 [Sat], 2013, 12:33
Full text no ads three hundred and fifth chapters hurricane hit three hundred and fifth hurricane hit Yang Lin Zhang had a very full life, exercise every day, filming TV shows, studying drama knowledge, is simply everywhere at once, but ÑîÁØ has been able to stick with it, everything is confused impressive, it also makes Zhang Qian very worried. (Full text books free download) workaholic is not able to fight it to the point where the body is the capital, Zhang Qian Yang Lin is now worried about excessive crushing physical potential cause bad influence, so repeatedly in forcing him to rest sleep. Yang Lin dumbfounding, with the system, he is also more difficult to come up question it. "Struggle" of the shooting has been on the right track,Christian Louboutin Men's Flats, consecutive weeks of shooting the actors who are familiar with it, but Yang Lin Zhu Yuchen with contradictions although not shown, but still accumulates, Zhi Buding day suddenly broke out. It is August 17, Jay's album has been fully produced, and entered the stage of intense publicity. Yang Lin collaboration with Jay's song "Faraway" will be in today's world premiere as part of his album promotion first bomb. The bombs do not need anything Alpha Company, just the names of these people is enough to make fans of music like crazy, veteran Jay Chou, budding singer heartthrob Yang Lin, ace lyricist Vincent Fang, Golden Triangle comprehensive attack! Jay cooperation on ÑîÁØ there have always been the message of the song, but never been proven, this time even Jay album released earlier this big suspense,Oakley Sport Sale, which had said it was a gamble. "Oh, how? Have a week on sale, now how about booking number?" Yang Lin ran step aside in the gym, while using the Bluetooth headset with Jay phoned. Here is his private mini-gym, no matter what to say are not afraid leak. Listen ÑîÁØ breathless voice, Jay can not help laughing: "You do the exercise again? Practiced so much doing nothing, your body and muscles good enough, I dare not reveal muscular photo shoot for fear Contrast was used. "" You answer the question ah, hurry to talk about how much the amount of pre-combat against me. "Yang Lin rubbed his body with a towel, sweat, foot did not stop. "This album sale also good, at least to a million, huh, huh, particularly large increase in the last two days, I guess until the" Faraway "After this he will usher in the peak sales period." He said. was an understatement, it seems that there is nothing remarkable, but in ÑîÁØ That sounds scary, the amount of just over one million pre-sale, which is the true King of level of treatment ah! "He spoke easily, do you want me jealous ah. (Full text eBook free download)" Yang Lin deliberately sour tone said. Jay facing the people around them waved their hands to speak in haste, "You record sales this year is my biggest rival, the second album in the whole of Asia sold two million. My album at best only 3.5 million, it is still up. "got off the phone with Jay after ÑîÁØ stopped and come to the end of today's workout. He wanted to rush to take a shower, and then waiting for "Faraway" this song mtv web publishing and television release, but he did not even seen the finished product. August's Beijing is still very hot, Yang Lin dressed in towels left out, more and more of his body muscles condensate real, no protruding brutal sense, it seems quite coordinated. At this moment, the country and even in Asia do not know how many people wait in front of the television waiting for the computer stations simultaneous release of these media, eight p.m. released on time. Yang Lin is not very anxious, he slowly wiping the hair at the drops of water, then refresh its own micro-blog to see if there any intimate fans comments. Hao Lin: @ Yang Lin @ Jay, you are my favorite two singers actually sang this song, it seems soon to hear, I could not resist! Muzi CEN: God, seeking disclosure. Anxious so well, why do not yet eight o'clock? @ Yang Lin, seeking leaked ah? A message are all fans of this song, appears to have been not broadcast before the fire. ÑîÁØ very patiently made a condition: "The same disclosure requirements, ah, I have not seen the recording later on and I now wait to see it, you are not alone in fighting against time!" Many people have nothing to do , now is not able to watch "Faraway" the specific content, so brush microblogging, chat qq has become the best choice. A little time approximation, Yang Lin and quickly boarded the specified site, ready to Behind the Scenes of. But since the site has a so-called delayed until eight o'clock until ten minutes ÑîÁØ hear his own voice. Compared with Jay Yang Lin's voice was crisp and refreshing, not a cent of dragging its feet, the two sounds kind of tacit sense, complement each other. "The roof is like a cliff, wind chimes like the ocean, I'll wait for the swallow to return. Time was arranged, played an accident, you quietly go away." Listening to the familiar melody and lyrics, Yang Lin could not help but sing along softly up. "I send you away, thousands of miles away, you are silent black and white, silent era, and perhaps should, too distant love." He suddenly can not get to sing, and this can not help but shook his head, then continue listening. Chorus, both at the same time concert, but Yang Lin relatively high-pitched, while Jay relatively low. They are quite gentle, gentle to resemble themselves, a melodious, do what you can think of love story. This is a rare feast,Coach Handbags, representatives of several major Chinese wind together will produce how to spark it? Many entertainment channels are concerned. Tencent Entertainment: Leading the wave of Chinese pop music Jay, interpreted the invitation of the mainland China's wind ensemble represented ÑîÁØ first wave hit song "Faraway." Wenshan well-lyricist, composer Jay, plus unexpected duet - Yang Lin with Jay, knocked spark so amazing! LOS ANGELES: thirties Shanghai, staged a wide breath of life and death situation troubled children. Vincent Fang with a poetic description that belongs to the era of war, for safety, Valentine's separation. "I send you away, thousands of miles away," Much to our surprise waved actually no longer meet. The Jay invited to the Chinese leader Yang Lin wind ensemble song classical style love song, a must. Touching melody and picture are Jay arranged at one go, this place is woven into the era epic masterpiece. A User Comments: can only say a few words, Jay well written ÑîÁØ sing well! Until finally the song, the network comments above is the fastest, just released, online music critics have called overwhelming, no matter who wrote a little something on a little known is the music critic. Yang Lin looked at the cell phone is being shaken, he picked up a look, the original Liu Yifei sent a text message. "Oh, it was such a nice song, and when the two of us to write a song to give it?" Yang Lin thought, a few quick reply. Then holding the phone giggle, recently ÑîÁØ too busy, even they have no chance in Beijing to meet on a daily basis can only be by phone or text message or communication network to solve the above Acacia. Liu Yifei so quickly sent a text message, and certainly she has been waiting for. This allows ÑîÁØ excited, but also to ask for? This is just a new round of hurricane only, this song actually unexpected release of the album to Yang Lin brought new sales, sales charts above it in the last gasps from the weekly sales chart tenth one rose to No. six, it would be a rare delight. Jay secretive now can not be interviewed, it's another singer Yang Lin'd be able to find anyone. The next day, Yang Lin and others related to the shooting scene in the park, but a lot of reporters rush to visit the set, which makes the sound of the studio was referred to the maximum. Everyone knows that these reporters are doing here, so people are very accommodating articles, etc. did not go out, but let ÑîÁØ one person alone to face them. Article pushed Yang Lin body and let him stand on the front, which also attracted Mai Li Xiaolu burst smile. So many people, or to the ÑîÁØ Well, he was able to lead out only able to overpower the reporter. Yang Lin holding hands full with the microphone logo, a turn his head to the back, and then looked at them Resentment. Hey hollow article or two, this thing article is to help him. "What you heard last night's" Faraway "do? Do you think this song is how the quality, can not be regarded as rare in recent years, China's wind song it?" Idiot reporter, idiot problems encountered This problem can also be how ÑîÁØ said, "Of course listening to, the effect was quite good, after all, when time is limited, recording this song spent more than two hours." "What time do you go to Taiwan to record this song it? a little bit of wind did not pass out, what are you too surprising. "mango reporter finally did not let ÑîÁØ disappointed that he has long wanted a good answer to this question. "Recording the song when I flew to Taiwan to promote the album in the way when recording, Smith Barney, before we go in to that station when t good discussion. Moreover mv shooting when there is full escort, did not let appearances So we do not know. "" Then how do you think this kind of album sales? would not exceed How about you? "" Jay's album than my normal, the total sales volume is estimated that 3.5 million bars of his Any further revealed to you a little surprise? "Speaking of surprises everyone to the interest," in the end is what surprises ah? "ÑîÁØ only smiled without a word, he whispered, said:" The Jay's album, which can be more than this a duet song yo. "-------------- long overdue fourth is more, there are no brothers in that way? Take a bubble out, lift their spirits chant. hoho Do not waste everyone's vote in, and quickly cast out of it, time is precious, eliminate waste. Finish this chapter, go get a cup of coffee, and then continue to struggle. Keke, wrong. The last chapter of my grandfather and grandfather faulty, great-grandfather, right? August 8 is in the first nine in the morning, after reading this chapter, you go to sleep, do not wait for tomorrow morning to see is the same. ! @ # (Full text eBook free download)
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