mainly on the two try

June 10 [Mon], 2013, 15:50
The 847th chapter, the shallow depth of water! Back in the car, Yang Zixuan let Song Jingcong come over to talk, Li Yidong was conscious sat in the co-pilot seat, Song Jingcong sat down in the back and Yang Zixuan. This chapter by netizens to provide you with updates its ng]t straight back, with his hands on his knees, Song Jingcong in front of Yang Zixuan sit square. Yang Zixuan m ō m ō pocket, Song Jingcong knows from K ù pocket inside out lighter, Yang Zixuan lit a cigarette, and open a window into how many "the scale of the township enterprises? Do you know. Yang Zixuan holding a cigarette fingers, take on the window, leaned back against the seat, looking out of the window. "If I'm not mistaken, a few days ago Statistics Bureau there to pass data is home to more than 340" "output value has dozens of billion, we in Guangling last year's GDP was much ah, but also tens of billions of" "yes, the mayor,Coach Bags Sale, the township enterprises in the economic structure of our city, there are a very important component, it should be said that this is the Song Jingcong phenomenon" South Sioux City the most respectful said. "So ah, town enterprise is our South Sioux special s è, now most of South Sioux City Economic was township enterprises drag, even the city of Suzhou Suzhou is no exception, the first half of this year economic growth point, two, a Suzhou Industrial Park, another foreign investment, mainly on the two try, on the problem of township enterprises, their leadership, now also didn't find a recipe, the former halo dazzling township enterprises,Nike Jordan After Game Sale, pillar is no longer a pillar." "I let politics grind room ready to Suzhou, Liangxi these two bellwether city investigation, see them what measures can pull the declining situation" song Jingcong aware of Yang Zixuan seems to be everywhere "with Guangling and Suzhou" this province economy "hot" for comparison, then the mind. As the Secretary-General, perceived leadership intention, or basic skills. "No, no, this need not." Yang Zixuan shook his head, "Suzhou now own township enterprises is also a mess, not packed, mostly to the unfinished, politics grind room comrade to, to learn what? Stick closely to the pattern given back? He moved back to work?" "Our problem, or should we think of ways to solve" Yang Zixuan sighed, "can not always thinking about learning from the experience of others, best can create their own advanced experience, let others learn. Now the victims of township enterprises throughout the South Sudanese piece, who could face disaster in the universal x ì ng, put forward some construction x ì ng scheme, a bright spot "is a great achievement in the system, the problem,Outlet Oakley Monster Dog, is a not evasive problem. In the front of your problem, proposed the building of X ì ng views, or make very useful exploration, is the achievement of bonus Yang Zixuan understand your strengths and weaknesses. In the first half of the year, he and Chen Zhiwen, sing in chorus with in the city and provincial, province, joint clean-up wantonly enclosure "useless Development Zone", has offended a number of South Sioux native faction cadres in the port problem, he and the Beijing leadership, with Ji ā o front sharp, more than that he and South Sioux native faction cadres, form >
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