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August 04 [Sat], 2012, 10:02

How to choose the jeremy scott wings standard childrens clothing China Textile Academy Zheng Yuying, director, said: buy childrens clothing to do. Consumers to buy clothing, the first should look at whether to comply with national standards on the product label instructions. Whether to buy baby products, depends on the label marked "baby products". Other than to buy infant clothing or other textiles, should be marked with the GB18401A class products, the GB18401B class "or" GB18401C class, "or" security category A "," security category Class B " security category Class C "word. Two smell. Purchase clothing or other textiles, should be heard above the smell of musty children, the gasoline smell, the kerosene smell, fish Xing Weier, jeremy scott wings the smell of children or other smell children. If there are odors, it is best not to buy. Buy underwear, especially when you buy baby products, to select plain with dye, paint, small prints as well, try not to buy a printing bright fabric very hard product. Three wash. Buy back the clothing, especially underwear and infant clothing, formaldehyde is soluble in water, the wash can reduce its content. Also bought jeremy scott wings the new clothes should be placed twelve weeks to wear, which would allow part of formaldehyde to evaporate. The index of the security class means that what jeremy scott wings our country from January 1, 2005 implementation of a mandatory national standard GB18401-2003 "the basic safety of textile products, technical specifications". : A --- infant clothing, the formaldehyde content shall not exceed 20mg/kg; class B --- direct contact with skin, clothing, and the formaldehyde content shall not exceed 75mg/kg; Class C --- contact with skin, clothing and upholstery class formaldehyde content shall not jeremy scott wings shoes exceed 300mg/kg.

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