the main telephone the Ecole Normale to determine

July 16 [Mon], 2012, 15:23
Chinese bookstore shelves, filled with thousands of books, in addition to "Basis of Totalitarianism," If other books are "internal matter" is probably too rare. Since no one is required to show that the identity card of the "inside" this kind of "internal Nike Air Max 95 Women Shoes issue" book store to buy the book and wanted to "internal circulation" has become a symbol, a "politically correct" form of expression, dodgy code, which means "this book".

On maintaining the "differentiated" wall is blocking the attempt to block information and knowledge, free flow of the wall, the wall blocking the compulsory classification and discrimination against the wall, a wall blocking the imaginative powers of such officers distinction "external" as "external" I maintain, to guard the wall. I dedicated officer "differentiated" also there is a wall, dressing bluff.
There are several places and lifting while you rarely or never even visited, but as long as this place is still building, you will feel at ease, you know that sooner or later you are able to taste of long-cherished wish; some people, though rarely see you go, or not simply appear, but as long as he or she is still there, you will feel at ease, you know so you can see when he or she will definitely give you satisfaction.

However, when to exit this place, this building, this man, suddenly being there when no longer could meet with, you will be very frustrated, very sorry. The heart is even more practical.

Claude Levi - Strauss (Levi-Strauss Claude ,1908-2009) the death, it gives this feeling.

The main founder of the internationally renowned anthropologist and structuralist anthropology, Womens Nike Air Max 90 Australia contemporary French ideological master of the French Academy of Sciences Fellow, died at home on October 30, 2009. Of its 101-year-old's birthday, but for a few weeks. A academic opponents of his students, his followers, as well as students of students, followers of the followers have passed away, he finally decided to go.

November 28, 1908, Claude Levi - Strauss was born in Brussels, nike dunk heels, when his father was living in a Jewish French artist nike dunk heels. Later, he and his family settled in Paris, where he finished secondary schools and universities. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Paris and professor at the University of jobs. In October 1928, before his 20 birthday, he was posted writes, that his life changed as well as understanding the word - the structure of the global intelligentsia. Strauss is not in top institutions of higher learning in France, Ecole Normale, but it is an active member of the research staff of the school of socialism. 1929, in a loose secondary schools of Zaire during the period of internship, he did know of the same age of the students from the Ecole Normale Simone de Beauvoir and merlot Ponty. Later, the wife of Levi - Strauss opponents Sartre, Beauvoir and Merleau Ponty then had to rest.

On Sunday morning in the autumn of 1934, the sociologist, the main telephone the Ecole Normale to determine the starting point of Nike Air Max 2011 Australia the Levi - Strauss academic track. He accepted the recommendation of school principals, Professor of Sociology, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. In early February 1935, from Ma Saideng a passenger ship to Brazil. In Brazil, Levi - Strauss depth to the Americas, especially the Amazon Basin Indian tribes to conduct site surveys, writing. This is more than three years of research work life is affected, can be said to have a "structuralist" theory based on anthropological fieldwork on the basis of the Indian tribes of this period. Unexpected that his theory is far beyond anthropology, clearly issued a challenge to the traditional whole system of thought.

As Jews, after the Nazi German occupation of France, Levi - Strauss had fled to the United States, and once taught at the New School for Social Research in New York. Meanwhile, the extensive contacts with the United States from all walks of celebrity life, especially the field of anthropology, linguistics and other academic leaders, for their wealth and to cheap nike air max shoes australia consolidate its academic benefit greatly. He was also friends with the American anthropologist Franz boas.