but then his eyes reveals a a hint

September 13 [Fri], 2013, 17:59
Lu Yi Xiang found this place really good ...... snacks taste great together Ye Zetao taste , eat Ye Zetao praised . "How , I say good right here ? " Lu Yi Xiang smiling asked. "Yes, yes , I really have not found such a good place to be after there has been a place to eat ! " Ye Zetao seemed very happy. Lu Yi Xian said: " This young girl is like looking for a place to eat , leaves county every day more entertainment , where there is time to such a place ." Ye Zetao said: " it is not true, in fact, ah , I like this very have fun places, a person sitting inside such a small restaurant to eat this and do not have much money huā snacks , that is a joy to do . " two women are looking to the Ye Zetao , this statement caused by Ye Zetao a thoughtful , Lu Yi Xiang seemed happy , laughing: " Ye brother told me to think exactly the same, we do not plan anything, just figure this kind of warmth ." Lu Yi Xian did not speak, but then his eyes reveals a a hint of resentment . Ye Zetao woman did not see the two situations , finished the meal , rubbed his mouth and said : "This is a place to eat enough to eat ! " Just finish the sentence , including the phone rang, Ye Zetao pick up the phone a look , I saw turned out to be Ouyang changyang the phone. Ouyang changyang see a call when Ye Zetao surprised a moment , and soon, he was connected to the phone . "Ouyang minister , I was Ye Zetao ." MingMian Ye Zetao still showed respect. "Ze Tao ah , back to seagrass no ? " "I'm still the city , go back tomorrow ." "Well, we are now in the water Patio , come sit with you ? " Today some unusual , Ouyang changyang discourse manifested a polite. Ye Zetao hear it , Ouyang changyang tone reveals a warm flavor. Ouyang Lin Chang Yang and Sun together today is not it ? How suddenly he 's met with yourself ? After all, the Lord is the municipal propaganda department , he called his past do not, then a bit justified. Ye Zetao hesitated a moment , or said: " OK , I'll come ." With that, Ye Zetao two women looked embarrassed and said: " Party leadership called me a trip ! " Lu Yi Xian Road, it is understandable : "Ye county , you go, you are going to be called leadership attention ." Ye Zetao smiled attention do not pay attention to him to be indifferent . Lu Yi Xiang busy in the past to help Ye Zetao handed Ye Zetao took their clothes , and said: "Ye brother to Li sure to contact me yo ." Ye Zetao a slight chuckle : "That is for sure, there is beauty guide eating thing ! " Everyone laughed. Leave the two women, Ye Zetao changyang toward Ouyang said the place that is called the water Patio rush . Sitting in a taxi , the Ye Zetao just thinking about the intention of Ouyang changyang themselves called to this , it will inevitably touch together with Sun Lin himself when the how to deal with it ? Ye Zetao suddenly finding themselves do not quite understand some ideas for Sun Xiang , this Sun Xiangjun in the end what kind of huā playing trick ? Patio Water is an ancient building in the water sè ancient incense casino , which the consumer is very high. Ye Zetao arrived , they saw Municipal Propaganda Department director of public long wait in there. "Ye County , Ouyang ministers have been waiting in the inside, office parties Dazhong shaking hands with Ye Zetao said ." What are some people ? " Ye Zetao casually asked. Fang Dazhong smile:" Ye County go to know. " Do not see each other lù lipped situation Ye Zetao he read a square sized , it seems that this kid is invested in one of Ouyang Changyang . Saw Ye Zetao look over the eyes, the eyes large and medium side dodge a bit. Though he is the municipal propaganda Department of the office, or have faced some pressure when Ye Zetao who do not know Ye Zetao powerful Sun Xiangjun son he did not know why this time wanted to see Ye Zetao . leading the way to the door , the party vector Nakamichi : "Ye county in please . "Put Ye Zetao inside a delivery, Fang Dazhong quickly leave. Saw Fang Dazhong eager to leave the way, Ye Zetao is the smile they have so terrible ? Waitress to open the door , Ye Zetao Ouyang changyang see , there are only two people to sit and Sun Lin on the inside . " Ouyang minister I did not come late , right ? "There are a lot of times , people are so helpless , often with their most do not want to sit together with their people eat, the bureaucracy even more so today the situation is such a portrayal , which the two people are not Ye Zetao want to eat with them , now no way, can only go in and sit with them to eat this meal. hear Ye Zetao greeting sound of two people talking all being raised his head , Sun Lin 's eyes inside the first flicker a bit, revealing a hint of murderous, quickly put this look faded . Ouyang changyang is different , his face is entirely a warm smile. stood up from his chair , laughing Ouyang changyang forward to Ye Zetao said: " thought you back Caohai of it ! " " Just in front of the alley in the municipal ate some snacks, just received a minister 's phone . , Sun Lin then stood up , holding on to reach Ye Zetao said: "Ye County , we meet again ." Discovery Sun Lin , took the hand grip over, Ye Zetao mind a moment , feeling more and more strange things today the . After all, the other party is active with their hands , Ye Zetao also a magnanimous man , his face smile , and held out his hand to go with Sun Lin 's hand in together . "Lin less recent trip to Tehran city is something ? " Ye Zetao asked one . Sun Lin 's face with a chuckle: " Upon my honor leaf magistrate said , this time I came to Tehran City , originally thought of seagrass County to go, my father said that the county has been on the leaves too much misunderstanding , call me magistrate came to apologize to the leaves . " Ye Zetao extremely surprised mind , how he did not expect such a result , Sun Lin recent trip to Tehran city turned out to be this purpose, specially come to their own apology ! Really the sun from the west ! Sun Lin Ye Zetao holding hands on some stiff . However, Ye Zetao soon wake up , haha ​​a chuckle: "In fact , many things really are caused by misunderstanding , with the Sun 〗 〖 book this view in mind , I can rest assured ! " Ouyang changyang smile: " Ze Tao ah , the recent work of your seagrass County I have seen , well done well, municipal intend fully to increase your seagrass county propaganda . " What happened today made ​​out ye Zetao big surprise, he 's really a moment some do not understand , this is what the Sun in the end play ah. While not understand each other's practices , Ye Zetao still showed an understanding of the way, Canada Goose Freestyle Toronto and they happily nose forward . Sun Lin sighed: "Ye County , to be honest , I do things that people often impulsive, heard her brother go, will think that you engage in, and the hearts of an emergency , he said and done a lot of things that hurt you , now think of it , my heart really regret very ah , my father had told me in a harsh criticism , but also to ask you to forgive me is ! "Here , raised a glass of wine on the table , facing Ye Zetao said: "Ye county , my father told me the conduct of serious criticism , asked me to have to go to the city to get your black orchid understanding , this cup of the wine , I suppose I apologize , I did ! " With that, Sun Lin a cup of wine to put down . Ouyang Chang Yang said: " Ze Tao, an Xiaogang people I grew up watching , to say the truth, I heard the things he went after the heart is sad, too jī to do some things , but fortunately did not cause you any harm ! Kobayashi then also my words and I apologize cup . " said Ouyang changyang also Hegan cup of wine . Up two to come up with such a thing, Ye Zetao looked at the two , and sometimes also do not understand between the two is what Canada Goose Chateau Toronto playing out , see Ouyang changyang cup of wine is dry , Ye Zetao busy, said : "I am the young man some lack of experience , there is often such leadership Ouyang Minister provide some , this is my good fortune , must be invited ministers back a lot of guidance and I toast it ! " Seeing Ye Zetao Hegan a cup of wine , Ouyang changyang pleased and said: "1 Kobayashi , I said , Ze Tao, which is a lot of gay people , and never put those little things in mind in the heart ." Sun Lin said: "Ye county , to show our sincerity , this time my father let me come down on that Motor City project , recently because of many things , the project has been little progress , the next step I would urge the parties to accelerate progress . additionally, this time I came to the black Portland , there is a project like Ye long talk with , and that is our group company intends to expand several main city seagrass county road, when you just need to billboards along the street by our group company for three years on the line. " Ye Zetao eyes that light up, this thing has been in the consideration by the enterprises to invest in building streets, streets are lined with advertising facilities as a way to transform enterprise , this matter , Ye Zetao also makes calculation, by Caohai County case , to recover costs , companies need a very long time , Sun Lin has said that as long as three years , this is a profit-sharing behavior of . Sun Xiangjun What the hell ? It pays to fight for their own understanding , and in the end there is what kind of ideas? Ye Zetao looked toward the Sun Lin , think of these things anyway seagrass is a good thing , then smiles: " I'm less seagrass County Welcome to seagrass County to invest ." Sun Lin Ye Zetao looked at his face also lù a smile and said: "Before my heart still disturbed , but now I understand that everyone is talking about , it really is a xiōng leaves county wide pregnant person ah ! later when I went to the seagrass , but also Please leaves a lot of attention is the county . " Ye Zetao said:" seagrass always been welcome interested in helping entrepreneurs seagrass poverty , Lin less able to go when needed most seagrass seagrass County to participate in the development and construction , which is a power in the interest of future generations things, I 'm grateful to the people on behalf of seagrass less ! "The whole atmosphere suddenly became harmonious together . Ye Zetao While joking with two hearts but also how to understand this thought . However, Ye Zetao felt it was just not going to do something at least Sun , his addition of some development time North Face Gloves . ! .
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