Dreams can do is our share of high school throbbing

October 17 [Thu], 2013, 12:14
quietly flowing stream of water out of the four seasons, has not experienced since the ebb tide of the sea, as we of the decade, no sound and no imprint, is some displaced, it is a clean, color, No pale but it is not colorful. Ten years, the number of accumulated precipitation edge and hate, and we just are separated for a decade, the gap decade, a decade silent blessing. Brother, are you okay? We met in the days of his youth, the kind of sprout, but also kind of magnificent and colorful, wonderful life you are talented singers, you and your song has been with me, with me Grow,nike baltimore ravens married with children , but we have no information is actually no longer dark and quiet, only pure mutual affection, in my life, you are my family, from our mutual love was young, and later I really think you are my loved ones loved ones. I have no distractions, perhaps for this reason, you stay away from my years, I choose to marrying, you see me last time, it was the spring of 2012, since then, no audio. many years, but also across the ups and downs of my life, the years of displacement, circulates never forget you and your figure.

Dreams can do is our share of high school throbbing, nature, struggle, naive fascination mentality. Love to you, because you are handsome, but I'm just a Cinderella; love to you, because you are poor, and the kind of remarkable natural earthy your temperament; love to you, because of your scholarship, that impress my superior high challenge, love to you, or because your song and your flute ...... Please forgive my ignorance, please forgive me for boring, please forgive the young girl's intentional, or else, maybe you will, you will love her deeply a person, but because I broke your original dark , the original genius one, I stirred it clear spring, but it did not go overlooked the endless fountain of crystal of; disturbed that I had of band dance music, but did not listen to the wisdom meaning that I slip up , my selfish mentality and arrogance pride disrupted our own journey of life originally. Please forgive all this, between you about some of them, I had not known. But because it was a trip, I went to visit a man opened his sister, I especially curious, so good girl, so talented how rich people will have a real family, so I went,wholesale cheap jerseys I gain a clean, neat mountains, scenic stone bridge, bright clear streams and butterflies flutter Wu Qi of the forest, it is a Fairy residence, so I almost wish here butterfly immortal. But my sister was not at home to open, she went to work, and for her tuition. I saw a good aunt lived there for one night, that time, I found my sister's diary open, I peeked, she wrote much of your story, let me tears ran.
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