then find some old man come back

June 13 [Thu], 2013, 11:34
[ticket "sound snow elder sister!! Snow sound. I, I "" well, Shu Wen, a thing of the past is the past,Oakley Garage Rock, who will not make mistakes, you now know all the mistakes is a price to pay." "Snow sound elder sister, sorry." "Well, I have to say, things in the past, and now I find you have something to ask your opinion, I would like to set up a studio, but, I'm not easy to, would you help me?" "Snow sound elder sister, of course I will, as long as you believe in me." "Trust can not rely on the mouth, ha ha, now that you are willing to, then find some old man come back, heard the anger people there are almost gone." "Well,Oakley Deviation Sunglasses, are scattered." "In the past two, four people can be used, but I said before, I hope everyone can learn." "Well, I know." "to contact, we touch tomorrow." Hung up the phone, Li Xueyin eyes looked out of the window, the window ch ū n sunny, out of the game, people have some trance, there is snow and ice everywhere in the winter season, here is the birds' twitter and fragrance of flowers, there is a reign of terror, however, is there life more interesting. But, Fang Zhiwen suddenly sent over, let her have a look can be re-established studio, and appoint a magistrate position for the studio, Li Xueyin understand, Fang Zhiwen this is to split the grassland, mainly time waits for no man, have a look the action Gongsun Zan knew, delay,Oakley Sunglasses Radar Cheap, appear more uncontrolled forces, will the grassland and so, not by our own layout, this is Fang Zhiwen's plan. Li Xueyin is the main scruples, the studio who after obtaining a pie so big, will never again be interest in the m é ng the heart, make something I cherish a deep-seated hatred for something, because she in the Fang Zhiwen side has been very busy, so I didn't care and that operation. Perhaps, should go to the White House, that hides in the home to keep fat asshole to the beat, not because of a asshole man to unable to get up after a fall. In fact, the idea of Fang Zhiwen Li Xueyin was able to guess, even if these people again betrayal, Fang Zhiwen won't care, because Fang Zhiwen anyway is to split the grassland forces, land sold alike, relatively speaking, or the studio set up its own can hear words longer, that even Fang Zhiwen earned. "I think,... You may have been a smokescreen to Fang Zhiwen m í Hu ò, but he lacked most definitely not the talent, but the population! Shangdi steppe wide person is rare situation, not because of Fang Zhiwen prefectural city success can change, so, Fang Zhiwen out of this condition, is in fact the attraction comes from the central population! I believe, be chop hit is absolutely not we, there must be other game player and indigenous forces, I see Zhen Jia is very likely to get a magistrate." "Hiss! So that is what it is. Oh, sly!" "This guy is not let a person worry ah! I always suspect it is the spokesman of zhinao." "Promised him, the world will be no turning back, the world will be different from the other guilds, reputation for the world is too heavy.
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