So you can sleep at night when I pretend to be

September 27 [Fri], 2013, 17:49
watching the clock ticking one after another across the whole point, the window of dyed black night sky, the moon came out, the wind should be sleepin! Dear! Do you remember a little fool is still waiting for you, waiting for you to come home? ! Staring at the TV, but do not see put some what, because my heart has run it by your side! what classes a day, leisure time I like Pidianpidian stick to you, they want you to say the words to coax me happy. Angry, naughty, do not eat, do not take medicine sick, distressed whining I hear you simple-minded, whirring her mouth and his heart is also delighted. love you! Fell in love with you! Fall in love with you! Out of my sight one minute will not be! Want to accompany you every day in my right hand, within twenty-four hours are guarding this phase the hard-forever! And overbearing in your heart all full write mbt schuhe damen my name, covered with soot in fuel Youyanjiangcu siege, do you never generals! leave every second of your time, all my worries and carrying a ray hit you over and over gentle on the phone; dear where are you? And with whom ah? What to do ah? Enough to wear it? Eat it? ! , Hee hee! Here are some ramble greetings, presumably will invite your colleagues envious eyes but blood, said:; This kid really lucky, someone governing ah!like barefoot, pit trot in you and me; kennel, wipe desk sets, ironing your clothes, then cook a delicious meal waiting for you to come home, not someone said to stay live in a man's heart must first keep a man's stomach do? Hey! I want you to hold anything outside of food, commuting time is up, you have to give me obediently go home and sit in the dinner table, fill a mouthful of food, even frowning,

but also put up big thumb toward my son Kwame! I know you love me, so I want your eyes All rights reserved. In what way does not fall outside the home red flags fluttering in my work here, I have a cell phone on the bulk of color photographs, that was my special seat, no shake. To wear a wedding ring on the ring, proclaim you to an exclusive beauty you all, see wildflowers as weeds, with your love rain, my family spent a watering only. a dedication affection two hearts Xiangxi. Your QQ I can, the password should be 5,201,314, it is a must drop. When you encounter a work ring true or what's the truth, you should not talk against the virtual network, both in life I love you, but also want to be your friend, willing to do your; waste baskets, with All my gentle, covered with thick temperature, warm your three thousand cool. Then, hide my tigers to be an affectionate little cat, Yin smiled against those flashing avatar Pink, like an angel watching over you. I also put on all my every bit softly melting filled in your body every cell, mbt sawa damen you always want to think of me and remembered me! In my vexatious when I want you to cajole, but also sweet and greasy call me baby. So you can sleep at night when I pretend to be, in my ear gently say:; wife! wan an! , Then laughing, were you crowd in his arms, like a spoiled little woman in general! there ah! Like in every day to wake up in the morning, open your eyes you will see lying beside me, than I am not allowed to get up early, so that adequate sleep can give you plenty of energy to love me. Then, in every second of every day, I will use to give you all the love and tenderness, Mixing together mud build high walls, guard your heart in this prison, the sentence is, ,,, life! Denied bail!
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