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June 25 [Tue], 2013, 18:52
Miranda did not react to the name. "Was she pleased to see you?"
"She wasn't in."
Miranda turned a Nike Air Max way and picked up the coffeepot.
Kit wondered whether she believed him. The story he had made up was not really good enough. However, Miranda could not possibly guess why he was lying. She would assume he was involved with a woman he didn't want people to know about―probably someone's wife.
While Miranda was pouring coffee, Stanley addressed Nigel. "Where are you from? You don't sound Scots." It seemed like small talk, but Kit knew his father was probing.
Nigel answered in the same relaxed tone. "I live in Surrey, work in London. My office is in Canary Wharf."
"You're in the financial world."
"I source high-tech systems for third-world countries, mainly the Middle East. A young oil sheik wants his own discotheq nike air max ue and doesn't know where to buy the gear, so he comes to me and I solve his problem." It sounded pat.
Miranda cheap nike air max trainers brought her coffee to the table and sat opposite Daisy. "What nice gloves," she said. Daisy was wearing expensive-looking light brown suede gloves that were soaking wet. "Why don't you dry them?"
Kit tensed. Any conversation with Daisy was hazardous.
Daisy gave a hostile look, but Miranda did not see it, and persisted. "You need to stuff them, so they'll keep their shape," she said. She took a roll of paper towel from the counter. "Here, use this."
"I'm fi Cheap Nike Air Max 1 ne," Daisy muttered angrily.
Miranda raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Have I said something to offend you?"
Kit thought, Oh, God, here it comes.
Nigel stepped in. "Don't be daft, Daisy, you don't want to spoil your gloves." There was an edge of insistence in his voice, making the words sound more like an order than a suggestion. He was as worried as Kit. "Do what th nike air max classic e lady says, she's being nice to you."
Once again, Kit waited for the explosion. But, to his surprise, Daisy took off her gloves. Kit was astonished to see that she had small, neat hands. He had never noticed that. The rest of her was brutish: the black eye makeup, the broken nose, the zippered jacket, the boots. But her hands were beautiful, and she obviously knew it, for they were well manicured, with clean nails and a pale pink nail varnish. Kit was bemused. Somewhere inside that monster there was an ordinary girl, he realized. What had happened to her? She had been brought up by Harry Mac, that was what.
Miranda helped her stuff the wet gloves with paper towel. "How arc you three connected?" she asked Daisy. Her tone was conventionally polite, as if she were mak nike air max sale ing conversation at a dinner party, but she was probin nike air max 1 g. Like Stanley, she had no idea how dangerous it was.
Daisy looked panicked. She made Kit think of a schoolgirl being questioned on homework she has forgotten to do. Kit wanted to fill the awkward silence, but it would look odd if he answered for her. After a moment, Nigel spoke. "Daisy's father is an old friend of mine."
That was fine, Kit thought, though Miranda would wonder why Daisy could not have said it herself.
Nigel added, "And Elton works for me."
Miranda smiled at Elton. "Right-hand man?"
"Driver," he replied brusquely. Kit reflected that it was a good cheap nike air max thing Nigel was personable―he had to supply enough charm for the three of them.
Stanley said, "Well, I'm sorry the weather has turned out so poorly for your Christmas in Scotland."
Nigel smiled. "If I'd wanted to sunbathe, I would have gone to Barbados."
"You Cheap Air Max and Daisy's father must be good friends, to spend Christmas together."
Nigel nodded. "We go way back."
It seemed obvious to Kit that Nigel was lying. Was nike air max 95 that because he knew the truth? Or was it apparent to Stanley and Miranda, too? Kit could not sit still any longer: the strain was unbearable. He jumped up. "I'm hungry," he said. "Dad, is it okay if I scramble some eggs for everyone?"
"Of course."
"I'll give you a hand," Miranda said. She put sliced bread in the toaster.
Stanley said, "Anyway, I hope the weather improves soon. When were you planning to return to London?"
Kit got a pack of bacon out of the fridge. Was his father suspicious, or merely curious?
"Heading back on Boxing Day," Nigel said.
"A short Christmas visit," Stanley commented, still gently challenging rhe story.
Nigel shrugged. "Work to do, you know cheap nike air max ."
"You may have to stay longer than you anticipated. I can't see them clearing the roads by tomorrow."
The thought seemed to make Nigel anxious. He pushed up the sleeve of his pink sweater and looked at his watch.
Kit realized he needed to do something to show he was not in league with Nigel and the other two. As he began to make breakfast, he resolved not to defend or excuse the strangers. On the contrary, he should question Nigel skeptically, as if he mistrusted the story. He might deflect suspicion from himself by pretending that he, too, was dubious about the strangers.
Before he could put his resolution into practice, Elton suddenly became talkative. "How about your Christmas, Professor?" he said. Kit had introduced his father as Professor Oxenford. "Got your family all around you, it seems. What, two children?"
nike air max 90 sale "Three."
"With husbands and wives, of course."
"My daughters have partners. Kit's single."
"And grandchildren?"
"How many? If you don't mind me asking nike air max 90 ."
"I don't mind in the least. I have four grandchildren."
"Are all the grandkids here?"
"That's nice for you and Mrs. Oxenford."
"My wife died eighteen months ago, sadly."
"Sorry to hear that."
"Thank you."
What was this interrogation about? Kit asked himself. Elton was smiling and leaning forward, as if his questions were motivated by nothing more than friendly curiosity, but Kit could see that it was a charade, and he wondered anxiously whether that was just as obvious to his father.
Elton had not finished. "This must be a big house, to sleep, what, ten of you?"
"We have some outbuildings."
"Oh, handy." He looked out of the window, although the snow made it difficult to see anything. "Guest cottages, like."
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