countless Trinity began to intercept over just for the repair

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9 chapters of this article mad cents, if you like mad cents 9 chapters collection mad cents 9 chapters! Intuitive, wind Nantian continue to start close to the pagoda, along the way, countless Trinity began to intercept over just for the repair of these people, more obvious than Ngan Wat Exalted, even more than that 18 sub far there is not as good as other book club watching: the body statue TXT download. Reproduced self Den wind Nantian they can be blunt, not because of his belligerent, but because the Trinity people like crazy Usually towards them Kuanggong over a great hard posture. This aroused the curiosity of the wind Nantian, wanted to come to the pagoda is a very important secrets, the Trinity people do not want them to close, just that way, wind Nantian going to read. into vanity and disappear. Sky clouds suddenly become dark clouds, lightning from heaven, then a road like sight accurate split in the Trinity people who appeared in the sky scene wonders constantly have talent to fall from the sky like rain general. Justin unknown Bai Fengnan days nonstop Why all the way along the side, but suppose there must be intended to seven trespass tower name he is aware of, but only in name only, he is also a little curious, they also followed the sidelines shot , Tang Yue Although only general Luo on the fairy does not grant days of closure, but to become immortal many years, On cents tactics spell usage, but skilled than the wind Nantian the side of the mage legend of online games to read all the way killed in the past, it touches on so Justin could not help but be surprised up the Trinity people now have no master, including the leaders of the seven sacred, the four rock statue Trinity people, but it is a have not seen, really is very strange . Trinity SHIBAZI but gas wah whining Eighteen people from catching up after, always not quite necessary to catch up with the wind Nantian them, but obviously it has chosen to catch up. More embarrassing, they also used the face of children's embarrassed Trinity phase brought the face of SHIBAZI discreditable Men's Canada Goose Tremblant Full Zip Hoody Cheap. Words spread Trinity people struggling to prevent bad, but the strength that they have no alternative but? Rushing out Huoyun suddenly the last batch of the Trinity in full force open wind Nantian seven trespass tower near the edge, and this time, he really look at these seven trespass tower look. Saw the exquisite pagoda, the tower on top of each layer are covered with a very detailed lines, exudes a dark purple light on each floor the pagoda around, each with eight rectangular hole from a hole in them, seemed to be somewhat strange. With the near distance, seven trespass tower body, suddenly exudes an enormous power and influence, the wind Nantian firmly lock, turned out to want him pulling into the tower, strange that power and influence seem to Tang Yue had no impact. Wind Nantian aghast the body mieshi force strong rebound, want to get rid of this power and influence. Colorful forces release out and share power and influence made a positive confrontation, The pomp of the pagoda is also completely exposed form, actually a mass of golden light, the sound of explosions, both the power of direct collision touches to Justin for Trinity people chase together with the rear together to bomb out. trespass seven tower rotation blasted a channel of lightning from those rectangular hole in the constantly aimed against the wind south day, seven-story tower, eight hole on each floor, a total of Lightning of fifty-six, those lightning issued after did not disappear, but the formation of a root of the golden silk traction with the wind the southern sky. It is like a golden net, from all directions haunted, want him Qinxia it. when, but rather easily. Justin but anxious at this time, if we have a wind Nantian what that question can be disabled to be more serious than the Li Xuan, he was powerless to want to help, not even close to seven trespass tower can not be done, let him somewhat sullen Once upon a time support to actually not yet. {I} look. The book * Lent wind Nantian nature can not be reconciled trapped Bin Skyfire Yan halberd into Huoyun barrier looming in his front around wind Nantian body in flames, it is his unremitting find a way out, the scope of the Fire Dragon at this time getting smaller and smaller, and it seems difficult to support long. Do not know that this pagoda is anything odd implication of such a large force actually somehow surprise attack on their own, Oh, good, and even climb down impossible. A quasi artifact enough support, it is coupled with a wind Nantian angry. Issued a bottle the starlight from his body, inclusions being in Huoyun, there is the beautiful Rose Yan turned again to launch the Star Lo refers to the disk. Manipulation of the two quasi-artifact, which requires huge skill support, the wind Nantian can manipulate, but it can not be sustained, because his skill is far from can support long on how long the point. The two quasi artifact issued at the same time, it really is those Qiu knot lightning break free a little wind southern skies overjoyed trace of the gap enough to diversion, was about to cast cents escape away. They found Meng startled seven trespass tower of one golden eye and the head of the southern sky in the wind and a flash of light, the wind the Nantian only felt eyes shining one, can not see anything, other book club is to see the the: Dragon maid TXT download around the crowd of people were very surprised, the light flashed, the wind Nantian disappeared out of thin air, seven trespass tower also stopped running, but still keep the TV drama around the strong potential of Jin Guangwei, people can not get near. At this point in the distance, sounded a while rumbling sound accompanied Ruixiao, Trinity immediate space burst fluctuations light flashed suddenly emerged more than a dozen people, led by four people, followed behind seven dressed in white of the people, it is the leaders of the Trinity, the four rock statue and the seven sacred to. Seven trespass tower actually open! say it again. At this time Justin is the most embarrassing, standing not go is not to see how he is like superfluous. I heard that wind Nantian really chase Ngan Wat Master could not help but exclaimed: Another person said. Suddenly quiet rock statue, square face, the bowed one pair of eyelids, face of bitter phase, just like anyone owes his account, he was wearing a tattered brocade robe, everywhere the hole with the beggar some a fight breaking place exposed another dark brown hair with light, just Trinity, who also can not underestimate to him only because he is supreme among the Trinity hurry secluded rock statue. but the Trinity the four rock respect, the only woman, Mating rock statue. respect for the huge body, enough to double the normal, he dressed in a light blue fairy shoulder, extending down four such chains metal strap, metal continuous collision issue from time to time the waves of crisp sound nice Fiction: outsider to take over the world the latest chapter trespass cents domain not years ago closed? how can you get in? are subject to change, and this is an opportunity to mention ~ ~ Black Mountain, followed by the entire Black Mountain spread out, has displayed a black magic, if at the moment the wind is the presence of the southern sky, and a certain understanding of this magic wand, is impressively original artifact Banished to Wonderland fly away, that is, Li Xuan people want to get back the the Ao gods chisel. Ao gods chisel seems wild hard to tame, Pushan wings to fly away like just how it's struggling, but can not always escape the suddenly quiet rock statue of palm. secluded rock statue comes to the last, his tone turned stern. Suddenly quiet adults rest assured that the seven holy, you first Justin jail until the fill Tianchi imprisoned in together with that of Li Xuan, To exceedingly custody. 100 engine rock statue commanded down, then turned to Justin Road: you or sensible point Well, as long as you do not act rashly, we can guarantee the security afterwards will put you to leave. honest points to wait Xianjie support Second detectors to Li Xuan Recent expect here, Justin does not speak, just head down, follow the Seven Sacred leave together. Suddenly quiet nod, seems to be the 100 engine rock statue handled very agree with, In fact, the four rock statue which capacity in addition to his own UGG Jimmy Choo Mandah, the strongest is the one hundred engines out, of course, the relationship is also the best. Exploration hand Ao gods chisel thrown God the chisel instant swollen, the formation of a black giant bird, surge of Senhan air-conditioning along flooded the space, a lot of repair to humble Trinity people have in the atmosphere playing the chills, the other looking at book club: endless sword install the latest chapter and extremely cold, frozen, broken chisel and a burst of sound Li Xiao, I saw a group of ghost out of body out. Heavy bombers in the top seven trespass tower that comes out of the golden light curtain, golden light curtain instantly covered with a layer of solid ice. The eyes suddenly secluded to release Lengmang, stature flash, turned out to be a swerve to the ice within. Seven trespass the tower golden light suddenly reproduction, as well as the trend of expansion. I saw gold, suddenly quiet stature, light and shadow as it twisted and gradually fade until it disappeared completely. From suddenly quiet hands to golden soared But one moment things, unless suddenly quiet as profound repair or artifact Ao gods chisel of help, nobody can be sure in this very short period of time into the seven-trespass fairy domain into the tower. Trinity, looking at this scene, and send a burst of heartfelt praise sound, even if the rest of the three major rock statue suddenly quiet cultivation is deeply admire. Seven trespass tower, wind southern skies have finally gotten around light, this open your eyes, look good novel: I warlords career TXT download. Only to find yourself to an unfamiliar environment, him with vain in the air, surrounded by countless streams wire IPL constantly and fled in front of. Strange mid-air, actually erected one seems to be no end to the bulky pillars, in addition, surrounded by empty, nothing. That column was a translucent glaze color, inscribed numerous bird and insect monsters, each only are wind Nantian unheard of Canada Goose On Sale, never see. That pillars at some distance, will have a groove, groove, from time to time IPL revealing. Wind Nantian natural recognize those the flow wire IPL is a very powerful Faerie ban. Nantian awareness to the wind, this prohibition as long as not to touch it, but it is not going to own launched wind Nantian gingerly through Faerie ban, to Liuli column before, unconsciously carved birds insect monsters are attracted only to feel that one is so lifelike. His body along Liuli column surrounded winds on to penetrate the layer after layer of clouds, wind Nantian suddenly surprised Liuli column higher up the more is getting rough up, and finally actually become a tree. That dark green trunks thick abnormalities, people standing on, as if almost to that of the broad road, the piece leaves are hexagonal, jade, shining brilliantly. That leaves a very large leaf enough to completely block a wind Nantian stature constantly shuttle between the leaves and the trunk, is pretty rare to find a little hide-and-seek fun. He did not know where this is only vaguely guessed a little, his character is to go with the flow, not innate personality, but after the years of practice a little bit of temper out. Do not know how long the wind Nantian suddenly found between the front of the limb of a huge monster, this monster body like a snake, one of the scales was a dark gray, mixed with some spots skull actually has six triangular in shape, has an above like clouds in each skull-shaped purple topped the cluster of purple tentacles, in the submandibular. To see that body it actually wrapped around the trunk for several laps, he will know it's a large, good-looking Fiction: the Huashan cents doors TXT download. The ancestral one thousand beast! has nine second chance, and every rebirth, will bring the power of the great leap. The immediate ancestral one thousand beast has six, purple crown, visible repair for at least tens of thousands of years old. Wind Nantian not bother it intends passing from its side, and who knows what is about to cross the front, the ancestral one thousand beast actually attacked. It just flash stature, had the wind in front of the southern sky, thick long tail mixed with the sound of the wind and thunder to attack the southern sky towards the wind, the wind Nantian really ancestral one thousand beast constantly on the alert to see it transaction side stature Jumping side Hema said: Bin the Skyfire Yan halberd roared flying out of a halberd severely hit in the top of the body of the ancestral one thousand beast life and life branded an imprint. Want to Bin-day fire Yan halberd in this case to the yang fire is now level promotion artifact from top grade cents, itself is a huge leap forward, fired a strike, also mixed with the force of the wind Nantian the Naha strong mieshi Rao the ancestral one thousand beasts practice tens of thousands of years, but also can not resist. Wind Nantian thought the ancestral one thousand beast to wantonly attack, he was not afraid, just looked cold embattled. Who knows that the thing with the big imagination, I saw that the ancestral one thousand beasts giant tail pendulum, a turn snakeheads, stature subsequent burst back turned to get away to go. The wind Nantian look stunned, murmured: up. Wind Nantian follow closely behind, that the ancestral one thousand beast constantly looked back, the idea is afraid of the wind Nantian pursued, just wind Nantian the stature faint smoke, and added a layer stealth ban, a blessing it able to find. Speeding mad cents 9 chapters full text reading, if you like mad fairy 9 chapters Please the favorite mad cents 9 chapter!

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