have a kind of feeling of rebirth

September 14 [Sat], 2013, 18:38
Welcome later, Ye Zetao other people got notice a few days holiday . Military executives also understand that a degree of relaxation to be able to facilitate their growth , in that death on the battlefield in Somalia back, is to let them relax Ye Zetao time . This thing looks very natural , Ye Zetao is contemplative up. Logically it, everyone has returned , this recognition of what should have been ready to engage in accordance with the regulations on the line Well , how recognition awards did not say a thing , we took leave of it ? Very strange decision to ah ! However, Ye Zetao for such a decision is still happy , in that it really is too nervous Somalia , and everywhere the case to see a hail of bullets , and now all of a sudden back to a safe place , Ye Zetao have a kind of feeling of rebirth . Relax it ! Ye Zetao just leave, Zhengcheng Zhong received a phone call . "Ze Tao, I have people waiting outside the car , you take that car over it ." Zhengcheng Zhong did not think so eager to see their own , Ye Zetao had promised a cry . To say the truth, is that Zhao Nina provoked a wave heart desires , Ye Zetao most want to do is to find his woman relax. However, Zheng Chengzhong since called his past , of course, have to catch up later . Out, Ye Zetao accident and saw that Zhao Nevan , this girl obviously became the center of the crowd , where he chatted with some reporters . A saw Ye Zetao , Zhao Nina smiled welcome over and said: "Ye captain, where to go ? " See this girl trot over the chest and downs , Ye Zetao somewhat scared. Busy, said : "I have something urgent to do . See you next time ." Having Canada Goose Yorkville to leave in a hurry . This is done to see Ye Zetao faction . Zhao Nina lightly stamped his feet, grunted . Gone for a while , and she saw the secretary Zhengcheng Zhong Ying over. Did not say anything, Ye Zetao it got into the car. The car is open to a club like place seemingly . After a few checks , Ye Zetao it appeared in a large tea room . Said tearoom , where everything is much more powerful than that of tea on it. Someone out there playing the piano , more a fresh environment , green plants , flowers , water . Plus some seem high quality , beautiful staff, Ye Zetao for everything here are curious . In the service personnel under the guidance of Ye Zetao one enters here to see outside in addition to Zhengcheng Zhong , Liu Dong stream Huyan Bo proud all sitting here. Did not think it would be a few father here , Ye Zetao some trance . See Ye Zetao come in three eyes are invested in Ye Zetao body. "Dad, you have come ? " Ye Zetao this call are some not so good call , simply look to Liu Dong stream , when interviewed sweep in a circle . Three people did not care Ye Zetao to this title, body recovered from Ye Zetao look after . Liu Dong flow and said: " Sit down ." Ye Zetao This past sat down. " Few of us would like to learn more about your situation in Somalia , after you put the whole talk about ." Zhengcheng Zhong said. Ye Zetao switched rooms to understand some of their ideas. While they are the senior leadership of the central , but the army intervene in the things they are not many places , many armies of things they do not know nothin detailed, come up in the army now own some movement , they need to grasp here from their own first-hand information , resulting in the following operations take the initiative. The original is eager to put this thing called themselves ah ! Ye Zetao also be understood Zhengcheng Zhong call up their own reasons for coming . The Ye Zetao to speak about the details. Three others are important figures gathered together to ask the situation , Ye Zetao did not dare to belittle , put their entire process, including those of foreign special forces overcast conditions are without reservation speak out. If one is standing Ye Zetao side, three father is yes. Three old man that is known Ye Zetao in this outstanding performance in the game , simply do not know the specific circumstances , would have been just wanted to get some of these things from Ye Zetao favorable for the content of the talk now hear Ye Zetao after , for the Ye Zetao these things have happened to a Men's North Face Nuptse Down Clearance sense of shock . While three people have not already refined expression revealed , and then looked at each other , or with, eyes reveals a surprise . It was not generally score ah ! For Ye Zetao spoken these things , three people filled with a fantasy -like feel. "Do you say is true ? " Huyan Bo proud to see the Ye Zetao asked. "No way , in that place is a life and death situation completely , if I do not kill each other , dead is me , say, if they can come up with assassinations , ambushes my thing , I can not know what , right ? " Huyan Ao Bo has nothing to say. Zhengcheng Zhong sighed and said: " I ​​did not expect so many things happened , this is not taken into account that we advance things ah ! " Liu Dong flow is concerned and said: "You do not wounded , right ? " Ye Zetao said: " I'm fine. . " Huyan proud to see the Zhengcheng Zhong Bo said:" this is what the game Well, obviously they want China 's contestants clean sweep, wipe thing ! " Zhengcheng Zhong fearful :" If Ze Tao a mistake, this time to Somalia, he can not come back ! " for this game, few people are more and more convinced scared. Quickly recover from this shock , Zhengcheng Zhong smile: "No wonder the military side of this competition for Ze Tao them things yet conclusive ! " Liu Dong flow laughed and said: "Our country 's army of peace Some long time , how the generals who now have so few medals ? Although it is happening in Somalia , this is not a trivial matter ! " Zhengcheng Zhong said:" Yes , the army generals no medals how to improve we all try to get medals , but , after all, many years without war , and peace would not be easy meritorious , Ze Tao this out out of the credit too , the military had to pay attention ! " Huyan Bo proud smiles: " I said it ! how the incentive to engage in things that still have not come out , So now there are so many insider ah ! " Liu Dong passage : "The army thing better than places , local time is one step of many to come , army as long as there is a special situation, or have flexible space , this Ze Tao suddenly put a satellite so big , I think , ah, the Central Military Commission of those who have some really a headache ! " Zhengcheng Zhong Road to laugh : "I see them most headache is how to treat the problem in Somalia things , some of us always think that foreign things are good, since the Somalia mess up , we also want people involved , but the effect was not so satisfactory to U.S. and British forces have been led by some of the mainstream of Somalia , this is good , and after such a Ze Tao whole , the whole of Somalia into chaos , but it is now more and more people listen to Ze Tao , if they do not give proper treatment to some of Ze Tao , I went to see who can straighten things Somalia ! "Originally, we still worry about Ye Zetao for war is not enough, now , after listening to Ye Zetao the talk , everyone's heart down , not Ye Zetao for war is not enough, but enough , and now who would stand up and say their military medals than Ye Zetao powerful ? The first is a regular game , people Ye Zetao is a continuous two first , beating strong opponents acknowledged ; secondly , people Ye Zetao pit out in Somalia , but the special forces of several countries , do not look like very easy to get rid of these countries so many special forces , those people not weak , into other locations , they are a large number of people are able to get rid of people , before China 's special forces secretly folded in their hands a lot , which is a mention in the army gas thing, Who can say that is not for war , for war is not a big Who can say ? Some people previously defeated the U.S. special forces have blown a long time, now is a batch of Ye Zetao directly kill opponents ; Third , Somalia battlefield is now on China 's military development has been very favorable , do not say anything else , say those blacks listen Ye Zetao then this would have a irreplaceable position , people recognize only leaves black generals, you sent more people , they do not in urine you, do the following by one general Somali people to straighten things ? Three old man now is to look at Ye Zetao how pleasing to the eye , this kid terrible ah , overseas trip back to the military out of so great a problem. Liu Dong runner : "The old Gu and Laoqin there should owe Ze Tao love , and they two of the sons wanted to go into this game a stroke , stroke almost put life are lost , either Ze Tao, they estimated true to never come back ! " Zhengcheng Zhong meditation for a while and said:" their son was arrested before, Womens North Face Down this thing anyway they will not stay in a file, you need to have a person to prove their , such a person has only Ze Tao , so I think they will soon be recruited ! " " to see what kind of benefits they give up ! "Liu Dong stream laughing. Ye Zetao in order to seek help, to give everyone a Breach of things, Ye Zetao prove that they are to enter into good, how kind of good, as long as Ye Zetao proved , they would become something from nothing , and the operation is about , military medals on hand . Huyan Ao Bo frowned: " Oh, this is what ah ! " Zhengcheng Zhong it laughed and said: "Anyway, there is no treason , did not disclose what these things look Ze Tao can still help , help the busy, the next step Ze Tao is also advantageous for the things , in addition, they all have the right to speak of the people, that they support , this time I think you can get a Major General ! " Major ! Ye Zetao some faint , this matter too surprised him , and he simply did not think about it. Liu Dong runner : "The army on that point things to Ze Tao spared this article , and then operate it, especially the use of Somalia things to pressure me, I should have a chance to see ." Listen here to discuss three old man , Ye Zetao there is an unreal feeling, as if they really want to rely on their own to the generals . ( To be continued . )
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