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January 22 [Wed], 2014, 0:28

After losing memory of we will be what kind

Probably lose memory is the memory that forgets a past, thoughts and feelings lose to come and go, bury familiarly and in former days.

If we lost Louis Vuitton Purses memory, so we will become the most familiar stranger and be like we met for the first time, only this time we will the wise choice wipe a shoulder but lead and make us easily have so a little to reluctant to part with.Probably this is the most beautiful good reunion.

After losing memory of I, have no we in former days of recollection, the blank http://www.micropoly.ca possessing singly lets me particularly of at ease.After losing memory of you, no longer so obstinate performance our asseveration.It are the affairs for an instant to originally change all of everythings, as long as we lost memory, everythings will be fine.

If I lost memory, you didn't lose memory, I think that the huge memory that we own will overbear you, I know your Louis Vuitton Canada it's obstinate, obstinately think everythings all bear for me, this is what I can not bear.This lets knowing of my subconscious lose memory to is that so not ideal fine, I have to sneer at I Be fallen into disfavor to imagination.

Probably because the television drama sees of too many cause, always feel the persons of memory loss Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags all happiness like that, however I don't know why connect down the affair that they mostly thought of a past again, this makes me have a little abnormal disappointment.So this doesn't mean life again before arriving, most at least remembered and targeted in the day that they met.The result like this makes me dissatisfied very obviously.If so, I don't know whether I will regret very silly imagination memory loss, this probably only I really lost memory just know.

Have so for a while, so a day that wants to forget you very much inside, I hope earnestly I to lose memory, hope that oneself has opportunity to force he or she leave you, I know that I like this is very selfish.Can you have been forgiving me, I can feel, although I am very cold-blooded.So I want to let to be the last time you forgave me, probably I losted memory and then canned with ease forget you.

If we lost memory.After losing memory of we may go to the noodles building that we often went before, and time all missed a main meal for time, restaurant inside at most only a few customers of time, this is time that I chose, I didn't like to be noisy, and you become accustomed to my habit and appeared and disappeared together a cold restaurant at this Qi.Is current of we across a table but face to face sit.Equally I want to be a bowl of fried have Long Xu Mian of poached egg, you want a green pepper shredded meat cover to sprinkle rice.We discover boss's wife but changed, in this small restaurant, had no person's witness, we once acquainted with and once fell in love.At boss's wife to time that we cook a meal inside, we also occasionally the double eyes hand over to remit, but soon transfer, -was like a general stranger to so and with ease once float.

If we lost memory, no one when I put a big Shao hot pepper in the noodles, ruthlessly from my bowl in pick and get rid of, and knock my head, your stomach not and very don't eat so many hot peppers.No one I am from the poached egg in pick and get rid of of egg Huang eat up for me, only because I don't like to eat.No one make me overly critically eat some green pepper shredded meat covers to sprinkle rice.These all seeming a person has been keeping company with, however suddenly losing to is that so to think of.

If we lost memory, we were incognizant strangers, so we are impossible contact.So is to isn't the voice that I ain't likely to hear you any further in the morning on everyday, could not feel you inspect I rise early to toughen of scathing, I think to be such.That still has who just as since go toward of concern me the cat of this disease.

If we lost memory, everythings all wasn't likely to continue, I start not and so imagining to lose memory behind of we, I afraid everything can not return formerly.

If we lost memory, we couldn't think of each other when wes need to be comforted most .So my annoyance who come to get to walk for me, the fast key that establishes for shouting you but on my cellular phone will permanently lose efficacy.My cellular phone full general always has a fast key forever is keep to contact with you, even if any further out of hearing your colourful bell ring.You say that we want to every moment keep in touch, my saying with smile us can't throw the other party lane.Can if we lost memory, our true pair of the other parties made Be getting longer, so I will be not likely to own a smile again.

If we lost memory, I thought that all persons who concern us will conceal the secrets that Louis Vuitton Outlet we fall in love for us.Because we all don't recall the other party and be like us have never met.Probably and with ease turn round, can not meet any further.

If we really lost memory, I thought to be so many of if will take effect.If have so for a day, I hope to is that the black and white is impermanent to take the day that I leave.The day with no you, I prefer to I lose memory.

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