Summarized from competition style

January 11 [Fri], 2013, 11:09
Summarized from competition style, attacking and defending to the last minute, to Anthony and Garnett (microblogging) conflict, and then to slowly increase in playing time, little responsive to all kinds of problems after the game, in addition to the responsive answer, also tried to defuse and divert that night Anthony's performance "denunciation". "I do not know the specific circumstances," on the conflict that angered Anthony, xiaosi said, "Let us focus on the basketball itself. We cheap nike free trainer 5.0 must turn our attention to stay on the field, and ensure that every night a good play. Boston certainly will play so aggressive all the time, and we must face it. "On like small Republika own said, Celtic night of confrontation called melee, Garnett kept to and Anthony spell body, both even in no ball Shi on began entanglement, and pushed, various mannerisms full with Shang; Chandler is suffered each other young Center salinjie of fierce impact, xiaosi while also no recovery to hundred points hundred, can inputs competition zhihou, also repeatedly in ext high leaping Rob rebounds, and impact basket.

King Hubert saiqi last year not to renew their contracts at the time of Evans. As rookie Evans, King did not renew his meaning. They didn't even offer to Evans. As a result, Evans will become restricted free nike free run sale this summer. He can talk to any other teams sign up. Kings can match the contract. Evans, dissatisfied with the King of hearts, especially after his left knee injury. In the match against wolves before Evans, and Kirilenko collided, resulting in the left knee bruise. After initial experience, he has no injury to the bone. But the knee has been swollen, Evans also feel the pain. King had no plans for further treatment at this time, driven to get Lakers doctor Steve Evans Roma bar.

Delfino for revenge will, for a moment back to the breakthrough red basket manufacturing Smith foul, but Delfino and fell to the ground, facial expression suggests that he was rough. WaSP apparently embargo impact line of Tag Heuer, Tag Heuer broke basket are twin block, since then there have been 24 seconds to the rear when poor release. John a Vasquez singled in the first section that is 6 ' 5 assists Howe created fouls, John a Vasquez look chic, Hao some worry at the referee to explain "is hitting the ball." Marcia gay harden back broke into the basket after the ball, then using sudden vacancy Trey Howard Johnson hit, rocket 32-29 to become leader. Harden rush basket too worthy experience, before the ball even before adjustment that is near the Middle red, solid protection action for transfer to other use both hands to hold the ball, even encountering intercept can manufacture opponent fouls. But on the field the ever-changing, harden continued the ball weaved, wasps Center-Robin Lopez is placed against, opponent tonnage, physical contact harden slightly foul taishou push action is judged. Harden threw motioned that penalties cannot be understood.
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