Renny"s house

March 11 [Tue], 2008, 7:43
I overslept so I could not go there by 12:00.
so I met Shiori and went to her house.
We talked about Ikemen both in Japan and Taiwan.I think Taiwan idols are also handsome but Renny and Yui prefer japanese to Taiwanese.
I dont understand why they prefer Japanese?!haha
But I am happy to hear that, thou
I ate sandwiches for lunch and cheese and cracker which i bought and I stayed there until 10:00.
Their house is very comfortable...

I can spend lots of time with them,because they have sense of humor and know japan well and intersting!!!!
I love ya`<3<3<3

2 papers

March 11 [Tue], 2008, 7:33
I took 2 classes which are ppl of the US and making 21st century.
I managed to write paper for ppl US which pages are 8 pages finally.
But I have one more paper so I wrote my paper by another class.

I wanted to go to coffee hour,but I gave up owing to my paper.
Also, I went to class for University of way of learn, but there were no students at that time. Last week also there were no people...did they change the class room?
But I have no idea,,,
I should send my TA e-mail....

Then, I met Kylee in oder to check my paper especially as to grammar.
She checked very fast and during this, I looked at her pictures in Sakura contest.
Her friend is gay but he looks very beautiful.
maybe if I have some chance,I can meet him and make-up and dressed up
I wanna meet him and dressed up!!!!!haha

and I got out HUB and finally I handed in my paper at 4;59.
Actually I have to hand in by 5;00!!!!
and on the way to office, I met Chris who is my classmate and he seemed to hand in his paper on timehaha
and he said to me like im happy to meet you lol
That was really funny;)

and I managed to write 5 kinds of papers!!!
i dont have any plan even at Friday night.
so, I just stay at home and look at the Internet!!

dinner with June

March 10 [Mon], 2008, 13:26
I took 2 classes as usual.
Actually,I wrote 1 paper this morning,so I was late for attending the class of History.
Today,I watched a movie about immigrant from Latin America.

I thought that the biggest problems in US is immigrant, because immigrants have been causing something terrible such as job opportunities, crimes, whatever~

and today's quiz section is special.Jason cannot teach us because of his interview,so instead Turkey glad student teaches us.
And we talked about what point is bad or good about our texbook.
Many students excited about this topic,but I could not attend this discusson:(

After that, I wrote my paper in Odegaard until 8 o'clock.
Then,I met June to have dinner together.
We decided to have Thai food and ate curry.:)
It was yummy:):):)

We talked about anything.
I thought June and Kavinda love each other but actully not....
It does not sound interesting...kkk

wednesdy dinner*

March 06 [Thu], 2008, 19:07
*Wednesday dinner*

Today,I took two lectures as usual,and wrote paper about Japanese Americans.
Then, I met Travis to have a conversation.
We talked about musics, fraternity and classes.
Especially the talks as to musics is very interesting.

Then,I went to writing center to check my paper.
I am poor at article, and number.....

After that,I went to Wednesday dinner with June and Kabinda for the first time.
It is like FUITS event but it related to Christian a little bit.
Some of interenational students are living at that house.
We had dinner toghether and after that we discussed what is valuable.
It is very hard to say.What I was surpized is that many people there are good at speaking English.
I have to improve the skill of speaking, not only reading or writing.
After leaving there,June and Kabinda and I laughed a lot.
Kabinda sighed many times,so we immitated him,
Because of that, it seems to make him tired,haha


March 05 [Wed], 2008, 18:32
Today,I got up early to finish my paper and managed to do that.
But I was late for a class (University of way of learn) so I could not hand one in.
Therefore,I went to Professor's office to hand one in.

Then,I read the textbook,but I could not finish reading this,,,:(lol
After taking a class (Making 21th century),I met Kurtis.
But we realized that we did not sign up or the privateroom in the foster library.

I went to his fraternity!!!!!
Of course there are only boys and the situation that there is only Asian girl is weird,actually...:P
There are many commendations such as aids for children and winner of competitions.
This fraternity seems to have a long history.
I wish there were fraternity or solority also in Japan,,,haha
His roommates are kind and talk to me casually.
I played a smashbrothers with them and ate dinner with him.
Today's dinner is teriyaki, rice and gyouza.
All of them were very very delicious!!!
Then, I taught Japanese to him having dinner at his room.
I saw his another room which is just for sleeping,there are four beds in the very tiny room. It is too small to have 4 beds actually.

Then he said that he has to meet another girls so we said good-bye.

After that, I tried to go to CLUE but it passed minites so I gave up and met Shioi, Eri and Yuki instead.

We went to hambarger shop and ate curry fries.
We talked about many things such as Masaki, Daichi, Maiko, Ariara and Kastuya.
We spent 2 hours talking about it without noticing time.
Then, it was not time enough to talk so we decided to go to Shiori's flat and continued to talk about it.
Espacially the talk about Maiko is very funny and we immitated her hair style and took pictures funly.
Eri has been waiting for Alex's wall, she is so afraid that he didnt write her wall.

3 papers

March 04 [Tue], 2008, 18:27
Today, I took 2 lectures and wrote the papers.

1,University of way of learn:the inequality of the black people. more than 6 pages
2,People of the United States:The Japanese-American's history more than 7 pages
3,Making the 21th century:the relationship between physics and political science. 1 pages

As for the short paper, my conversation partner, Kylee checked my paper,so I hope the paper would be good.:)

Now it is 1:30.
Can I finish my paper until 11:30?!?!?

Diane's birthday&shopping&libraray

March 03 [Mon], 2008, 13:57
Happy Birhday,Diane!!

Diane is my host mother I knew that today is her birthday,but I could not meet her this mourning...:(
Anyway I went to the Ave. and bought shoes which are called gradiator sundal!!
This sundal is fashional and no-heel so maybe Ill put on this a lot.

Then, I went to library and ran into Shiori.We went to Suzzallo to study.
I tried to finish the paper of CHID but I couldnt.

After that, I went to Odegaard Library, and checked my paper.
Actually, my grammar is terrble.
Of course, I have to improve the skill of speaking,but also writing.

its troblesome...

March 02 [Sun], 2008, 7:02
thesedays I dont keep a diary.That would be because its too busy and as soon as coming into my room, my bed makes me sleepy,,,

I should keep a diary and have to write papers by tommrow...

maybe i will spend this weekend only studying,,lol
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