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leaving on the jet plane. 

2006年12月10日(日) 23時07分
i'll try to get my husband to show u ard. bt u knw la. he recently release his new album so he's alittle busy so i hope ur husband will do a better job as ur tour guide. hahaha.. LOVE! oh ya, tell mrs chua to enjoy herself too! haha.

my dad's flying tmr oso. i hope tt he too will have a safe trip and tt things will go smoothly for him and his work partners!

recent happenings. 

2006年12月10日(日) 11時47分
[Countdown: 32 days to yx's & jane's 19th bday! ]

its been months since all e 5 of us met up. so the slpovr was beyond GREAT! e girls had jap drama marathon at night, while e guys xbox & watch vcds. first night, aft hours since they arrived, we dialled in MAC. den the next morn, we had delicious PRATA and then sun morn, we had MAC again. haha. FAT FATs, we are! other part of the days, we're either in town or we're slacking & playing board games(CLUEDO!) in the attic. e attic is our sanctuary. we play comp, xbox, watch vcds, sleep, eat, shit, bathe & so on.

life's gd w u guys ard. ((:

so quick! yx & candy when are u girls coming ovr for a slpovr?!

the childcare tt jane's working at called me and asked me to work for a week. i was dumb enuff nt to question hw much the pay will be and all. cuz i'm seriously underpaid! and they still wna engage me for another week. lucky i'm nt tt stupid. and my partner is a big fucker! she alright as a person bt she keep asking me to do this, do that, while she sits on her big fat ass. RAH!

bt one thing that made me feel better is seriously THE CHILDREN! they're so innocent, so pure, so lovable. though i only worked for a week, i still feel v attached to them. they always come to me when they get in a fight and they always like to sit on my lap while watching tv. on my last day, i asked them to give me kiss kiss on my cheek. and they gladly do so. u shud see their facial expression. it is those type tt will melt ur heart instantly. awwww.. i wna cuddle them day and night! haha.

bt i accidentally slipped tt i was leaving early, cuz i took half day leave to meet e guys. den there's this girl who said this, which made my heart ache like siao & i cried alittle....

R: why u going home early?
S: oh. i go home for a while only...
R: oh.... u go home tk something only right? u'll come back v fast one right? like when we wake up liao den we'll be back alr right? (cuz i'll leave when they're taking their afternoon nap)
S: (all i can do is) ya! tt's right. so you'll all go slp first, later i'll see u all again.

its like i'm lying to them. then i had e other kindergarden class to tk ovr when the younger ones are slpg. and in tt class, there's a girl who cling onto me like 24/7 and on tt day there's a guy crying and saying tt he wants to go home alr. then in order to nt leave too late, i lied to them i'm going to the toilet first, den i took my bag and ran out. i can only close e door quietly and watch them do their assigned work. u knw how sad i was or not!!!! i'm lying to them. how wud they feel when they find out tt i left them, tt i abandon them. tt's why my mum say childcare kids v poor thing. whenevr they feel attached to smth, they're being taken away frm them. jst like when their parents send them there or when the teachers leave one by one. if they pay me higher, i wud continue working. i rly wud.

( click on the photo to view e album! (: )

and the next thing tt make me happy while working is tt i can go to work w jane evry morn. and we'll fangirl and enjoy each other's company! ((:

this whole experience inspire me to open my own childcare with my friends & fam! haha. and we'll all be working tgt under one roof. :D

YI XIAN : admin
LADDER 49 : admin (work tgt w yx 24/7! hahah.)
JANE : can continue teaching pri students, teach PE!
ELI : art teacher
SENG : in charge of hygiene - brush teeth, eat properly..
CANDY : nurse @ sickbay, teach first aid
LI YING : singing teacher
SHARON: dinner lady
YANG : english teacher, teach hw to speak proper english!
JUNdi & JIAdi : music teachers
HUIdi : in charge of excursions & outdoor activites.

and i'll do the same job tt i do in e childcare. (nw i knw why jane always play w icons! haha) hahaha. its all for fun, joy & laughter.

frm the H to the A to the P to the P to the Y. 

2006年12月01日(金) 12時18分
summary of what i've been doing since As:
bake. pretty's house. w pp. microwave. hair. cut. hui & yang. hui. mohawk. put. project. help. breakfast. IKEA! meatball. IKEA! frames. i want. posters! :D shopping. orchard. espirit. nice sunglasses. sj pd. sharon&i. walk. gf talk. (: evening jogwalk. bishan park. yx&jane. summary backstage. hilarious. dorkable! car crash. helicopter. nakamaru. kajiao. yx&jane. study. library. child section. photos. movie. ahdoi&jf. tenacious d in pod. fuckshit. waste $. iinsult intelligence. vulgar. piece of shit! midnight/early morning. call. talk. yx. (: hearts. midnight. online. L. secrets. movie. ahdoi. mo gong. fantastic! nice! and evryday w/out fail, i'll fangirl and do housework. i like~

whenevr i'm doing housework, i'll feel that i'm one step closer to becoming a good housewife or wife. and to be exact, a good RYO's wife! hohoho~!

i went to the childcare whr jane's working for interview ytd. bt they say there's no more vacancies except for teaching tuition. so sucky la! i wna work w jane one lor! i was so heartbroken. and to ease my aching heart, i decided to rent a few dramas & vcds. hahaha!

& so, pikame's currently in the house!

meeting seng & candy for dinner tonight. & cousins are sleeping over aft tt.
yayness for both!

always on the go. 

2006年12月01日(金) 12時03分
jane intro yaplog to me. so nice of her! :)) and since my elle jay is pretty much hogged by the JE obsessive me, i shall give the personal me a new plc to rant.

i haven been using tagboard or cbox n so on it is for ages alr. so i'm more used to haloscan type of thing. and since this is in jap, i'm gna teach you guys how to tag here. so its easier for my loves to spread the SHING love in here! haha. i know you guys wud be smart enuff to guess and feel their way about bt this wud save u guys quite a fair bit of trouble.

so tag away pple! play with the lovely icons ya?
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