knees and ankles

October 08 [Mon], 2012, 11:53
Remember: your body is unique, it has a unique shape air max 95 sale and characteristics, therefore, you can not force it was indistinguishable with other people. You just naturally comfortable walk, go on the line. However, you are walking, you should keep the head high. If your eyes fixed on the ground, you may run into trouble, such as hit cars, trees, or others. But do not be too concerned about their posture, would that feel unnatural.

Do not like the soldier as stiffly to walk. If you walk this posture, back and buttocks will be very stiff, unable to adapt to the natural womens nike air max 1 movement of the center of gravity between the legs. You should relax the wrists, hips, knees and ankles. Arms hanging at the sides of the body, natural and legs to do the opposite movement - when placed before left arm, right leg to move forward, and vice versa. (Walking Athletes with a unique way of walking, this way of walking can help them improve their walking speed.)

Heel should be walking the ground, then the center of gravity forward from the heel along the soles of the feet outside of moved to the toes, and finally with the toes stomp, the completion of a series of stepping operation. The various parts of the body weight from the heel to the toes, soles of the feet outside should be sequential contact with the ground, like a ball rolling.
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