Chinese bio-pharmaceutical business to get involved in the Mainland Eye Hospital

July 28 [Mon], 2014, 11:39

China announced biopharmaceutical company, today entered into a share transfer agreement with Pacific Medical career and ExcelsiorHealthcare, whereby Pacific Medical utilities and Excelsior Healthcare has conditionally agreed to a versace sunglasses cheap total consideration of 82.5 million yuan, the company sold its holdings to 55% of Hong Kong investment in the Pacific fraternity equity.

Hong Kong Pacific fraternity fraternity brands primarily through investment in the provision of medical services in China in Beijing, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, Linyi, Shandong and Henan Zhengzhou and other places cheap sunglasses a number of cities, currently operates five eye hospitals, five optician optometric low vision center and a youth Prevention Center .

The reason for the acquisition of the company represents, is the Group is principally engaged in research, development, production and sale of a variety of human health and the promotion of modernized Chinese medicines and chemicals. It intends to continue to actively develop around the eye hospital in China, and through wholesale fashion sunglasses cooperation with the shareholders, to explore opportunities for strategic investments and acquisition targets appropriate to enhance fraternity brand in optometry and ophthalmic markets.

Milan Mi blue glasses global fashion season GUCCI brand special place

July 28 [Mon], 2014, 11:37

The MILANNO VIP salon, not only Taiwan's famous stylist Xie Lijun invited guests do modeling teacher to explain, more ladies and gentlemen, prepare a healthy vegetarian menus. From the basic necessities of life important to publicize versace sunglasses cheap the MILANNO loved contemporary women, advocates fine living brand proposition, combined with the flagship brand GUCCI, to promote the brand spirit!

First, from a healthy dinner activities begin, the organizers specially selected vegetarian regimen for women winter packages, exquisite taste and a good environment for all the guests praise! 19:00, all the guests came to the main wholesale fashion sunglasses venue of events, there MILANNO brand introduced the brand managers, and on-site guests to interact, share ideas and showcase brand management brand achievements and determination MILANNO exclusive design services for women still won the unanimous endorsement of all the guests! with the introduction of the moderator, Xie Lijun teacher the appearance was ushered venue all applause and screams! thank the teachers with their professional and humorous way, to live all winter guests do women pay attention to the image of the point, from hairstyles to makeup, from shawls to underwear, from backpacks to shoes, almost all involved in the lives of 2014 NEW STYLE OAKLEY Sunglasses women in the image are all explained in place, and the selection of the most suitable site for the guests glasses! guests after their lessons, familiar with their characteristics, and indeed in the event selection to their favorite glasses! activities Finally, MILANNO glasses still extract the lucky guests, giving out CUCCI watch / sunglasses and perfume!

Activities near the end in a pleasant atmosphere, in the future, MILANNO 米兰米 blue glasses will continue to prepare a variety of brand cheap Oakley Sunglasses activities for contemporary women to create their own Milan with life!

Yuexiu District Council held a fitting glasses metering management conference

July 28 [Mon], 2014, 11:36

Yuexiu District Council held a fitting glasses metering management work conference. Recently, the Council took the lead in the eyewear industry wholesale fashion sunglasses has made measurement assurance system confirmation.

As the optical industry gathering, Yuexiu District fitting glasses and a huge number of employees. Yuexiu District Bureau of Quality Assurance versace sunglasses cheap System and vigorously promote the construction of metering glasses enterprises, enhance enterprise management awareness and measurement capabilities to ensure measurement accuracy fitting glasses. First Publicizing education. Work Conference held companies, the importance of fitting measurement assurance system to improve the quality of publicity and education, to enable enterprises to establish a clear assurance system to enhance the brand awareness of benefits. The second is to develop the system. RC refer to the relevant data and technical institutions to tailor a set for the optical industry for enterprise system files, making the system more standardized reasonable wholesale fashion sunglasses construction industry. The third is to promote the industry. Promote management practices, personnel quality and high-profile corporate reporting measurement assurance system. Currently, the jurisdiction Kang Huaqing, Oriental, Ming Gallery, etc. 3 glasses measurement assurance system has been made to confirm.

Hitomi Heart Children's Eye Health Eye Relief and Children charity regulators start

July 28 [Mon], 2014, 11:35

Tianjin Ninghe 19 families of children with eye problems in life came to Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital and Children squint eye treatment center, received a free eye examination and treatment. Since then, Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital medical and "National 360 health monitoring system implementation units" with action cheap sunglasses wholesale china announced: "Heart of pupil aid, eye health Changming - Hitomi Heart Children's Eye Health and Children eye regulatory relief," the official charity start up.

"Assisting pupil heart, eye health Changming - Hitomi Heart Children's Eye Health and Children eye regulatory relief" charity event was organized by the Tianjin Medical University Eye Hospital, through the hospital, "Children's eye pupil Heart Fund" for the solitary households, five enjoy the minimum living difficult lives of children and wholesale ray ban sunglasses free shipping personnel to carry out free treatment and disabled children in school for the academic achievers free to carry out including inspection, tracking, early warning, online inquiries, referrals and other services for green large public events.

Children's glasses flagship thin and light gimmicks and no special effects on vision

July 28 [Mon], 2014, 11:32

Many "small glasses" began to get together for glasses, glasses city also ushered in major sales season. Ultra-light, ultra-thin high-selling popular glasses 2014 children's glasses became a business gimmick, as long as the children glasses, many businesses choose to sell expensive, discounts also "shrink."

Reporters visited several stores and found that almost every business will recommend to the parents of your child, but many parents are "caught." "You best selection of ultra-light frame, do not pressure the nose, the ears are not pressed." Glasses in a store, a salesperson is to give children glasses, they recommend starting cheap louis vuitton sunglasses ultralight frame, and pulled out from the counter five or six frames, and these frames are priced at 800 to 1,000 yuan.

"Kids do not have it so expensive." Reporter, said the side. A salesman, has come up with one or two hundred frames price comparison: "The more kids, the more you want with a good, if cheaper to children with a general, wearing uncomfortable degree will darken. "Recommended finished frames, salesman and recommendations wholesale fashion sunglasses from the lens:" lens is the most critical, you want the eye is good, too good with a thin lens "salesman pointing priced at more than $ 880 lens said.

Meanwhile, the reporter visited six shops found that even a discount, to adults and children with discount efforts are poor too far. The same brand, adults 2 to 7 fold, children are at 8-8.5 fold. Merchant also said: "Give the child with glasses, you can not feel bad money."

Engaged in the business more than ten years of glasses Zhang told reporters, many businesses use glasses parents cherish the child's psychological, but many features are unnecessary and do not "superstition" thin and light glasses. Currently ultrathin lens material with PC lenses mainly about one-third lighter than cheap Oakley Sunglasses ordinary resin lenses, resisting ability is strong. However, this effect lenses and other ophthalmic lenses, like the vision and no special effects, but also not very different from other glasses feel.

Patriot games for Argentinian heroes

July 15 [Tue], 2014, 16:44
For Argentina fans, the sight of their team celebrating qualifying for the Final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ must have been incredibly moving. Yet via a closer look even greater significance can be found, with 9 July’s dramatic 2014 World Cup Jerseys semi-final win over the Netherlands taking place 198 years to the day after Argentina’s declaration of independence. And La Albiceleste certainly played like a side with a common cause, battling for every ball and putting the good of the team before any individual glory.

You only have to look at the lung-bursting shift attacker Ezequiel Lavezzi put in down his flank; the way inspirational Javier Mascherano denied Arjen Robben an 89th-minute winner; how Sergio Romero saved two penalties in the Cheap jerseys wholesale shoot-out and let his actions, rather than any angry words, answer his critics; or even how Maxi Rodriguez – subbed off at half-time in Argentina’s opening game here in Brazil – stepped up to fire the decisive spot-kick, triggering memories of his Round of 16 winner versus Mexico in 2006.

“We showed that we know what’s at stake,” said a tired but happy Mascherano, speaking to FIFA after the match. “This team put their heart where their lungs should be, but you need more than that to win. Each of us was intelligent 2014 nba jerseys cheap enough to understand what was best for the team, which is why we played a very good game. We couldn’t get a goal, that’s true, but then Sergio did the business during the penalties,” added El Jefecito (The Little Chief), who more than lived up to his nickname in Sao Paulo.

Pride and pain for Robben and Sneijder

July 15 [Tue], 2014, 16:44
As it was, having triumphed on penalties in the quarter-finals, it was by this same cruel and dramatic method that Dutch dreams died. Sneijder, having dispatched his spot kick with aplomb against Costa Rica, was one of the players wholesale NBA Jerseys thwarted by Sergio Romero in Brasilia as Argentina advanced to the final. And while brave enough to face the microphones and cameras afterwards, there was no disguising the midfielder's desolation.

"It does hurt [to lose this way], especially if you are one of the players to miss," he said of the shoot-out. " I think there was only one team 2014 brazil World Cup that wanted penalties and that was them [Argentina]. And yes, they won, so well done to them. It's all about taking responsibility in those situations, and sometimes [in shoot-outs] things can go wrong. But of course I am sad."

Throughout the tournament, no-one in the Netherlands side - arguably no-one in any side - has accepted responsibility as readily as Arjen Cheap jerseys wholesale Robben. And while this irrepressible winger again successfully converted in the shoot-out, his disappointment was no less pronounced than Sneijder's.

Appeals of Suarez and the Uruguayan FA rejected, sanctions upheld

July 15 [Tue], 2014, 16:43
The FIFA Appeal Committee has decided to reject the appeals lodged by both the Uruguayan player Luis Suarez and the wholesale NBA Jerseys Uruguayan FA, and to confirm the decision rendered by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee on 25 June 2014 in its entirety.

The terms of the decision taken by the FIFA Appeal Committee were communicated to the player and the Uruguayan FA today.

The relevant decision is not yet final and Cheap jerseys wholesale binding, i.e. an appeal to the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) is still possible (cf. art. 67 par. 1 of the FIFA Statutes) by the player and/or the Uruguayan FA, subject to certain conditions.

Brazil stars mourn unhappy ending

July 15 [Tue], 2014, 16:42
Still reeling from their crushing 7-1 semi-final defeat by Germany at the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ just four days earlier, Brazil were nonetheless determined to shake off their disappointment ahead of the play-off for third place against the Netherlands. Yet the Dutch – unbeaten in open play at this competition – gave them no time to 2014 nba jerseys cheap ease back into their stride, Robin van Persie thumping home a third-minute penalty to send A Seleção Brasileira reeling once more.

Though Brazil did manage to get their heads up, running and battling hard, they were unable to prevent the Oranje inflicting another reverse – this time 3-0 – in a continuation of the nightmare conclusion to this competition began by the Germans back in Belo Horizonte. And as they left the Estadio Nacional in Brasilia, the venue Wholesale cheap jersyes which had witnessed their 4-1 win over Cameroon in the group phase, the players did their best to find answers, lessons to be learned and crumbs of comfort to be taken from a gruelling 180 minutes of football.

Van Gaal: We can still make history

July 15 [Tue], 2014, 16:41
A Dutch dream disappeared into the cloudy skies of A Cidade da Garoa (The City of Drizzle) on Wednesday evening. Javier Mascherano‘s Wholesale cheap jersyes bewildering block in extra time, and Sergio Romero’s dexterity in the shootout, spared Argentina and prevented Netherlands reaching a fourth FIFA World Cup™ Final.

Louis van Gaal and his Oranje brigade can nevertheless achieve something the Johan Cruyff-inspired team of 1974, the machine Messrs Krol, Haan, Rep and Neeskens decorated four years later and Bert van Marwijk’s class of 2010 didn’t. They can, after all, become the first Dutch side to finish a FIFA World Cup undefeated – and that is something that the 62-year-old coach, in his last match at his country’s controls before 2014 nba jerseys cheap assuming charge of Manchester United, is desperate to achieve against Brazil in the play-off for third place.

"It was very, very sad and a dream has been broken,” Van Gaal said. “It’s not going to come back because it was all about being number 2014 brazil World Cup one. But there is still something for us to do. We can still write history because the Netherlands lost matches in 1974, 1978 and 2010.