Even if a person is also occasionally go swimming quietly to the reservoir

September 29 [Sun], 2013, 18:46
Liwen Wang daughter grow up, rarely go to the county's Cen Mountain Reservoir swim, are not willing even to mention filed. 1996 and 1997, my daughter and I often play into the reservoir, at that time, only four or five years old, she is up to lying on the cement steps forced to fetch water, could not swim. Because her daughter is very conscious, not their own adventure, I often put her in the water, just keep swim out a twenty meters away. Really makes; knows nothing doubts nothing, to 1998, the daughter playing in the water have been satisfied, and insisted I can not teach her to swim. I said:; You are still very small, over two years to teach you. Daughter:; Dad, we have to wait two years, ah, other children younger than I would swim ah. I thought she Renxiaoguitai lie it, but when I followed the direction of her finger looked really have a five-year-old child in swimming, swim very well. But that was a boy, I said:; it was a boy, of course, be bolder. Daughter:; dad, boy how the? Boys and girls are not the same thing? Young age, can say so, I really do not know how to answer. another thirty-four days I promised to teach her to swim, but she was muttering to mouth pursed very high, look annoyed. I was such a baby daughter, Jia Buzhu her protest was taught her to learn how to swim. first three mbt sandalen herren days, my daughter can only try on the shore, I use both hands daughter, thump thump beat the water, they will not own tour. It took another two weeks, the daughter of the great interest in learning to swim every day pestering me to go early to the reservoir, which two weeks her progress is not small, has been able to let go swimming in twelve seconds time. Twelve seconds for adults and perhaps not worth mentioning, but for her, the ability to fly is nothing to get started. ;

Thousand miles begins with a single step, her daughter learn to swim that day, happy enough, dinner, take the initiative to hold a good supper for me, gave me a cup after dinner herbal tea, hot summer, my daughter could be so naive, it really is unprecedented thing. and after a month of training, daughter swimming technique is getting better. Three years later, that is, her daughter nine years old, when this; nine pounds girl (nine pounds at birth) could have crossed the reservoir, and that but for some eighty meters distance ah. Just three years ago, she could not even eight meters swim. daughter fifteen years ago, every year we will go with me to the reservoir to swim, but the age of sixteen, she next higher, and she no longer refuse and I went swimming. Even if a person is also occasionally go swimming quietly to the reservoir. and daughter classmate many girls would ask her to teach them to swim, but the daughter of fear of responsibility, never dare to promise, just give up and go with her students demonstrate the reservoir. Daughter big, things still indecisive. She already is not that fearless child. Remember old daughter, and often took the bus to go to school, and once knew her bus conductor insisted she took bus pass to see. Daughter think this is deliberately make life difficult for her, mbt fanaka schuhe he said:; If I pass out, you apologize to me, right? ! Although some words too tough, it is not pleasant to the ear, but from an eight year old child's mouth, people have to admire her courage. 2010, the daughter to college, university start, meaning daughter and swimming farewell. I often say:; once you do not swim, why did you want to learn how to swim so dedicated to it? Daughter:; though not swim, but learned how to swim is still very good, maybe any unforeseen circumstances arise, I can save it! daughter's words may be right.
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