you will not only suffer but also to go to jail

December 28 [Fri], 2012, 18:07
"How not? Our Public Security Bureau say reasonable, beautiful, when you want and how to say anything." Said money accounted for lustful smile. Chen Tianming looked at the money accounted for that pay satyr-like his gas is not playing an out, M's look at it this way my woman, if not to say that they are also here in the provincial capital, ling, I have some pressing your pig mercilessly beat you. Chen Tianming stared at the money accounted for. He Ping is busy, said: "accounted for less, we have something serious? As regards to the Public Security Bureau said that clear Canada Goose Lite Jackets? Otherwise, we go to that, accounting for less, and I invite you to dinner." He Ping Chen Tianming and do not know they what festivals before, but he still wants to leave it alone. "With the boss, I am sorry, this thing is not that I do not give you the face of your hotel or to the side of it, and now police are handling the case, if whom there is a misunderstanding on the bad." Money accounted hinted HE level. HE boss, you get busy with you, the things we go, we go out to say. "Chen Tianming also do not want to make trouble in the hotel. Then, Chen Tianming went out and took the arm of Lillian and Ruan Zixuan. Who police also Jinjindegen Chen Tianming them, some have been putting his hands on his waist, for drew posture. Shen looked at Mr. Lee Chen Tianming they constantly shouting in my heart, "Chen Tianming, you ran and quickly ran, it is best to let the police they killed you," Mr. Lee Shen a bit Xiaorendezhi the like, he thought time money accounted for the investment really have not been in vain. First not to say that the police, is the money accounted for around three very powerful man. Out the door, Chen Tianming stopped and said: "We are with you to the Public Security Bureau, but our own car, do not take your car." "No, if you escape how to do?" Mr. Lee Shen blurted. Chen Tianming finally repatriated to them, if they drove off to take this opportunity, it is going to M City to find someone, M City is not his sphere of influence. Money accounted waved his hand and said: "Shen brother, does not matter, you do not be afraid, the woman did not you say what the company's general manager? Her escape, then we went to her to grab people. somewhere else, I would not say that, but the province is still a little relationship. "" Please rest assured that we will not go, I'm going to look at you how the police are handling the case, Shen WINSIGNAL, people hit us, I was out of in self-defense ", Chen Tianming coldly. If they Ganluan, that he was going to give them a little color to see. Chen Tianming them on a small seven cars, police cars in front, the car after the the money accounted cars in, one after land sandwiched Chen Tianming, Mr. Lee Shen with people followed. The boarded, Chen Tianming hit a few calls. And money accounted Shen Mr. Lee is also constantly caught phones, they can not believe this whole undead Chen Tianming them to the Public Security Bureau, but here the provincial capital of the world. An entrance to the Public Security Bureau, Chen Tianming see where they stood a dozen gun police waiting for them. "You told us to come back to assist in the investigation, or ready to go to war?" Chen Tianming watching this battle coldly. Is hard to Canada Goose Trillium Outlet, he is also the matter, big deal the first not to the previous company, put the money accounted for waste, to win, find this fake grandfather help. "Because of your propensity to violence, so in order to be prudent, we have to deploy more hand look at you." Money accounted finish, pointing to seven, said: "You're just a driver, this thing with you No relationship, you do not into the Public Security Bureau, you wait outside! "money accounted thought minor seventh Lillian hired bodyguards, as long as it is not let small seven came in, the rest of the things it is easy to do. He never imagined, more powerful martial arts Chen Tianming have not shot it! "You go in with us giving a statement." Just that the police captain said Chen Tianming them. "I have to go in and have a look, a minor seventh Naken waiting outside! He said loudly. Chen Tianming minor seventh said! "Small, even they said a statement from you to wait outside, all right, but here the provincial capital, should be able to speak truth." Small seven Chen Tianming said, had no longer yell, anyway boss martial arts so much, she was still waiting outside, for a while there are people you want to come over it! "You hurry to go!" Money account did not think Chen Tianming so with, he thought that the three men will want his side a small hands to seven under control! This Public Security Bureau police station with Last Chen Tianming row, this is a big place, inside the room is very large, and the decoration is also very good. Into the inside, pointing to a room of the money accounted for another several police said: "Bring ye Chen Tianming inside giving a statement, Mr. Lee Shen recorded there, with two female giving a statement." Is not recorded in this together? Chen Tianming looked at the money accounted for that leering looks frowned, he and Lillian them separate things may will be trouble. "Of course not, we want each of you to the scene at the time said, so that we check, you quickly go inside, we do not have to get this done, we still have a lot of things waiting to do. Police Captain snappily Chen Tianming they said "dawn," Lillian now also feel the atmosphere is not the same, and there's so many interrogation room and into the inside closed doors, she was a little afraid. Chen Tianming shook his head and said: "We do not accept the trial, Zhang's lawyer to talk about it! "When in the car, Chen Tianming has given the last save Tian Junhui lawyers telephoned some legal things, due to the the glorious hotel to open branches in the province, he looked Tian Junhui, so Tien Hui be brilliant hotel part-time lawyer. "to your lawyer did not use, we first recorded the first statement, if you are not recorded, we will not let you see a lawyer. "That police captain sneered this thing they see more, after all, the provincial capital of the rich and the relationship between people, especially, they have to deal." That they are, where giving a statement? Chen Tianming asked money accounted pointing to Chen Tianming recorded in a room next to the statement, said: "In your next, you go quickly, do not waste our time, our time is precious. "Lillian, you go, what you call me" loud, Chen Tianming saw Lillian They recorded confessions on their own next door, he put down the heart. The money accounted listened secretly giggle, in the heart of this interrogation room sound insulation is very good, and shut the door, even if their inside ** two beauties, they desperately yelling for help, the outside can not hear the sound of. Chen Tianming into the interrogation room, the police captain sat Chen Tianming opposite, he took out a record on the table, and a police shut the door, and then also sat down next to the police captain. Name, gender, work units, police captain asked Chen Tianming. Because this is not trouble with the police have other things in the provincial capital, Chen Tianming, anyway, people also to a statement from him one by one to the truth. You when you what sunk the first favorable things to say about "the police captain said, gravely. Chen Tianming watching them seems pretty fair, unlike some police first-class prisoners come in canada goose discount, they begin to hands and feet. , Chen Tianming Lee was sunk first thing that came out after a while, the police captain to a transcript on the front of Chen Tianming said: Chen Tianming, you look inside, you say no discrepancy, if not below, sign your name. "Chen Tianming looked, found inside written content with what you just said, a model of a tripod h little different, and even a typo does not appear. Do they really impartially? Chen Tianming was secretly suspect. "I sign here?" Chen Tianming asked the police captain, pointing to an empty place. "Yes, there signatures said police captain nodded. "Oh, do not play with you, you wrote a Chen Tianming statement on the table and said with a smile. "What you mean?" Police captain does not believe his ears a bit, how this is going, when the police for so many years, and have not heard people say such things were interrogated. Chen Tianming sit there straight face said: "Do not think I do not understand the law, you just asked me the latter part, the front part of how not asked? Why I sunk first Lee, I was a dozen of them how to play, how to self-defense ? like you just deliberately asked my beating episode, I was playing the plot does not write if I signed, I was deliberately beating, rather than self-defense, beating, nature is not the same. "This, this is part of the part of the record, you first signed the name, we will re-recorded the other part. "police captain can not think Chen Tianming so smart, he just thought it can muddle passed it. As long as Chen Tianming nametag, he is admitted sunk Mr. Lee, can be convicted. "Impossible, how can there be a part of a part of the sign you unless the circumstances at the time a complete write it down, I was the signature, otherwise, I will not sign." Chen Tianming said, shaking his head. It seems that soon Havoc in Heaven, like police, generally before resorting to force. The police captain said gloomily: "If you are with, you greater torment less a lot, otherwise, you will not only suffer but also to go to jail, you know? Less our duty to you just to offend, the provincial public security son, as long as he is moving hands of the Director of the Office refers to you from the village down all of them have no good fruit to eat there that Mr. Lee Shen rich, as long as people are willing to pay you more fascinates walk "" Oh, it seems that you are ready to come hard for me? "Chen Tianming said with a smile. Anyway, he was not afraid, as long as the police dared to touch that harm. Chen Tianming, I honestly tell you, I have more than ten kinds of fight you report not our approach, and the testimony of Mr. Lee Shen, you certainly can not get out, and now you're just thinking about how much to eat the bitter fruit of sub. you sensible obediently listen to us, or else accounted for less hair on fire, the consequences are very serious but he too the party people, alas, but with the people of this country say princelings, you also do not understand shook his head, "the police captain said. "I can honestly tell you, I was not bullied, and if you dare to offend me, and that you have to steal sheep away." Chen Tianming Stern, said. M, to the hard, afraid ah? Cell phone to ask: WAP. 16K. CN computer access: wwW. 16K. Cn
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