Male passengers, some built into a mobile phone SIM card electronic fare cards

March 10 [Mon], 2014, 0:26
Often seen by bus, most female passengers, the car started after cutting loose change, or from a package where e-ticket. Waiting time be prepared in advance.mbt changa sale

Male passengers, some built into a mobile phone SIM card electronic fare cards, or put it in your wallet. I also feel a bit puzzled.

Card of up to hundreds of dollars, along with a lot of bank cards in, ride in and out, increase the probability of a thief. Built into the phone is equally justified. May not add much easier. But without moving the phone when, also in the crowded mess out there in the public places a thief. Now the society is not a world without thieves.

A how much does no business card size card, which stole lost his losses are unlikely, put it in his pocket and is most convenient. But every woman to be placed deep in the bag.

Entering the Smartphone era, men, women and children began with an industrious Yongzheng Emperor as "masterful" bowed at all times. Walking down down next to mobile phones over a bowl to eat. Because light down without looking at the road, Shenzhen elevator clamp turn the dead things, look down at the phone, has gone out of the elevator had not kept pace with the body, caught in the elevator head continued up and down, then-----. So bowed and accidentally falls into a roadside concrete paving 6-7 m deep pit fall to his death. Slam the Mapa and knock down the teeth, probably more shapeless.MBT Men Fora

Guangzhou, Qingyuan and yunfu, a trip down, return to stay longer deer farm of Shunde. Said farm, is really a Zoo and amusement park with a rural flavor, so many students and tourists, 3.5 million a year, from 8000 to 10,000 a day.

Prior to arrival, we also looked at, by the way, lecong town, Shunde Louvre furnishings group and the international furniture city. Music as a whole, a strip ten miles, thousands of enterprises engaged in furniture as well as supporting industry, is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding of the Louvre. Lobby the foreign flags on the roof, I saw the Argentina flag. Diagonal Earth side of Argentina, was one of several countries from China's farthest. There are businessmen to the Shunde purchase, visible prosperity of Shunde amusement parks as well as business visitors.

Business guests at home and abroad, belonging to business travel in the tourism industry. SHUNDE before the reform and opening up, in addition to the Sankey rural landscape, such as fish ponds, and no tourist resources in the conventional sense. But after the economy developed, elements and raw material, product, market, customers from all over the world to gather national. So, in addition to the regular playground for tourists, business travellers. It will become China's first tourism is Guangdong Province basis.