but are also recognized the peak

June 01 [Sat], 2013, 11:54
Perhaps, before the peak because of deliberate campaign club, has a lot of fame, but did not become the mainland well-known rare genius. However, after this time, the ninety-nine layer nature stepped things, soon peak volume name will be all the size of power awareness, forcing caccaro, barut, really stood above the position, a genius. At the moment of peak natural won't consider these, standing on top of the sixty-six layer nature ladder, peak s è is face a red,air jordan store, all are faint trembling, seems to bear the weight of unimaginable horror, is a fiery eyes staring at the sixty-seventh layer made of ladder. "His soul pressure, even if I was off the change enhanced by more than ten times spirit willpower, unexpectedly also faint signs of crumbling. Look, this step can not stay long, must further, to look at the last thirty-three step is the test of what nature!" Heavy breathing a sigh of relief, the peak to make their mind to a state of peace, he is not hesitate again a step. Thunder! As the peak of this step, all the people, even in the face of guardian adults are tightly locked eyes over, so look forward to. They are aware of the thirty-three layer is the test of physical ability to resist, the thirty-three layer is the soul of pressure test, as the last of thirty-three layer, but they don't know. Today, the peak is to set foot on the sixty-seventh layer nature ladder, can not help but make people in a fiery eyes. "The ninety-nine nature step but one St. peak strong memorial ceremony high-handed Hallows, even I, are not eligible to really drive, I was very curious about it the last thirty-three steps will be what kind of attack!" The old woman muttered,oakley sunglasses online, turbid eyes blinking J ī ng mount. Not only is she a person's thoughts, represents nearly all of the idea. As for the shock, they had completely numb has completely forgotten. Rush to set foot on sixty-six layers of nature ladder, is simply a shock the common customs, although the soul of willpower and his off the change, but also a reflection of his strength. Only in this respect, he was completely suppressed Carlo. Even at this moment, a genius level peak is directly over caccaro, become the true sense of the young generation of the first genius. "Hum! Should be the soul of willpower coincidental violent incomparable, as for actual combat, I still have absolute confidence in defeating him!" Feel all the fiery eyes, caccaro heart inexplicable ascend the anger and envy. As for the presence of the people, the feeling in the heart is not the same, but are also recognized the peak from the bottom of my heart the peerless genius. "O, never thought you had five mottle waste spirit root, now is many genius in Jiao Chu,Air Jordan Outlet, a genius, even I will wait. Ha ha ha "Gao BA at the moment is the mood, excited. Swish! To adjust to their own state, the peak suddenly is again one step, stand on the sixty-seventh steps. Seeing the peak on the sixty-seventh steps above, below.
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