gah strange 

2006年02月11日(土) 3時33分
It's been a long time since I felt this familiar urge to return to documenting my strange dreams. Before I go on about last night's strange dream, I'll just say that its pretty late and after a dreadfully long and disturbing day today, I'll just have to be pardoned if I sound conky somewhere.

Anyways. People involved: Ms Nicole Teo, Mrs Tan, Some strange dude,

You know. I'm such a pig.

I really don't wanna go into details. I'm drained. I'll see you with a strange dream soon (:

Continued 2 

2005年12月27日(火) 17時01分
Sixth part of the dream. We finally threaded through all 3 parts. But I saw my mom return inside to look for Benzley and Ivan and I wanted to look for her. When I went back, the whole place was changed into a temple. It was no longer the scary little place filled with spirits. But the temple was filled with spirits that we couldn't see and if I wanted to enter I must chant something that goes like "Royalty, commoners, prisoners" etc etc. According to social castes or something, paying respect to them. When we're finally done, I was angry and screamed at my mom about how stupid everything was and didn't make sense etc etc.

When we got out, my mom gave hell money to people walking around, including some man on slits and some walking around randomly. But they're all spirits.


2005年12月27日(火) 16時47分
Fourth part of the dream, we were in the car and mom warned us that the place we're going will be filled with spirits and what not and we have to give them hell money, otherwise they will suck our souls. So if we feel something strangling our necks, we have to jerk ourselves suddenly and scream so it'll leave our body.

Fifth part of the dream, we're at the place we're supposed to be going or something. I was threading through the place filled with spirits and because I was scared, very scared... and paranoid, I gave everyone I saw the hell money, including people that apparently aren't spirits. There were 3 parts to the whole place. The first part was very crowded while the second wasn't. The third part was just a strange little place where things are sold. Like shoes, tees, earings and those little knick-knacks. And they are to bought by hell money. And at the third part, I was advised not to approach any of the caucasian spirits because my chinese zodiac, the horse clashes with "yang ren". So we tried to get past all of them as fast as we could, and along the way, I saw some of the people who has gotten their soul sucked. Basically they have a pale soul walking next to them. Ghastly and white... and grey.

Dream to be continued in next post. Kinda long -_-


2005年12月27日(火) 16時40分
This is just scary.

First part of the dream, at Big Splash. Nothing much there except that it wasn't fun. The second part involved just us looking for my mom but she was talking to some man and it was something to do with spirits or something.

Second part of the dream involved a woman on a bed crying. Mom asked what happened and she said "The doctor checked and found out that Giselle (or some name that starts with G) is still in my womb" and it didn't make sense, except that her children around her were actually not hers, but her sisters. But somehow, just somehow, they appeared to be spirits.

Third part of dream. We were having dinner and Beautrice started talking to people beside me including the Giselle. But there wasn't anyone beside me. I just started to cry because I was very scared. I was looking into the large mirror and saw only myself and no one else. Beautrice won't stop insisting that there was someone and for some strange reason I knew it wasn't an imaginary friend, that's why I was so scared. Then dad shouted "My medicine" at a door and someone ran back into the room and dad said that someone was just trying to scare me. But it didn't make sense.

Dream will be continued in next post (no space!)

Scolded & Crime? 

2005年12月26日(月) 23時34分
I've been having strangely vivid dreams, only I can't quite remember them. I kinda try not to remember them anyway. But this stuck on my mind.

The first part of the dream was beyond strange. Ms Shanthi came by to tell my mom how bad a student I have been. That I always sleep in class etc. Which isn't untrue, of course. It was so apparent she disliked me. My mom didn't want to say anything but somehow I knew she hardly cared. Rather, she doesn't really want to care about that. She invited Ms Shanthi to leave but she didn't and just went somewhere and bought A LOT of food back to the house and we just ate and ate while she read newspapers on the sofa in a manner very unlike her. That's strange enough.

Next part of the dream. I was at my maternal grandparents house and I was openly expressing my hatred for them, with reasons seemingly valid only to myself. My mom was thoroughly embarassed and so chose not to talk to me. Then after that we were at some chalet. And some crime happened and some officials went around asking questions and what not. I don't know what happened but there's something to do with an orange-flavoured thing that a cousin ate. Or some keys. I vaguely remember any details. Bizarre, huh!

Last night same girl? 

2005年12月02日(金) 17時00分
Okay weirdness.

Remember the girl I mentioned in the previous post? She appeared again, only as a ghost. I don't know really if it was her, but I'm under the impression that it was. If it wasn't, it would be Eunice Tandiono, an AEPmate and ex-classmate. Eunice appeared in another of my scary dreams I had last year as well. It's just really scary, but I don't know whether it was Eunice, because it seemed to me to be the girl I met in the other dream.

So there was this ghost girl. For some shitass reason I wasn't a tad bit afraid when she was around. She apparitated everywhere, appearing once in a while. Sometimes I can see her, sometimes I cannot, I can only feel her, physically.

Then we were at some place, a school-resort I think, but I can't remember well. The people hired someone to rid of the ghost, not that they know that I can see the ghost girl or anything. I was crying because I thought the ghost will disappear or die (I was close to her, somehow), or something. But she didn't. Because everytime I wanna see her I'll shout hey where are you, raise my hand and she'll hold on to my hand then reappear. It's scary, I get the impression that she's Eunice because I have a feeling her name starts with E, from godknowswhen I started having dreams with her in it. The dream revolved around people trying to kill her and me trying to help her. I was telling her to quit being a ghost (WTF?!) and return to the real world, but she was always apprehensive and not very agreeable. Reluctant, I call that, though I have absolutely no idea why.

She was like a friend, the ghost. Took pictures with us. I vaguely remember her smiling for photographs but when the photographs were developed, the area where the ghost girl was appeared as a white fog, like in Shutter. People were angry that I was forever defending here, standing by the ghost like a friend.

What the hell.

Dreams I had in Taiwan 

2005年12月02日(金) 4時03分
25th November 05
I chanced upon something that told me somethings bad that had happened to this girl I know. I don't remember how she looks like, but she has long hair and I can't recall if she was chinese or caucasian. The whole time, I was under the impression that she was going through a lot and is feeling really down and everything. That was why I went on and decided to accompany her and spend more time with her as a friend, since she's pretty much a "loner" in class. This was what happened, I told her how she could feel better - the same things people always tell you anyway. Feed one negative thought with two positive thoughts, love yourself, take up activities and find a goal for yourself. The one that left the strongest impression was sorta helping her to find a goal for herself.

I had a good time with her. Thing is, I don't know this girl in real life. I know her in my dreams. I've seen her before in other dreams prior to this "continuation". The way I speak to her and all seemed no less foreign, it's much like the way I'd speak to Samantha. It scares me that I've seen her before. But the whole thing progressed and she became someone I confide in.

I don't know what happened in between, or maybe I just can't remember but Mrs Nicholas caught us, the girl and I. Caught us for some reason, like we were mental patients and I was guilty for causing the girl to be crazy or something. She was monitoring me very closely and I was crying hysterically and angrily. When I finally could not take it anymore, I started to slit my wrists, my arms and my legs. Then I proceeded to burn myself. So everything was gory and there I was crying in front of a teacher. What the hell was going on?!

I woke up the next morning anyway (real morning) and my mom told me that I was breathing very heavily while in sleep the night before and I gave a shudder. I did breath very heavily in the dream. It scares me...
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